Radical Agenda S05E019 – Setup

I generally try to avoid delving into “conspiracy theories,” but in recent weeks I’ve become convinced that there are far fewer accidents involved in our misfortune than I had previously assessed. How many people are acting with intentional malice, vs. how many are the useful idiots of those who so act, is anybody’s guess. We certainly have a lot of stupid people in our midst who fall for ridiculous tricks, but the presence of malevolent actors setting the stage for those tricks is not up for reasonable debate.

Let us begin with a quick recap of the Alt Right “Optics” debate.

After the Unite the Right rally in August of 2017, a conflict ensued on the Alt Right about how we presented ourselves to the public, and how that presentation was reflected in the media. That was a conversation worth having, to be sure.

The Alt Right had previously existed as an Internet phenomenon that served primarily to trigger Leftists into hysterics. The Left had been screaming about all manner of bigotry being pervasive throughout our politics for as long as I’ve been paying attention to such things, but actual incidences of such bias were few and far between. When Trump started gaining traction in the Republican primary, and the Alt Right meme machine started gaining steam, Leftists finally had their bogeyman. The fabled Nazis who had haunted their nightmares, were now tweeting at them and showing up in physical space.

This served a very good purpose for the Right, and for Donald Trump. Leftists are absolutely disgusting excuses for human beings, but their crimes are usually paved over by the media and government. They are presented as freedom fighters, relentlessly in pursuit of justice and peace. The worst thing that can happen to the Left, is for people to see them for what they are. As their paranoid delusions of racism were suddenly confirmed by the Alt Right, their violence, deception, and general wickedness became more plain to see for the general public.

Had the Alt Right stuck to this format, we would have been a very useful tool for the Republican Party. Nobody wants to elect a party whose platform is based in hysterical paranoia and street crime. By triggering Leftists, and sending them out into the streets to proudly do violence in public, we exposed them as a threat to the order and stability of the country. This, perhaps more than anything else, got Donald Trump elected, and shifted the consciousness of the Nation.

Of course, we never set out to be the tools of the existing power structure. That inglorious existence describes the Antifa lowlives we helped to expose. We want to make a meaningful impact on the world around us, so we had to step out from behind our keyboards at some point.

Unfortunately, these two roles were in conflict. You can be a Nazi LARPer troll on the Internet, and trigger Leftists into behaving like savages, or you can try to participate in the mainstream political discourse. You cannot do both. Our attempt to blur the lines was bound to fail, and in hindsight, one is left to question if that was an accident.

Driving the Alt Right discourse to the furthest extremes was certainly a team effort, which I most enthusiastically participated in myself. However, even I was hesitant to adopt explicit Nazi branding, and found the praise of figures like Dylann Roof to be out of bounds. The people most responsible for driving things in that direction were the Daily Stormer, and the hosts of The Daily Shoah.

It thus came as quite the surprise to see these same figures attacking others over “optics”. Weev, the Jewish technical mind behind both sites, had appeared twice on the Radical Agenda. Once to sing the praises of Dylann Roof and call for the extermination of most of the world’s population. Another time he came on to discuss the domain level censorship of the Daily Stormer, and called for the slaughter of Jewish children in response to that censorship, which got me kicked off of GoDaddy.com as my domain registrar. The Daily Shoah literally means The Daily Holocaust. To hear them suddenly singing in unison about how everyone else needed to clean up their act, was laughable.

Moreover, there wasn’t really a debate over the subject. The conflict was driven by personal attacks, silencing of opponents, and countless indicators of deception. There is a legitimate case to be made for polishing up one’s public perception, but when it is made by liars who have zero intent on doing so, the legitimacy is lost and no redemption of the public perception can ensue.

A fracture took hold in the movement, from which another element emerged. We’ll call them the Dylann Roof fan club to avoid giving them unwarranted promotion. They had little use for “optics” and wanted to push the most shocking content possible. For some, this was just edgy humor. For others, perhaps sincere belief. For others still, I have become convinced, this was subversive.

