Danny “1488” Buendgen & Ostracizing Wannabe “Nazi” Losers

Some prick who really doesn’t deserve the attention he’s about to get, has been running around telling people lies about me. Specifically, that when I was stupid enough to let him into my apartment for 30 seconds to buy some merchandise, my apartment was trashed with wine bottles and meth pipes and broken glass all over the place.

Last week, he started a YouTube channel, which may explain his desire to attack me. One quick way to get subscribers is to attack someone with a reputation. I doubt very highly that Danny is at any risk of becoming a YouTube star. He’s intolerable to be around, much less would anybody want to watch him whine on YouTube.

Unsurprisingly, Danny purports to be a 1488’er, and began getting agitated when I was unsupportive of Robert Bowers murdering 11 strangers in a Pittsburgh synagogue. Before he deleted his Gab account, he was “Danny1488” and expressed dissatisfaction with me ditching the 740-I-AM-1488 phone number for the Radical Agenda. Once the Dylann Roof fan club started defaming me, Danny joined the club.

Interestingly, Danny says my place was littered with drug paraphernalia when he came here, which he clearly does not approve of, but he spent the next few months begging me to be his friend, and gave me money repeatedly. I already told my audience that I had been drinking alcohol toward the end of last year, so Danny may well have seen a box of wine in my place, but I also said I was abstaining from alcohol for the month of January, and at the start of February I said I would abstain for another month. We’ll revisit that plan soon, at the beginning of March. One month at a time, in my opinion, is better than the old AA line of one day at a time.

The meth pipe lie is part of a smear campaign which relies on the well publicized fact that I went on a drug binge years ago, when I was heartbroken over my child being aborted against my wishes, and I made no secret of this. I told the Southern Poverty Law Center about it when they interviewed me for my hatewatch profile, and people who would like to help the SPLC have been harping on this error in judgement ever since. My entire history with methamphetamine is contained to that two week period, and no honest person actually believes I’m actively using that drug, because I have been pretty vocal about what a horrible experience that was. I spoke about this at some length in an interview with Luke Ford not so long ago.

If Danny really thought I was currently a meth junky, then why was he crying to me about his loneliness and trying to buy my friendship with cash?

Danny is a great example of the worst elements of the White Nationalist movement. He fits the meme that people like Christian Picciolini pitch perfectly. He’s a fucking loser, desperate to be accepted by somebody, but no decent person wants anything to do with him. So he finds himself on the fringes of society, attaches himself to a fringe political movement, and tries to steer others to the same sort of isolation he has become accustomed to in his own life.

Anyone who attempts to escape that isolation, and improve their lives, is a traitor to the cause of misery, and must be destroyed.

While there is a great deal of redemptive value to our movement, and we should be accepting of those who have had trouble socializing, we also must be very wary of people like this. They don’t believe anything we believe, they just want to be accepted. They don’t even understand the things we believe, they just see us as their fellow outcasts and try to drag us into the downward spiral that defines their existence. If they cannot improve themselves and find the moral clarity to be honest, then they have to be ostracized and left to the ravages of multiculturalism. We cannot save them, and they will do us harm.

Luckily, I spotted Danny for a loser from the first day we met. Which is why you’ll see me repeatedly ignoring his requests for companionship. When he saw that I had put a gun up for sale to pay some bills, I wouldn’t even sell him the pistol, because I didn’t want to be responsible for putting a firearm in his hand. Unfortunately, even that very brief moment that I allowed Danny into my home, was too much. He took that as an opportunity to dishonestly attack the man who shunned his repeated cries for friendship, because he felt rejected, as he surely so often does.

It is because he is such a perfect example of this disgusting trend, that I am providing you here with my entire SMS history with Danny, which begins as we meet for the first time, at a local diner in Keene, New Hampshire.


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