Radical Agenda S05E010 – Identity 2020

“Who are we, as Americans?” asked Kamala Harris at her official campaign kickoff event in Oakland, California. She didn’t actually answer her own question, preferring instead to say who “we” are not.

Mrs. Harris told the crowd “we” are “better than this,” a shot at the current state of affairs in her signature vagueness. She said “our” America is not one where “White supremacists march, and murder, in Charlottesville” hammering home in perhaps the starkest terms yet why the President was a fool for ceding that weekend’s narrative to the lying Jewish filth who framed James Fields. She spent much of the rest of her speech talking about women, blacks, gays, trannies, Jews, invaders, and various other identity groups, who are not White heterosexual males.

To these groups she promised free health care, and “debt free” college, no doubt to be paid for by the one group she does not think this government ought to represent.

Radical Agenda S05E010 - Identity 2020
Radical Agenda S05E010 – Identity 2020

Bernie Sanders, interestingly enough, seems to be the only person with a voice on the left, perhaps in the whole country, who sees this as troublesome. “There are people who are very big into diversity but whose views end up being not particularly sympathetic to working people, whether they’re white or black or Latino,” he told GQ Magazine in a recent interview. He continued, “My main belief is that we need to bring together a coalition of people—of black and white and Latino and Asian-American and Native-American—around a progressive agenda which is prepared to take on an extraordinarily powerful ruling class in this country. That is my view. Many of my opponents do not hold that view, and they think that all that we need is people who are candidates who are black or white, who are black or Latino or woman or gay, regardless of what they stand for, that the end result is diversity.”

He hastened to add that “diversity is enormously important,” but there was a bigger goal: “to change society and create an economy and a government that work for all people.”

It was an interesting confession, which reveals a split in the Democrat Party. Perhaps more importantly, it reveals an ethnic divide on the Left. For Kamala Harris, a mixed race negress, and others of her mindset, diversity is the goal, it is the whole entire point. For Bernie Sanders, an ethnic Jew, diversity is the means by which to reach to a very different end than folks like Harris and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez would like to see us reach.

Recall that in 2015, Bernie said to Ezra Klein at Vox “Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal.”

Klein responded “It would make a lot of global poor richer, wouldn’t it?”

To which Bernie replied, “It would make everybody in America poorer —you’re doing away with the concept of a nation state, and I don’t think there’s any country in the world that believes in that. If you believe in a nation state or in a country called the United States or UK or Denmark or any other country, you have an obligation in my view to do everything we can to help poor people.” He continued “I think from a moral responsibility we’ve got to work with the rest of the industrialized world to address the problems of international poverty, but you don’t do that by making people in this country even poorer.”

Bernie Sanders loves him some diversity, because he likes the fact that diversity means more people stupid enough to believe in his economic agenda. He wants just enough diversity to bring about the political defeat of the White men he hopes to fleece, but not so much that at it destroys the productive elements of the economy. Perhaps more saliently, he wants just enough diversity to prevent White goyim from being able to assert themselves politically, as they did in the second quarter of the prior century in Europe.

Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Bradley Manning, and the tranny sex cult commonly known as Antifa, want to open the borders because they are driven by far darker and more animal instincts. Open borders, free stuff for everybody, dance in the rubble.

Bernie Sanders wants to use the colored hordes to enslave Whites, but that Jewish plot has resulted in an unexpected, though predictable twist. That same colored horde, wants to destroy the White societies they can never hope to measure up to, and the Jewish lies of equality have given them enough political power to come within striking distance of that goal.

Another fun component of this Jewish plot run amok, will be the pseudo Whiteness of Bernie Sanders himself, and that of his coethnics. On the Democrat primary debate stage, race will be the top issue, and since Leftist views on race are incoherent, it will not be much of a debate at all. Bernie, we can expect, will be accused of having “White privilege” as his pet browns turn the race card inward. Bernie often refers to himself as White, but one wonders if he will have the ethnic solidarity to refrain from defending himself by reminding Americans that Jews are anything but.

It would seem that Bernie is not the only Jew who sees the perils ahead. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, a lifelong Democrat who has given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrat candidates over the years, is contemplating his own run as an independent Presidential candidate in 2020. Democrats are predictably upset about this, because it will grant a very obvious advantage to Trump and the Republican Party.

Shultz claims that he will run as a fiscally responsible centrist. So in all fairness, he could attract the support of the Koch Donor Network and anti-Trump neocons. It wouldn’t just be White Democrats fed up with the Leftist race war who might vote for him. But Trump’s popularity in the Republican Party outside the blue checkmark crowd render it unlikely that many Republicans would stray.

One wonders if Shultz and Sanders might actually prefer Trump to the likes of Kamala Harris. They might even work toward his reelection, whether consciously or unconsciously, to protect Jewish interests from the catastrophe that she would bring about. I could imagine Shultz dropping his bid for the White House if Clinton, Biden, or Sanders obtained the nomination, but playing spoiler to Harris on purpose, to prevent their fellow Jews from falling prey to the machinations of their poorly trained pets.

Anything is possible, but there is one certainty that you and I can gleefully count on. White racial awareness will reach a generational, if not all time, high before election day. This past Wednesday, Tucker Carlson wisely said that “Identity politics will destroy this country faster than a foreign invasion”. Depending on how one defines the country, he is either right on target or living on another planet.

Identity politics is definitely ahead of schedule to destroy this ridiculous idea of the multiethnic propositional nation. That idea was always doomed to failure, but the scam could have been dragged out for another generation if the Left had been less ambitious.

Fortunately for you and I, our Nation is anything but propositional. If the State collapses and civil war ensues and new political lines are drawn, our nation survives by way of blood. As White Americans who have spent their entire lives thinking it their moral obligation to remain colorblind, see the diversity parade of the Democrat Party openly declare war on them, color will finally come into very clear focus involuntarily, and you and I can expect to make a lot of new friends.

So let’s be ready for that, shall we? Let’s regain our composure. Let’s make our movement hospitable to newcomers who are uninitiated in our ideas. Let’s not chase away the people our enemies alienate. Let’s have ready as many cogent arguments as edgy jokes. Let’s be fit, sober, well dressed, industrious, and respectful of women. Drop the Nazi shit outside of familiar company, and present as loyal American Republican conservatives. Dylann Roof and Robert Bowers are not the monsters they were made out to be, nor are they the heroes some amongst us would like to think of them as, but victims of the horrors our fellow Americans are just now waking up to.

Push for the same goals, but learn a tactic from the Jews. They knew better than to push transgenderism and open borders ten years ago. Even Obamacare was a transitional step toward socialized medicine to avoid being seen as extremists. They got here by pretending this was all about treating people with decency, and White folks eat that kinda thing up because we’re fundamentally decent people.

We are not the extremists anymore. The anarchists who are setting limos on fire, cutting their dicks off, and encouraging prepubescent children to join them, are the extremists. The politicians and TV talking heads who refuse to call that lunacy what it is, are the true threat to American values.

They’re the ones who want race war, not us. We, the so called “Nazis” they’ve been punching and slandering, we’ve been trying this whole time to warn our countrymen, of the danger they’ve only just become aware of.

When they come looking for us, let’s tell them: “We’re you! You’re us! We have to stick together! Welcome to the fight. Let’s save America, together…”

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