PodZeen 60 – Home the Armless

This episode goes out the those 99%ers who have lost limbs – YOU deserve a free home!

Watch the video

  • Fire Water Burn – Bloodhound Gang
  • Everything is on fire. Feel the Bern
  • Give them homes!
  • We guarantee Def Leppard
  • Brrruce
  • Don’t Bring Me Down – Electric Light Orchestra
  • The armless did nothing wrong
  • Leave us a voicemail about your stump game!
  • Cocaine high end
  • Don’t do drugs kids
  • White males and the opioid crisis
  • Festival evacuated over white male with a tatoo
  • To Defy the Laws of Tradition – Primus
  • Skippy’s Tim Alexander article
  • We are the new Fox News
  • Obzeen supports our robot overlords
  • #RobotsArePeopleToo
  • Brand new Furry Friendly Policy
  • Refrigerator Car – Spin Doctors
  • The Americans (A Canadian’s Opinion) – Gordon Sinclair
  • Whippin’ Around the Bay – Death Piggy
  • American Women – Butthole Surfers
  • Bernie’s got dope
  • We welcome our armless furry veterans of foreign wars
  • These Boots were Made for Walking – Crispin Glover
  • Crazy – Mushroomhead
  • SWAY – Coal Chamber
  • Moisture – The Residents
  • Hello Skinny – The Residents
  • Hello Skinny/Constantinople – Primus
  • Geezer Butler, Nazi puncher
  • Sweet Leaf – Black Sabbath
  • Sweat Loaf – Butthole Surfers
  • Frankie spits on the audience
  • We forgot about the Untouchables from the Telegram group
  • Squid Baby – Orifice A


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