Radical Agenda S05E018 – Props

It has been said that Democrats are the real racists. By this reasoning, all of their constant cries about racism from the Republicans are mere projection. Republicans for their part, are the true anti-Racists, who would never dream of taking the well being of their core demographic into political consideration.

We racists find this all rather amusing. Racism is just the recognition of basic biological reality, and so we do not see it as some kind of moral defect, as the above dichotomy presents it. At the end of the day, everyone is a racist in some regard, since race is an unavoidable factor of the human condition. The only question is whether your understanding of race, and your use of that understanding, is any good or not.

In that sense, Republicans truly are deficient. They continuously scratch their heads wondering why an increasingly dark skinned population never seems to glom onto their White masculine ways, though these ways be superior in every measurement to the forms from which these savages descend. It seems as though they are incapable of contemplating the impact that demographics have on political outcomes, and they would rather lose their country than make such considerations.

Democrats, if you believe a word they say, are very bad at racism too. Their rhetoric is based in total junk science. They loudly repeat the mystical ideological mantra that all races and genders are equal, and that all disparities of outcome are due to oppression by White males. This is obviously complete nonsense, and nobody who believes it has studied the subject of race from anything other than a mystic Marxist perspective.

Things make a little bit more sense when you assume they are all liars, and you can see the big picture in stunning 4k detail, when you realize these people are mostly Jewish puppets.

Radical Agenda S05E018 - Props
Radical Agenda S05E018 – Props

Take the recent uproar in Congress over Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) throwing a fit over the presence of Lynne Patton, a black woman, as she stood behind Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) during his questioning of former presidential attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen has attempted to paint the President as a racist and a criminal since he was caught committing myriad crimes, and has become a cooperative tool of Democrats to save his skin.

Patton has said she would never work for a “racist” yet she has worked for the President as an event planner since well before his entry into politics. After he ascended to the presidency, Patton served as head of Region II of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, which oversees New York and New Jersey. “Lynne Patton says she would not work for a man who is racist,” Meadows said, after Cohen had referred to Trump in his prepared remarks as a racist. “She says as a daughter of a man born in Birmingham, Ala., that there is no way that she would work for an individual who was a racist,” said Meadows. “How do you reconcile the two of those?”

As if speaking entirely for the entertainment of anti-Semites, Cohen replied “Neither should I as the son of a Holocaust survivor.”

Tlaib called Patton a “prop” and accused Republicans of using her to distract from the President’s supposed racism. “The fact that someone would actually use a prop, a black woman, in this chamber, in this committee, is racist in itself.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez echoed the sentiment, stating on Twitter that “tokenism *is* racism.”

When the fog of hysteria clears, it becomes obvious that Tlaib and Cortez are the real racists, though we mean this in the most positive of ways. They understand that blacks are not Whites, and do not adhere to White forms, unless well trained by White men.

Meadows was quick to show his xenophilia, and pride in his cuckoldry, by announcing that “My nieces and nephews are people of color. Not many people know that,” he said. “And, to indicate that I asked someone who is a personal friend of the Trump family, who has worked for him, who knows this particular individual, that she’s coming in to be a prop? It’s racist to suggest that I ask her to come in here for that reason.”

Of course, all “people of color” are props in American politics. The battles in our Congress today are waged between Jew and Gentile, and the Jew has simply found to be true, the same thing that so many employers have found, which is that women and people of color are cheaper to purchase than White men. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Maxine Waters, the entirety of the Congressional Black Caucus, and so many others, are the pets and pawns of Jewish finance.

How aware of this they happen to be is anybody’s guess, of course. It is entirely plausible that they are stupid enough to think they obtained their positions by merit. Yet, the veracity with which they attack enemy props would tend to indicate they realize their own positions as props themselves. “If the Republicans start playing this game, we’ll be out of a job! ATTACK!” seems to be the line of thinking.

Meanwhile, Republicans seem incapable of understanding the implications of the display. One minute the Left is telling Republicans that they are racist because they a bunch of “old White men,” so they scramble to find women and non-Whites to bring into their ranks. The moment those women of color appear, they are accused of using them as props, which is only more evidence of their racism.

The Left understands perfectly what Republicans would do well to comprehend. Non-Whites will never be Republicans in large numbers, and trying to pretend that they will is suicide for the Republican Party, and the Whites who vote for them. The Left will call out “tokenism” because an inclusive party is not the goal of their “diversity” programs, but rather the displacement of Whites. Having non-Whites on board isn’t good enough, they have to displace and outnumber Whites for it to count.

But Republicans won’t grasp this. Not those with careers to preserve, anyway. Take a look at CPAC for more of this ethnomasochism, as Van Jones appeared with Matt Schlapp to cheer on a recent bipartisan prison reform bill, devised by the President’s Jewish son in law, Jared Kushner.

Jones said “Hey listen. I have to say something against my own interests here. Here’s the deal. The conservative movement in this country, unfortunately from my point of view, is now the leader on this issue of reform, in that, you look at Mississippi, a rock ribbed, totally conservative, former jailer, is the governor there. Governor Bryant. Governor Bryant has cut the prison population and crime at the same time” He goes onto list a series of Republican governors who have embraced prison reform, before bringing it to his point “My problem is, I now have a conservative movement, that, for libertarian reasons, for Christian conservative reasons, and for fiscally conservative reasons, is actually doing a great job on what should be my issue! This is supposed to be my issue! You are stealing, my issues!”

Rather than question the wisdom of helping Van Jones with his “issues”, the crowd erupted in cheers as if to welcome this communist into the Republican Party. Just as they have done with cheering on women in the workforce, anti-discrimination, “pre-existing conditions” and any number of Left wing ideas, Republicans adopt one Leftist position after another, and Leftists initially express this sort of dissatisfaction. “Hey, that’s my issue!” or “Hey that person is a prop!” until Republicans have sufficiently and irreversibly adopted the Leftist position, at which point the Left simply takes up a position even further left, and continues calling the Republicans racists until they catch up, moving the Overton Window eternally leftward.

One doubts they’ll figure this out before it is too late.

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