They pushed the Bowlcut memes, called for race war, and violence against all who stood in our way. Everyone else, was a cuck. They could afford to do this of course, because they are anonymous and do not have to suffer the consequences of being held to account for their words.

This is a classic example of Jewish subversion. Drive a wedge between factions of a movement, and then play both sides of the conflict. Weev tells everybody to get off the streets and shut up and hide. The Dylann Roof fan club tells people to shoot up synagogues and work diligently to make society unlivable, in hopes of fomenting race war. Neither one of these strategies had a snowball’s chance of positively influencing the direction of the country, and yet this was the dichotomy presented by the two sides of the Alt Right optics debate. “Are you a cuck, or a terrorist? Choose one, goyim.”

I cannot prove that this was the work of Israeli intelligence, but I could hardly think of a better way to destroy the Alt Right than to pit them against one another in this fashion. It likewise fit with several other senselessly divisive memes which began circulating throughout the movement. The “Wignat” slur became a tool of class division, “White Sharia” drove hostility toward women, “boomer” jokes drove generational divisions. So here you have this ethnocentric movement, trying to take on the most powerful people in the world, being divided along class, gender, and generational lines, and when that didn’t render us completely neutral, nonsensical ideological and strategic conflicts were added to the fire.

One of two things is true. Either sincere people came up with a plan this stupid, and predictably failed, or malicious actors who wanted us to fail, gave this to us, and people were stupid enough to fall for it.

Adding credibility to the conspiracy angle is the recent smear campaign against your humble correspondent. I won’t spend much time today trying to win over my skeptics, but those who have been listening to the Radical Agenda for awhile, and especially those who know me in real life, know that I am about the most sincere person you can hope to come across. Anyone who paints me as a liar is doing so with either malice or profound ignorance. Every last bit of unflattering truth about me which presently circulates, was put out there by yours truly. My flaws are too numerous to list, but perhaps my greatest one is being too honest. It is telling indeed that while I am guilty of so many actual imperfections, the people who attack me would rather tell lies, claiming that I have snitched on people for non-crimes I was wholly unaware of, that I am addicted to methamphetamine, that I have disclosed customer data to the media or the government, or that I am a homosexual. The smear campaign waged against me by people who claim to be part of this movement, makes the smear campaign the media waged against the kids from Covington Catholic School look responsible by comparison. I challenge anyone to make the case that any honest person could find merit in any of this.

I don’t mean to make this about me, but it is telling to examine from that angle. What benefit could there be to destroying me or the Radical Agenda? One who was very concerned about “optics” might make the case that I should go away because my bombast is less than helpful to those trying to win elections, but the people who attack me are literally praising mass shooters and attacking the President of the United States. They tell people they think we would be better off with Democrats in control, because Democrats will make life intolerable and trigger a martial conflict. They obviously aren’t driven by legitimate concerns about public perception.

Indeed it might be more helpful to look at their attitudes toward the President and the Republican Party. I am as disappointed as anyone with certain aspects of the Trump presidency, but I have a hard time taking people seriously when they suggest we would be better off, in any conceivable way, with Hillary Clinton in the White House. We might not have gotten a wall or meaningful immigration reform in the two years that Republicans held both houses of Congress and the White House, but we certainly aren’t going to get anything positive with Democrats in control of the House of Representatives, which was the outcome these same people desired from the most recent federal election.

Now you’ve got a bunch of guys who mostly hide behind aliases, hoping that Trump and the Republicans lose in 2020. Some of them are straightforward enough to confess that their motive is the downfall of the country, and the mass uncontrolled violence that would necessarily result. Of course, if you get a glimpse of any of these characters, you’ll quickly come to realize that whatever conflict they might be cheering for from the sidelines, they obviously have no intent to fight it it themselves, much less win. They want other people to do the fighting, and they want those people to lose.

Of course, it is not enough to say that because some person or group wants violence, that they are subversives. Perhaps a day arrives when all orderly means of conflict resolution have proven futile. Perhaps that day is far closer than any of us would like to admit.

So if one were to conclude that the time for armed struggle was upon us, how would one interested in success go about it?

