Radical Agenda S05E024 – Libertarian White Supremacy

There has long been some buzz about the “insidious libertarian to alt right pipeline” as Matt Lewis at the Daily Beast referred to it. Well prior to this of course, Leftists have relentlessly assailed libertarians as racists, for reasons which might charitably be described as varying in merit. I’ve touched on the subject a few times myself, writing “Libertarians and the Alt Right” in March of 2017, and later that year elaborating more on my own personal journey in a piece titled “Why I Consider Myself Alt Right” that August.

That seems like forever ago to me. I hardly even hear the word libertarian these days, and if I never hear it again, it will be too soon. While the true thought leaders of the libertarian movement have contributed a great deal to my thinking, that movement as it stands today is worse than useless. It frustrates me tremendously to see so many White men of intellect, talent, and good character, exert so much effort toward something that, regardless of what they might debate the “true” underlying message to be, functionally serves to promote a moral standard which cannot perpetuate itself.

Radical Agenda S05E024 - Libertarian White Supremacy
Radical Agenda S05E024 – Libertarian White Supremacy

Indeed, libertarianism can only be discussed in polite society today, because the remaining specs of authoritarianism in what passes for the Right these days, keep the Left just ever so slightly uncertain of their hegemony. Were it not for that fear, the libertarians would be treated just as badly as us so called “Nazis,” who it has become socially and legally acceptable to assault in broad daylight on camera in public.

Libertarians dutifully bow to the same Leftists who will later devour them in our absence, of course. Foolishly hoping they’ll be spared, and showing all the time preference of a goldfish, they eagerly renounce the wickedness of certain categories of information, assuring all who will listen that they would never attempt to understand such an immoral body of facts and evidence. In rare, but noteworthy instances, they’ll find the courage to refrain from outright attacks on science, and deploy more clever diversionary tactics to distance themselves from those whom the power structure will not tolerate.

It is during such displays when people like me become “former libertarians,” and enter the dreaded pipeline.

I do maintain a subscription to the email list of one noteworthy libertarian content producer, who on most days manages to earn my admiration. Unlike most of my email subscriptions, I even read the stuff he puts out. I won’t put him through the discomfort of making the search engines further associate our names, but those in the know will connect the dots, and those not in the know still ought to be able to appreciate the thrust of what I will attempt to illustrate here.

As has been known to happen from time to time, this subject of my admiration came under fire for some social media commentary that was deemed “racist” by people who oddly enough seem to feel that way about nearly everything. Fortunately for our totally not racist libertarian friend, he was merely quoting Thomas Sowell, a black economist whom we are frequently reminded is held in high regard by all decent people, amongst whom he surely counts himself, thereby obliterating the absurd notion that he hates all black people for nothing other than the color of their skin.

“Ah ha! Your move, commie!”

Of course, this strawman caricature of a racist is just something Leftists use to malign their political opponents, and cowards on the Right use to distance themselves from the truth. I am here telling you that I am a racist by any contemporary definition. I’ll take it further than that even, I am an avowed, and internationally famous White Nationalist. I don’t even care if people call me a Nazi, and I don’t view the world in this way either. Being a racist in 2019 simply means you are smart enough to understand, and honest enough to discuss, the indisputable fact that there are genetic differences between racial groups. It is the recognition of the obvious fact, that those differences often present themselves in socially valued categories, such as intelligence, and that this information is worthy of attention when discussing public policy as pertains to demographic disparities.

Here is a brief crash course in Race Realism 101. If you’re a politically interested person over 25 years of age and you don’t know this yet, you should curse out your favorite political influencer for not filling you in on this sooner. It is nothing short of criminal that this isn’t common knowledge.

