Radical Agenda S05E017 – John Mark

Last week we had Curt Doolittle on the show talking about propertarianism. As well as that interview went, I felt like we barely scratched the surface of the subject matter.

John Mark is another proponent of propertarianism who has been drawing a good deal of attention to himself on YouTube. With popular videos usually under 20 minutes long, I thought he might be better at summing up ideas than Curt’s notoriously long winded style of explaining things.

Radical Agenda S05E017 - John Mark
Radical Agenda S05E017 – John Mark

So he joins us today for the full two hours, and will be taking your calls.

What got me thinking about propertarianism lately was a blog post at Affirmative Right titled “Infinite Fed Wars”, which I’ll quote here since I could not say it better myself.

One of the new trends in the Dissident Right is a kind of turbo-charged Propertarianism that looks forward (with supposed reluctance) to an inevitable revolution and civil war.

This is promoted by someone in a motorbike helmet called “John Mark” who produces relatively slick, Hi-NRG vids that appear to be immune to the usual shadow-banning that afflicts the Dissident Right. Mark’s ideas are loosely based on the work of a libertarian “sex tourist” based in the Ukraine called Curt Doolittle, but Mark’s new twist is to talk about the necessity of preparing for a conflict.

According to Mark, Right-wing metapolitics and politics are both bullshit, with the Left having all the advantages in these areas. So it merely remains for the “Winning Right,” as he ironically dubs what’s left of the Alt-Right, to await the great (and bloody) revolution that will occur when the Left push Right-wingers too far.

In a recent article published with an image of Mussolini and the Black Shirts marching on Rome he writes:

There is a fundamental asymmetry between the right and left in the ability to “get their way” politically. The Left has a huge advantage here. And no amount of exhortation or preaching to rightwingers will change it.

That’s one reason why there’s going to be a civil war. Because the only other solution would be political advocacy, and a) the Right is not as good at it for unchangeable reasons, and b) immigration means it’s too late anyway.

Yes, black pill, black pill, black pill, but don’t worry goyim there is always the prospect of redeeming violence.

Like Curt, John Mark predicts a civil war, from which the Right will emerge victorious. “The Right has all the guns”, as the theory goes. Once we prevail in that conflict, the goal is to institute a system which will keep the Left at bay permanently. According to my limited understanding, once the Left is deprived of certain mechanisms of corruption, and a legal prohibition on political dishonesty has been implemented, the Left will be vanquished for good.

These are ideas which sound appealing on their face, but need to be probed for errors. Entering into a martial conflict with the idea that victory is inevitable, and that the foe will be permanently subdued, carries with it the distinct disadvantage of overconfidence. If things go hot, and we do not prevail, we might be the ones who never recover.

If this conflict is indeed inevitable, let’s hope John and Curt are right, and try to better understand the mechanics of how this works.


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