Letters from A Sacramento Jail – Will Planer 20190202

Will Planer heroically defended his country from communists, and has been rewarded for his service by spending over a year in jail awaiting trial for it.

Will was arrested after the Battle of Sacramento. During that conflict, our comrades followed our usual procedures of applying for permits and complying with the law, but some Red communist scum had different plans. The tranny sex cult known as Antifa, openly bragged that they intended to “shut down” our demonstration. They did so, as they always do, using criminal acts of politically motivated initiatory violence, commonly referred to as terrorism.

This was so obvious in fact, that the police and FBI both considered the Leftists to be the attackers, and that’s according to a Jew reporter at the Guardian who I hope has a makeout session with some stairs.

But, just like we saw in Portland, Charlottesville, and countless other places from coast to coast where violent communist agitators have attacked innocent patriots, the prosecutors did nothing about the Leftist violence. Instead, they prosecuted patriots for defending themselves.

Will Planer is one such patriot. He has been taken away from his family and held in a Sacramento Jail without bail for over a year, because he allegedly struck some tranny degenerate with a club he took off of one of his other assailants after he had been blinded by bear mace.

His trial was this week, and right now, the jury deliberates.

Will called me on Saturday to talk about it, and I provide that recording to you below.

Hopefully Will’s going to be home soon, but on the off chance the jury ignores the law and convicts him anyway, you can send him mail at the address below.

Will Planer X-3696365
Sacramento County Main Jail
651 “I” Street 5W224A
Sacramento CA 95814

Defense fund PayPal: [email protected]

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