PodZeen 55 – War on Love

Happy late Valentine’s Day PodZeeners! It’s a war on good ol’ fashioned love.

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  • St. Valentine, the patron saint of Buttsex
  • #WomenHaveButtsToo
  • Sex (I’m A) – Lovage
  • Impregnating Jennifer Charles
  • Y’all best have boners
  • Fake and gay like Jussie Smollett
  • Torturing white tards in MAGA country
  • We must change ze culture!
  • The collapse will never happen
  • Crush the 1% class warfare now!
  • Homophobic Dave Chappelle
  • Emasculating the black man
  • Wayans vs Weinsteins
  • I fell in Love Today – Ween
  • Join the PodZeen record club! t.me/Obzeen
  • Ryan Adams accused of being a beta male
  • Baby I love you – Ryan Adams
  • Thot Terminator – Lil Cock Pump
  • Youthanasia – Megadeth
  • Rock n Roll is European folk music
  • I got a Girl – Tripping Daisy
  • Ramones split like the country
  • People who Died – Jim Carroll Band
  • Music gets gay
  • Whargoul – GWAR
  • Blame the Frankfurt School
  • Should the Ugly Girl Blow Me – Dave Brockie Experience
  • Lil Windex gets real
  • FMU – Lil Windex
  • Analogs in a Cell – Born of Osiris
  • Curt Doolittle is not invited to PodZeen
  • All I have to do is Dream – Everly Brothers
  • Knock women up and make Tyrone pay for it!
  • Gabrielle – Ween
  • Thotiana – Blueface
  • This Love – Pantera
  • Goodbye Moon – Hungry Dog at Home


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