Radical Agenda S05E032 – Inevitable

A listener notified me of my name being brought up on Dave Smith’s podcast, Part of the Problem. We’ve had Dave on the show before, and I’ve been on his. Dave is a libertarian of Jewish ancestry, and a stand up comic, but other than that, he’s a pretty good guy. 🙂

They were talking about my being featured in Joe Biden’s campaign announcement ad, which led to a broader discussion on the race baiting politics of the Left, and the state of what was the Alt Right. It’s too bad Dave doesn’t respond to my emails anymore, as their talk touched on a subject I’ve been contemplating myself, and I would have liked to discuss this subject with him. Instead, I’ll talk a bit about it here.

Radical Agenda S05E032 - Inevitable
Radical Agenda S05E032 – Inevitable

Dave and his cohost remarked about the seeming insanity of bringing up a relatively obscure podcaster, such as your humble correspondant, as a presidential campaign issue. Why would the top Democratic presidential candidate be harping on Charlottesville so long after the fact? Especially given that Trump had literally nothing to do with the event. Even Bernie Sanders has the good sense to realize that the Democrat Party will lose if they have nothing to run on but Trump.

White Nationalism, they observed, is not exactly the most popular thing in politics today. So it would seem like the Left has just completely lost their minds by beating that drum non-stop, and perpetually expanding the definition of that term to include everyone who strays from their insane narratives, similarly to how they had done with the term “racist” a long time ago. Dave expressed the very legitimate concern that drawing attention to us was normalizing our cause, and might actually make it more popular. It would seem that if one wanted to stop Christopher Cantwell and the Radical Agenda from gaining traction, putting my face and the logo of my show all over TV in a presidential campaign ad, would be ill advised.

When one has a deeper understanding of the Left however, their antics are not so easily dismissed.

For your average American, White Nationalism is most certainly a non-issue. For all the media insanity about us being some kind of looming terrorism threat, and the handful of unhinged nutcases parroting our lines between fedposts to help aid that narrative, you’re far more likely to be murdered by black gangs than you are White Nationalists, even if you’re a Jew. Everybody knows it is Muslims committing the terrorist attacks, and no amount of nonsense published by the ADL is going to convince a sane American otherwise.

Moreover, life would certainly improve for pretty much everybody if White Nationalists were to obtain political power. We would stop the Leftist nonsense destroying this country, we would stop wasting military resources on Israeli foreign policy, we would stop the immigration crisis, and we wouldn’t pull the rug out from people who rely on the government for help. For people who really do think “racism” is a huge problem in society, we’ll be happy to arrange for a peaceful and amicable separation, so they can live under the boot of Jewish power separately from us, and never again will those people have to worry about having a White Nationalist for their president. It’s really a pretty sweet deal for everybody.

Of course, that reality is why we have to be censored. If anybody found out what White Nationalists were really aiming for, most White Americans, and a surprising number of non-whites, would be White Nationalists. We have to be painted as some kind of bloodthirsty threat with no reason or truth on our side, otherwise we will win in very short order. That’s also why more and more people who are not White Nationalists are being censored as well, such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, and others. Anybody who brings up the legitimate issues we are trying to address, will necessarily bring people closer to understanding our aims, and for our opponents to remain in control, this cannot be permitted.

Of course, the censorship won’t work forever, and the people in power know this. So they have to ultimately resort to more drastic measures. This is why Joe Biden’s campaign advertisement referred to the communist terrorists who attacked our permitted demonstration in Charlottesville as “A courageous group of Americans,” and even went so far as to tacitly acknowledge that they were the aggressors, by saying “a violent clash ensued” without telling the oft repeated lie that we started the fight. Joe Biden wasn’t just using Charlottesville as a campaign issue, he was literally calling for violence.

Tucker Carlson has made similar remarks to the apparent confusion expressed by Dave and his cohost. “Trump is easy to beat” he recently said to one guest, as he pondered why the Democrats would be throwing away an easy win with insane proposals like the green new deal, open borders, and non stop hatred for the White majority in the leadup to a popularity contest.

So what’s the point of all this?

I have become convinced that the Democrats are just as certain of a violent clash between the extreme Right and the extreme Left, as are the propertarians.

The power of the extremes on either end of the spectrum drags the overton window toward the more powerful side, altering the dialogue in the almighty center, to favor their moderate counterparts. Understanding this has given the Left dominion over the country, even during Republican administrations, for as long as I’ve been alive. It is absolutely vital to them that White Nationalists be crushed before we can become a real issue, because even if one of us never holds an elected office, our impact on the discourse will deprive them of power.

Luckily for them, Republicans panic over appearances. For fear of the Leftist (Jewish) press, they attack their extremist elements as viciously as the enemy does. Democrats are more savvy, and condone even the most violent criminal behavior, so long as it acts in their favor.

Republicans can in some sense be forgiven for this, since the extreme Right has no more learned to cooperate with their moderate counterparts, as they have learned to cooperate with us. It is not as if violence could not be used to favor the Republican Party, as it has been used to benefit Democrats such as with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Unfortunately, and I suspect we can thank subversives for this, the comparatively miniscule amounts of violence we have seen from the Right in the United States, has been senseless and uncontrolled, and thus of no help to the Party. The looming threat of a permanent Democrat majority in Washington is provoking the violent impulses of White men, but they lack competent leadership, and thus the power of those impulses goes unharnessed. Without direction, that energy inevitably finds some other outlet, and when those outlets are street brawls in Democrat controlled cities, or shootings at houses of worship, this is profoundly unhelpful to our moderate counterparts, who need to win popularity contests on a regular schedule.

One of these days, somebody on the Right is going to figure out the correct way to do this, and then things are really going to get interesting. When the violence favors the Republican Party, the Party will learn to tolerate it, and when White Nationalists have a fraction of the support from the GOP and Fox News, that Antifa has had from the Democrats and MSNBC, then we’re going to become the problem that they pretend we are now, only worse. A world in which it is more dangerous to be a raving Left wing nut, than it is to wear a MAGA hat, is a world where Democrats cannot bully people into parroting their lies, and thus a world where Democrats cannot win elections.

All of the energy on the Left is being poured into stoking racial tensions and building radicalized echo chambers on mainstream and social media. If they lose the upcoming elections as a result of this madness, that is a worthwhile tradeoff  if it militarizes their extremist element, and deprives White Nationalists of influence. If Trump gets a second term, but immigration and the leftward drift of our discourse continue to go on unabated, he will be the last Republican President anyway. On the other hand, if White Nationalists are able to assert themselves in public, then separatist movements will certainly emerge, and the productive White folks of this country will extricate themselves from the nightmare world the Democrats have in store for us. A mongrelized country of Democrats, without White people to tax, is going to collapse in a matter of days, and they cannot permit this to happen.

Thus, I have come to suspect the Democrats are more than willing to lose the next election. They are far more interested in starting, and winning, a civil war.

The goal of their antics is geared toward stoking violence, and keeping the Republicans wary of optics. Through this they can render the Right impotent until immigration ends our ability to assert ourselves politically, and at the same time prevent us from sufficiently organizing to meet the challenges of the civil war that will inevitably ensue, when the average White guy figures out that this was the plan all along.


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