PodZeen 56 – Maggot Country

Maggots writhe over the festering corpse of America – only one man can stop him. Come join Bernie and gang weed to take this country back – he can still win!

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  • Maggots – GWAR
  • It’s Bernie Time!!
  • GWAR is a middle-class movement
  • Maggot noodler
  • We don’t have enough booze!
  • Italy declares martial law over violin
  • R Kelly gets Cosby’d
  • I’m A Flirt Remix – R Kelly
  • Charlie Manson and Bernie partied in the 60’s
  • Lil Windex gets 4 reelz
  • Identity Theft – DTG
  • Don’t be comfortable with who you are!
  • #NoWarForAnal
  • Trump is making the world safe for rainbow dildo parades
  • Department of Homoland Security and the Buttplug Industrial Complex
  • Bernie will build the WALL!
  • Maggot Brain – Funkadelic
  • Bernie will legalize it brah
  • Make those rich doctors and corporations pay for it man
  • Eddie Hazel murders the guitar
  • #Unfuggwidabble
  • PodZeen disavows hate speech
  • Freddie’s Dead – Bound for Glory
  • Leave us a voicemail request!
  • From Nowhere – Dan Croll
  • Louisville Slugger – Easy E
  • This is how we Jew It – Detox
  • Compulsive Symbiosis – Womb of Maggots
  • Two Princes – Spin Doctors
  • Pulse of the Maggots – Slipknot
  • Bound for the Floor – Local H
  • Gen X depression vs Boomer coping
  • Ballad of Jimi Gilmour – Telepathic Sandwich


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