  • Blacks on average have lower IQs than do Whites, with Whites averaging 100 and blacks a standard deviation behind at 85. No honest and informed person disputes this fact.
  • Your IQ is not something which you expand by reading books. It is not a measurement of your knowledge or your education. It is a measurement of the cognitive capacity, or, to borrow a computing term, processing power, of one’s brain.
  • The brain is a bodily organ not unlike any other, and as such its characteristics are passed down to us through the DNA of our parents.
  • Groups of people who evolved separately from one another for thousands of years, in different climatic conditions, sharing different gene pools, meeting different survival requirements, and forming different cultures, instincts, and habits to meet them, developed common characteristics amongst their respective groups, and these may provide advantages or disadvantages when entering into various forms of competition with other racial groups. It is not a coincidence that blacks dominate professional sports, as the most obvious example.
  • Debate rages on about “nature vs. nurture,” but this is almost entirely a political argument. Honest and informed people know that, while environment can certainly damage and destroy an otherwise impressive genetic specimen, all animals, including humans, are born with a certain degree of genetic potential, beyond which no environmental factor can improve.
  • IQ is the single most reliable predictor of success in a market economy.
  • Criminal behavior peaks, across racial lines, in individuals with IQ scores ranging between 80 and 90.

Once you understand these facts, it makes perfect sense to say that the black to White IQ disparity is genetic in its origins. This genetic predisposition explains all manner of other social inequities which emerge along racial lines, such as poverty, crime, and out of wedlock births. It also completely destroys the Leftist (Jewish) narrative that White racism is the only cause of human suffering in the world, and removes all the justifications for programs such as affirmative action and the renewed push for reparations. No change in public policy, and no amount of money, will ever make blacks rise to the level of Whites. The best the egalitarians can hope to accomplish, is to so damage Whites as to bring them down to the level of blacks, and that is precisely what they are trying to do.

Like every reader with Right of center political views, I think Thomas Sowell has made some valuable contributions to our political discourse, but it’s no coincidence that he or Walter Williams always come up whenever someone who is (understandably) terrified of being branded a racist, feels compelled to address a story with racial undertones. These men are the exceptions that happen to prove the rule. Democrats rely on black votes to obtain power because blacks are stupid enough to believe their lies, and the fact that every conservative cites the same two black economists when trying to dispell this “free markets are racist goy” meme, only proves the point. Of all the blacks in the United States, and all the resources Republicans and libertarians have squandered on trying to educate them, we have Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and arguably Candace Owens, to show for it. This is retarded, it’s a waste of money and time, and it will never improve.  The Democrats know this, which is why they are always trying to force diversity initiatives on everybody. The less White a place or group is, the less resistance there is to Leftist hegemony.

Recall the commandment of America’s moral compass, Saint Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, “Tokenism is racism”. She’s an idiot, a liar, and most notably, a Jew, but in this respect, she’s correct.

With all of this understood, let us address the subject matter of the email which inspired this tirade.

Our libertarian friend was addressing an issue of school funding, and rightly raised doubts about the merits of increased educational funding for blacks. He and others know, that money will not cause blacks to perform better in school, and the perpetual leftist demand for additional resources based on the lie that it will, has to be answered this way if budgets are ever to be restored to sanity.

Surely aware of the consequences that would come with answering the question, he asks why poor Asians score higher on standardized tests than more affluent blacks.

The answer of course, is genetics. Asians have higher IQs on average than do Whites, and Whites, as we’ve already established, score higher than blacks. Thus Asians do better in school, even when provided with less resources than the Jew’s negro pets.

Since Leftists are as well aware of this obvious fact as any Nazi, they descended upon our libertarian friend to call him a “white supremacist”. Surely having seen what the Jews do to “white supremacists,” our libertarian friend felt compelled to defend himself against the claim.

Surely, quoting a black economist to discuss the superior performance of Asians could not be White Supremacy. Right?

Even as a famous racist, I’ve never called myself a White Supremacist, as that conjures in the mind an image of Whites ruling over non-Whites. This was tried (slavery), and in my view, it caused a lot more problems for Whites than it did for blacks. Imagine how much better America would be today, had it not been for the importation of Africans during that period of our history.

(Side note: Wouldn’t it be fun if all these Leftists looked into the disproportionate representation of Jews in slave ownership and the slave trade?)

Of course, that isn’t what the Left means by White Supremacy.

Our libertarian friend goes on to say “I know of precisely zero people who favor laws that would give whites “supremacy” over other races.”

Of course, that isn’t what the Left means by White Supremacy, either. In any case, he is incorrect about this, and not just because he’s spoken to me before.

