Sorry For Spam Posts

Last night, a bunch of posts were made to this website which may have seemed out of character. That is because they were made without authorization.

Back in 2018, I gave an Author’s account to a guy who goes by the name of Vic Mackey. This was done because the Albemarle County prosecutor tried to violate my bond for a bowl cut meme, so I retaliated by syndicating the “Bowl Cast”. In fact, much of my association with those guys was exactly this, retaliation for the effort to silence me.

Vic and his crew are losers. They always have been. They ceased to be useful after the case was over. When they realized that I no longer had any use for them, they got jealous and started spamming my chats, pranking the Radical Agenda, and generally behaving like jealous homosexuals.

The site was not hacked. All of your data is safe. I just hadn’t deleted Vic’s account on the site because he never really contributed much content in the first place and it slipped my mind.

Eventually these losers will overdose on drugs, or find a new man crush. Until then, I ask for your patience as I deal with what amounts to a spam problem.



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