PodZeen 58 – God Emperor Pump

In these times of struggle, only one man can unite the American people and lead them to our eternal birthright – God Emperor Pump!

  • Nazis go democrat and demand #GodEmperorPump
  • Be Like Me – Lil Pump
  • Lil Pump is now the 1%
  • Frankie don’t want no part of the #WangGang
  • Ching Chang Chong – Rucka Rucka Ali
  • Yang the Magic Asian Man
  • Vote Bernie to put the 1% into GULAGS!
  • That fine Somalian lady
  • Bernie has the best eugenics plan
  • It’s Democratic National Socialism – EVERYTHING gets a vote
  • Legalize it federally, criminalize locally
  • How to import Democrat voters
  • Uncle Ruckus did nothing wrong
  • Everybody Have Fun Tonight – Wang Chung
  • By the light of a Black Sun – Pillorian
  • Don’t Zuck me bro
  • Down the rabbit hole behind the paywall…
  • Rich Man’s World (1%) – Immortal Technique
  • Che Guevara coffee break
  • Nantucket Sleighride – Mountain
  • Walk On – Deep Purple
  • Jello Biafra is the 1% of Rock n Roll
  • 2″ tape is fantastic
  • Little Miss can’t be Wrong – Spin Doctors
  • Sup with Chris Barron
  • Impious Devious Leper Lord – Mayhem
  • Kick triggering autism
  • Barbells – X-Cops
  • Cher hates dickskin
  • Chris Cornell’s wife and the opioid crisis
  • Sackler customers for life
  • Attack of the Dungeon Witch – He is Legend
  • All hail Chinese overlords
  • The Chinese have no Cheese – Dave Brockie Experience
  • Scotty forgets about songs
  • Burgalveist – Big Dumb Face
  • Classic PodZeens are moving behind the paywall!
  • We did it all for the nookie
  • Love Your People – Jeff Winston
  • South Africa Autism
  • A Silent Arc – Evergrey
  • Crazy – Seal
  • We will nuke you
  • Snake with Legs – Orifice A


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