Literally every libertarian believes in exactly this, which is why all the “left libertarians” are nothing but closet communists trying to destroy all that is decent and holy. Our friend is smart enough to realize who would end up in charge, if markets were as libertarians imagine they ought to be. Hint, it ain’t blacks. Sure, that’s not an explicitly racial policy, but it has a decidedly racial outcome, and that’s what matters to people who view the world in racial terms. In this, I include both myself, and the Left wing nuts he was referencing.

The sort of ordered liberty which has defined Western Civilization, is literally White Supremacy from this perspective. If everyone is entitled only to what they are able to earn in the market, whites will, as a group, outcompete blacks pretty reliably. If we own all the property, they are under our control, and the fact that there is a libertarian moral perspective to justify this matters not to racial egalitarians, because they are not libertarians, no matter what lies they espouse on Facebook. Absent the welfare State, this obviously impacts birthrates in a manner which favors Whites, allowing us to not only dominate them economically, but sexually, reproductively, and democratically as well.

So it shouldn’t surprise us that blacks and their advocates are hostile to this type of order. It is not in their best interests as a race. Without quarreling over definitions too much, you can see how the outcome of this, from a genetic perspective, is scarcely different from that of a genocide. If we outcompete them economically and they are unable to reproduce themselves, or we outcompete them martially and there are none left to reproduce, the outcome is the same in that they cease to exist as a race.

Now, if you’re a semi-literate person you might be saying to yourself “But Chris, it is White people who aren’t reproducing themselves these days. Are you saying Whites are being genocided?”

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I’m saying, though not due to an abundance of economic liberty. More on that later…

In America, and in libertarian circles in particular, there has been a tremendous effort to just not see things in these terms. We have been told our entire lives that race is not to be considered. On what passes for the Right today, this has been largely implemented. Whether the colorblindness is genuine or just a convincing fraud is up for some debate, but for all the screams of the Left, you just do not see people in the mainstream Right making explicitly racial appeals. Anyone on the Right who does this is destroyed by the media and the financial system which, I should note, are dominated by Jews.

Interestingly, these consequences are not visited upon the Left for doing exactly this. The Left isn’t just adding identity politics to their agenda, they are abandoning the very concept of having ideas, and instead fomenting race war through the political process. This is why Alexandria Ocasio Cortez doesn’t care about being factually accurate. As far as she and the rest of the Left is concerned, the very concept of objective reality is a relic of White Supremacy to be defeated.

How does one defeat “White Supremacy?” Well, by doing away with White people, of course. By flooding their countries with immigrants, making it impossible for them to advocate for their interests, demeaning them in media and pop culture, redistributing their resources to other racial groups, prohibiting them from discriminating, telling them to sterilize their daughters, and murder their children, convincing them to become homosexuals or change their gender before puberty, and keeping a running tally of their declining percentage of the population, looking gleefully toward the day when they will have no political power anywhere in the world.

Because to the Left, White Supremacy is not a system or an ideology. It is not a set of laws. It is not the caricature of a belligerent redneck blinded by his hatred of “the other”. Those are all Jewish lies designed to make Whites oppose anyone who would dare to advocate for their interests and survival. To the Left, White Supremacy is inherent to the existence of White people, as evidenced by our domination of the world throughout so much of its history. It does not matter to them that we have abandoned our expansionist designs, or that we have given up any sense of racial identity for ourselves. So long as we exist in sufficient numbers to act politically, we are a threat to their designs. Until we are so diminished that we can never again assert ourselves, they will continue to attack us in every imaginable way, and there is good reason to doubt they will even stop once we are so diminished.

Until libertarians recognize this reality, and act on it, they are worse than useless. Some of the most capable and intelligent and morally upstanding White men who ever existed, exert all of their efforts toward an ideology which ignores an imminent and lethal threat to their very survival. There will be no libertarianism in the absence of White people, which is why people who hate liberty keep on telling libertarians to purge “racists” from their movement.

Well, let us hope that they do, and fast. For every libertarian who gets branded a Nazi and chased from that worthless circle jerk, we get a new recruit. For me, and a lot of other former libertarians, it finally just made more sense to let the communists have the name, and move onto something with actual teeth. If freedom means open borders, ignorance of biology, infanticide, drug addiction, and sexual degeneracy, then count me amongst the authoritarians. Because what the libertarian movement has proven more than anything, is that most people are just plain unfit to govern themselves.

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