Radical Agenda S05E026 – Three Point, Oh?

You might have heard, I’m not a big fan of Democrats. Republicans have their own problems of course, but my complaints about them tend to be disappointments in their failures. Democrats make me fear for the future of humanity, when they succeed. If only we could magically swap the success:failure ratios of the two parties, America would be quite the paradise.

People in our circles are understandably feeling some sense of urgency, as the immigration timebomb ticks loudly toward White minority, and the President seems more interested in Israeli territorial expansion, than American territorial sovereignty. That sense of impending doom has spawned a range of different ideas, which might charitably be described as varying in coherence.

I was less than shocked to see some former Trump supporters embrace Democratic candidates. The boomers had to eventually get something right, and finding out the Nazis were indeed socialists was surely a much welcomed relief to them after losing so many arguments. A lot of these people turned out to be disreputable, so voting Democrat would seem to fit with that theme. Others just want chaos and destruction, which in my view, voting Democrat is sure to accomplish.

So when the #YangGang2020 thing popped up, I dismissed most of these people as idiots, subversives, and crazy people. An Asian man handing out a thousand bucks a month? The jokes write themselves, obviously, and I love a good joke, but God Emperor Trump was a joke too, until he became President of the United States. It took a couple of years for us to conclude that he was still a joke, and an unfunny one at that.

Then I saw Hunter Wallace from OccidentalDissent.com picking up on this meme. I had to take a shower and double check to make sure I hadn’t lost my mind. Hunter seems one of the sounder minds in this thing, so I couldn’t dismiss him as a malevolent actor or sucker.

He joins us today to discuss The 15 Points of 3.0.

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