PodZeen 53 – Back Alley Abortion

In this absolute abortion of an episode, the ZeenTeam schemes in the smokey back room of a Dazbog.

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  • The Promise Keeper; Bite the Wax Tadpole – Tub Ring
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  • What’s Up People – Maximum the Hormone
  • Where’d the Cheese Go?; Did you See Me? – Ween
  • Tom Petty did nothing wrong
  • Frankie fucks up, but AB fixes it in post-production
  • Tourniquet – Marilyn Manson
  • Sorceress – Opeth
  • Imagine being so oppressed that you can pass laws to stop people talking about you…
  • Masturbation Machines and poop diamonds
  • Ha Ha Holocaust – Anal Cunt
  • We totez censored you bro
  • Enemy – Disturbed
  • No Name – Motograter
  • Bored – Deftones
  • Fetus – Orifice A


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