Antifa Hotline 20190209

If you really want to STOP TRUMP, who ya gonna call?

The Antifa Hotline, of course.

Or at least, that’s what these unwitting dupes think when they get on the phone with your humble correspondant.

If you’ve been keeping up with my emails, you saw me request your help in playing a joke. I asked Radical Agenda listeners to put up fliers with the words “STOP TRUMP! CALLĀ 540-701-5653” printed on them.

That phone number connects to a service I’ve hired, which plays a brief disclaimer, then forwards the call to me and records it during hours which I’m available to answer.

Radical Agenda listeners knew this was going to be a good bit, so they got to distributing the fliers immediately, and calls already started rolling in.

Attached to this blog post, you’ll find the first of what are sure to be many releases stemming from this bit.

PDF Available Here

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