Radical Agenda S05E012 – Unwilling

Here at the Radical Agenda, we began with a seething hatred for Leftists. Their policies were destructive even back then, to be sure, but we were purposely engaging in a bit of hyperbole at the time when we declared them a threat to the survival of the species. The extremist elements of the Democrat Party were not taken very seriously back then, and were mostly just an annoyance to other fringe movements, like libertarianism, which they were perpetually trying to infiltrate.

Back then, in the good ole days of 2015, Medicare for all was still a fringe Bernie Sanders idea which allowed Hillary Clinton to sound like the voice of reason. Abortion was something they wanted to protect, not celebrate. Immigration was something most Democrats would much rather nobody thought about. They obviously hated White heterosexual males, but they made some token effort to disguise this as a struggle for equality. Climate change pseudoscience was an excuse for new taxes, but not a fictional new economic model. Everybody understood that trannies were insane.

Radical Agenda S05E012 - Unwilling
Radical Agenda S05E012 – Unwilling

That was before the revolution, which progressed along a course directly opposite the election.

While Republicans dominated in 2016, and the Right wing of the Party gained traction within it, Democrats concluded that they had only lost because they were too moderate. In the minds of Democrats, Americans hadn’t rejected Leftism, they had rejected moderation.

To them, Donald Trump was a Right wing extremist for wanting millions of non-White immigrants to obey the law as they took over the country at taxpayer expense. The only way to defeat this extremist position, they concluded, was an extremist position of their own. Thus open borders, plus guaranteed income, health care, college, jobs, and every other imaginable goody, became the new platform of the Democrat Party. Bernie Sanders may have been a trailblazer in 2016, but his stubborn adherence to this plane of existence with regard to immigration policy, now rendered him a neoliberal White supremacist.

The new Democrat Party, is far more concerned with being “morally right” than “factually accurate”. This would be troubling on its own, given accuracy’s close relationship with positive outcomes, but becomes even more troubling when you understand their view of morality. The people who think Ralph Northam’s 1984 yearbook photo is more offensive than his advocacy of infanticide this month, should not be trusted to direct our factually inaccurate path to moral righteousness.

And they certainly should not be task to completely restructure our economy over the course of one decade.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez would probably have been laughed out of Alt Expo just a few short years ago, but in post revolutionary America, she has become the standard bearer of the Democrat Party. Her “Green New Deal” has been endorsed by Democrat Presidential contenders Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Julián Castro, and Beto O’Rourke. Were it not for that fact, one might dismiss it as a fringe idea not worthy of much attention.

So what is the “Green New Deal” or “Green Dream” as Nancy Pelosi calls it? Outlaw fossil fuels, and nuclear power, in ten years. This of course would abolish cars and airplanes, not to mention everything else that relies on affordable energy. With all of this energy abolished, we’re obviously going to need a great deal of human labor, so the government will provide everyone with a “green job” unless of course they are unable or, get this, “unwilling” to work. Regardless of will or capacity to participate, the government will give everyone in America free health care, unlimited free education for life, free “healthy food”, free housing, free spending money, and whatever else comes up along the way. It should go without saying that these benefits will be provided regardless of citizenship or immigration status, and anyone who takes issue with that of course, is a racist.

It’s good to see Democrats taking care of the “unwilling” for a change. All these years they’ve been expanding our entitlement programs under the auspices that none of its recipients were lazy freeloaders. Anyone who suggested otherwise was (you guessed it) a racist. We all heard how Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax treated Vanessa Tyson when she was unwilling, he forced her to give him a job!

Then again, I suspect America can expect similar results if these maniacs are ever permitted to regain control of the government. How long do you think before they introduce an “individual mandate” on work? Once the government completely controls every aspect of the economy, and abolishes private employment, how long before they expect racists to get fired from their government guaranteed “green” jobs, just like they demanded we be fired from the private sector?

You might be saying to yourself “This will never work, so why get worked up about it?”

And you would be half right.

They’ll never manage to accomplish the goals outlined in this plan, but that was never the actual goal. This plot makes no effort to be factually accurate because the goal is to be “morally right” and as we’ve seen with the Left time and again, that means using violence against the morally deficient “factually accurate” folks like you and me. The “Green New Deal” is an incoherent ploy to control every aspect of the human condition at the point of government guns. What happens after that is really besides the point, as far as the Left is concerned.


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