Above my pay grade, sadly, but I can tell you what they wouldn’t be doing.

Screaming about it on YouTube and attacking everyone who doesn’t join the party as a traitor to the revolution, is not the sort of activity a revolutionary would be participating in.

Walking into houses of worship, gunning down non-combatants, and then waiting for the cops to capture or kill you is terribly unlikely to result in a desirable outcome.

A lot of these guys would purport to be Siege devotees, but perhaps they would do well to actually read the book.

No stunts, no handstands, no fanfare. Instead, care and caution. Long range planning. When you strike, strike hard and strike deep. Play for keeps. But, always in the end, it’s a matter of greater steady mileage over intense but short bursts. Don’t attract needless attention.

Another quote reads;

If you can’t do it, leave it alone. Forget it! Don’t try and talk someone else into doing it and ESPECIALLY don’t hear of anyone else trying to talk YOU into anything. Don’t talk, period! However it can’t hurt to begin now to learn, to train, and to have materials ready.

Here you have a group of guys who do nothing but talk, and to make matters worse, their words are worthless because they lie worse than Jews. Anyone stupid enough to take them seriously will be lucky to find themselves doxed and jobless and incapable of working toward positive change. Those less fortunate will find themselves dead or in prison, and paraded around the cable news channels as the excuse for State repression.

A piece published yesterday in The Guardian by Vegas Tenold, reads like a script from this act. Titled “The neo-Nazi plot against America is much bigger than we realize,” Tenold conjures the familiar lie that Right wing terrorism threatens to bring the Nation to its knees, using the email drafts and drug charges against Lt. Chris Hasson of the US Guard as proof of the imminent threat.

Hasson you may recall, is currently being held without bail for being in possession of firearms and ammunition while also in possession of illegal drugs. These charges would not have warranted his detention, but prosecutors used his Google search history and some notes fantasizing about political violence to claim Hasson was plotting mass murder.

Of course, if the neo-Nazi terror threat were quite what Tenold et al would like to pretend it is, Hasson would be a non-story. A Coast Guard Lieutenant with some notes and drugs would hardly warrant headlines while actual terrorism was actually happening. The fake pipe bombs of Cesar Sayoc Jr., a Native American, would not be billed as White Supremacist terrorism, if there were actually an abundance of Whites committing terrorism.

Tenold quotes Keegan Hankes, a researcher at the Southern Poverty Law Center as saying “I think what we’re starting to see now is people becoming more disheartened and disconnected from mainstream politics.” He continues “We believe we can expect more violence as people become increasingly frustrated and unmoored.”

JM Berger, a supposed expert on extremism and research scholar at Vox-Pol, said “What we’ve seen in the Trump-era is that a lot of the people on the fringes see opportunities for political engagement where they didn’t see it before.” He continued, “The question is: what happens when that window closes?”

If you watched any of these fedposty streams, you would find a narrative almost identical to the one painted in The Guardian. Trump supporters get pissed off, and start advocating the murder of innocent people with no discernable goal. Jews and their Gentile dupes go to great lengths to paint these kind of nonsense narratives, even as all evidence conspires to expose them as frauds. Yet here we are met with a group of anonymous actors, sabotaging actual Nationalists with reputations, repeating these exact narratives, with no apparent concern about being doxed, deplatformed, or prosecuted.

Again, maybe these people are just really dumb and helping the Jews by accident, but how lucky can the Jews really be? In the course of my observations, I’ve concluded that these people create their own luck.

Yet the problem here goes much deeper than the immediate concern about a few bad actors with botnets and sock accounts. We’ve had these subversives in our ranks the entire time, and it is impossible to fully measure the influence they have had over the culture and ideology of the movement. What I’ve illustrated here seems like obvious subversive activity, but how much less obvious subversion has been sown during this time?

This whole entire mess stinks. One might make the case that it has set us back further than Antifa violence and State repression combined. Recovering from it will be costly, time consuming, and uncertain.

But we have to do it, because there is far too much at stake to forfeit the conflict.


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