Radical Agenda S05E015 – Curt Doolittle

Curt Doolittle has made a name for himself on the Right with what he calls “Propertarianism”. It’s tough to produce a short description of this set of ideas, but it might be summarized as a theory of natural law which is heavy on property rights. It seems to be a popular destination for libertarians who get sick of being called racists and misogynists, at once libertarian gatherings which have since been hijacked by communists.

Radical Agenda S05E015 - Curt Doolittle
Radical Agenda S05E015 – Curt Doolittle

But Propertarianism has some important divergences from libertarianism, most notably what can be defended with force, or when force counts as defensive. It is also a great deal more complex than libertarianism, so you will not be fitting propertarianism into any three word axiomatic catchall.

Some critics say that propertarianism’s claims are not so unique. Declaring one’s political opinions to be the “natural law” might be described as the height of arrogance.

Others suggest that propertarianism is not nearly so scientific as its proprietors would have you believe. Rather, it is the cult of Doolittle, relying always on his final judgement as to what is or is not in line with propertarianism.

Still others raise the alarm that Mr. Doolittle and his followers, like John Mark, are dangerous influences steering us toward martial conflict and destruction.

I do not know the validity of this critiques, nor can I claim intimate familiarity with the ideas of Mr. Doolittle. Those are things I will hope to learn during the course of our conversation today.

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