Help Me Play A Joke

If you’ve been listening to the Radical Agenda or Outlaw Conservative, you may have heard me mention a bit that I’ve been working on which involves something of a reverse prank call.

I signed up for a service which forwards an inbound call to a number I can answer when I am not busy, and record it. Before forwarding, it gives a brief disclaimer that the “call may be recorded for quality entertainment and training purposes” to avoid running afoul of wiretapping laws. If I’m sleeping or busy, it will record a voicemail from the caller.

The possibilities are clearly endless, with the primary challenge being to get people to call.

STOP TRUMP! Call 540-701-5653
STOP TRUMP! Call 540-701-5653

I came up with something very simple. “STOP TRUMP!”

I imagine there are plenty of not so bright people who will see that sign, and feel compelled to obey whatever instructions follow. Rachel Maddow told them the future of mankind depends on them doing exactly this.

Beneath the dire warning, is a phone number to call, and beneath that, little tear off tabs which contain the instruction and the phone number.

That phone number, by the way, isĀ 540-701-5653 (or 540-701-JOKE).

What will I say when they call? I have a few ideas, but this is an improv bit. I’ll try different things with different calls and try to be creative.

If you print a few of these out, pin them to bulletin boards at supermarkets, on college campuses, methadone clinics, welfare offices, and other places where one might find unhinged leftists, I’ll handle the rest, and deliver you funny audio.

Here’s the first good call we got!

PDF Available Here



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