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That rogue terrorist Tom Petty is on the rampage again! This time he killed 49 perfectly peaceful people attending a mosque in Christchurch New Zealand. Despite his evil actions Tom Petty spoke 3 words of wisdom that day… Subscribe to PewDiePie!

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  • It’s National Kick Drum from Hot For Teacher day!
  • Bitch Lasagna – PewDiePie
  • Bobs and vagene
  • Tom Petty strikes again
  • Gunning down a dream
  • Frankie evaporates
  • Shut down Facebook over violent livestreams
  • Tom Petty is NOT an antisemite
  • Egg guy
  • PodZeen Live coming soon for real this time
  • Real Fake News – coming soon!
  • Feel the Bern
  • Fire – Arthur Brown
  • Sup with the organs Marty??
  • Miserlou – Dick Dale
  • Tom Petty did it for gay rights
  • Boomerism is a social construct
  • Nookie, The Propaganda – Limp Bizkit
  • Legend of the Killdozer
  • King of Sex – Killdozer
  • Sorry about your request brah
  • Carry me Home – Brutal Attack
  • Victory or Valhalla – Skullhead
  • Calamus will Animate – Archspire
  • Moshiach Oi – Punk Rock Jews
  • Nazi jews?!
  • Cover it with Gas and Set it on Fire – Ween
  • Subscribe to Obzeen – Praise Allah
  • Hey Muhammad – Sherry Allah


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