Radical Agenda S05E005 – Public Service

God Emperor Trump is about to break the record for the longest government shutdown in the history of the republic. Today marks the day that many federal workers will miss their first paychecks, and already NBC News is predicting a “doomsday” scenario. TSA Agents, most of them non-White, protested in front of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Thursday afternoon, and the TSA has already reported an uptick in sick calls. Federal prison guards have called out sick as well, leading to longer shifts and hazardous conditions for those who remain. The FAA warns that morale amongst air traffic controllers is rapidly eroding, jeopardizing the safety of air travel.

Radical Agenda S05E005 - Public Service
Radical Agenda S05E005 – Public Service

I repeat, today is the first day they’ll actually miss a paycheck.

I mean, you can understand why they would be upset. Food stamps are funded through February, and Congress is still getting paid, so the people performing supposedly critical functions of our government seeing where they stand in the hierarchy of federal priorities, have a right to be angry.

Yet, this also illustrates a very serious problem in the character of our Nation.

Speaking as a small business owner who has had to undergo some pretty serious financial hardships just to run a radio show, it makes me furious that so many federal employees would contemplate abandoning their supposedly critical posts, before their first paycheck is missed, even as Congress is expected to reimburse them once the shutdown ends. Many of us in the private sector – entrepreneurs in particular – have had to miss out on a lot more than a single biweekly paycheck over nothing so critical as national sovereignty. Nobody is going to reimburse us, no taxpayer guaranteed pension awaits us, and yet it is we in the private sector who must finance the lifestyles of those who would see our country left open to invasion over a delay in compensation.

Speaking as a patriot who was wrongly jailed and sued for trying to defend his Nation from communism, I am disgusted and outraged at how little sacrifice our supposed protectors are prepared to endure. My former fellow inmates who stood in defiance of Leftist terrorism, and were sent to prison for their service to this country, would consider it quite the luxury to switch places with these ingrates, paycheck or no paycheck.

Perhaps the wall is as pointless as Chuck and Nancy say after all. Perhaps America is done for, and defending it is a frivolous pursuit. If the mere prospect of possibly getting paid late, pushes the security apparatus of our federal workforce to the brink of catastrophe, maybe we’ve already ceased to be a country.

Nobody cares anymore. Why would they?

Every sphere of influence in our society has been set to the task of eradicating any sense of National identity in the United States. Movies, television, newspapers, education, even the State itself, have all held “diversity” as the highest aim for as long as I’ve been conscious of such matters. If you wanted to launch a program to eliminate any sense of duty in a Nation’s populace, seeing to it that those people have nothing in common with one another would be quite an ambitious route.

American citizenship has lost all of its exclusivity. Millions of people with no regard for our culture or way of life, pour into the country, legally, through myriad programs such as the “diversity lottery” with no other purpose than changing the racial makeup of the country.

The dispute at the center of this government shutdown itself speaks to the crisis. Democrats won’t give the President $5 billion for a $25 billion border wall, because they think illegal immigrants are a higher priority than federal employees, who are themselves a far higher priority than the taxpayers who finance them.

The demographics of that federal workforce are quite telling as well. Blacks make up approximately 12.1% of the American workforce according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet, in the Bureau of Prisons, they make up 21.6% of the workforce. Recent figures are elusive, but back in 2012, Ilana Mercer described the TSA as “Trayvon Martin’s Revenge” with a 21.5% black workforce, and yet they are still handing out awards for “diversity management” every year. Under the leadership of Barack Obama, the FAA put “diversity” ahead of competency by eliminating its cognitive assessment test, replacing it with a “personality test” which prospective employees could take in the comfort of their own homes.

The United States is one of only two countries in the world, the other being China, which taxes its citizens for incomes earned abroad, turning that citizenship into a liability rather than an asset.

Surely though, our love of Freedom binds us together as Americans, right? Please… The Cato Institute’s Human Freedom Index lists the United States as the 17th freest country in the world. A similar index from the Heritage Foundation puts us at 18th.

We have no borders, we have no common ethnicity, we have no common religion. We barely even share a language anymore, and the one we’re supposed to share has been so bastardized that those who wrote our founding documents would find it incomprehensible. Citizenship is costly to the productive White people who built this country, while simultaneously a generous entitlement program for impoverished foreigners who just showed up. Our military now fights wars exclusively for the benefit of the Jewish ethnostate, while our courts and Congress prohibit the President from defending our own borders from invasion. Communists riot in our streets and tear down our monuments with the full cooperation of the federal government.

Sacrifice for the Nation? What Nation? Under what God?

Indivisible? Please. Division is the defining characteristic of America today. In fact, division does no justice in describing this state of affairs, we fear and hate one another.

Skip a paycheck for that? Ha!

America is no longer a Nation. The warring tribes residing within the territory of this government are just fighting over the scraps like vultures at a nearly cleaned carcass. In short order they’ll once again be circling the skies, scanning the ground for a new corpse to pick at.

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of the Trump presidency will not be the wall, trade, economic reforms, or anything to do with the improvement or salvation of the country. Perhaps the defining characteristic of his administration will be exposing how rotten and hopeless our country has become. While that would be profoundly sad, perhaps it is the best we could hope for at this point.

Perhaps then, we can start over, and hopefully learn from the tragic mistakes that brought us to this dismal conclusion.


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