Radical Agenda S05E033 – Overestimated

Venezuela’s Juan Guaidó says he overestimated military support, as his hopes for a coup d’état were dashed against the rocks. To put it mildly, that’s one of those things one would be better off not “overestimating”. When you play the game of thrones, you win, or you die. There is no middle ground.

Radical Agenda S05E033 - Overestimated
Radical Agenda S05E033 – Overestimated

Luckily for Guaidó, Donald Trump has surrounded himself with neocon psychopaths who consistently insinuate that the United States will intervene militarily on his behalf, rather than allow Maduro to remain in power. How this benefits Americans in any sense remains to be explained by the administration which ran on an America first foreign policy, but I suppose most right thinking people figured that went out the window as soon as John Bolton obtained the title of National Security Advisor.

Humorously, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace this weekend, to, among other things, insist that “We want the Venezuelan people not to have interference from any country” when pressed on Russian interference in the conflict. He went on to say “The United States wants all other countries out of this nation, and allow the Venezuelan people to restore their own democracy”. He concluded by noting, with a straight face, that he would be meeting with Germany and the United Kingdom, to achieve this objective.

I don’t have to tell regular listeners that I have no sympathy for communists like Maduro, but I’ll note here for the sake of newcomers and hostiles, that I’m all for regime change in Venezuela. I’m just sick and tired of this idiotic Jewish neocon foreign policy agenda, which has the United States in the middle of every idiotic conflict that arises in the world. One wonders how long it will be before we “overestimate” our own capacities, and find ourselves on the losing side of a game of thrones.

It’s worth noting that the United States gained her independence from Britain in no small part due to the fact that the crown was stretched thin at the time of our revolution. Britain was in conflict with France and Spain at the time, and this in part motivated those governments to finance and provide other support to the American revolution. Given the polarized and dangerous political climate in the United States, the ongoing flood of left leaning third world migrants over our insecure border, the official and unofficial suppression of patriotic movements, and the unmitigated and ongoing surge of Leftist terrorism, the threat of a new revolution with far less noble intent, is very real.

I try hard not to be a conspiracy theorist, but let us toy with this idea a bit.

Suppose you were a group of elite internationalists, who found certain aspects of the United States Constitution, such as the first and second amendments, to be a severe inconvenience to your designs of a global government. Suppose you had managed to subvert nearly all other aspects of that nation’s way of life, but those two pesky hurdles stubbornly inhibited your endgame. How might you go about doing away with these most unwelcome obstacles?

Supporting revolutionary movements inside the country would surely be at the top of your agenda, much like the United States has done to numerous countries prior to invading them. Antifa and Black Lives Matter surely fit such a description, and we’ve all watched their violence be excused and celebrated by just these sort of internationalists (yes, I’m talking about Jews). We’re not sure exactly who is financing these things, but they are definitely being financed. Not only through whatever covert methods are surely taking place out of public view, but the unmitigated access of these violent groups to crowdfunding sites which patriotic groups have been banned from, surely provides a convenient cover for this financing.

But these groups are in no danger of overestimating military support for their aims, since they are openly hostile to our armed forces and police. So the classic military coup would be out of the question. In fact, you would want the military to be as weary and depleted as possible, which conveniently happens to be the case after nearly two decades of carrying out Israeli foreign policy in the middle east. So much so that one might be shocked to find the country still standing after such a lengthy and wasteful expenditure of blood and treasure.

To finish them off, a brand new series of conflicts in a wholly different region of the world might be in order. Just convince the short sighted dupes that they would only be going in to squish a tiny communist bug, and tell them it would lessen the immigration crisis at the forefront of their minds. Conveniently fail to mention that such conflicts are never so tidy as imagined at the outset, and before long one can reliably expect matters to spiral out of control into a South American repeat of the quagmire their prior series of adventures had become.

As money, men, and munitions steadily flow out of the country, and migrants from the regions in which they are fighting steadily and in greater numbers flow in, little would remain to stand against the aforementioned revolutionary forces. What little remained of the patriotic movements could easily be deprived of resources through your control of their financial system, and sabotaged with bad advice through anonymous sources, like suicide missions resulting in bad public relations.

This wouldn’t have to be an intentional conspiracy to be a recipe for disaster, mind you. What I’ve just described is happening, whether by happenstance or by intent. It’s just hard for me to believe that any reasonable person thinks this state of affairs could possibly be in the best interests of the United States, which makes the coincidence angle seem further fetched than a complex plot by malicious actors to overthrow the government.

I’d end on a positive note, if I could. I’m finding it difficult though. To that angle, I’d just say that it is entirely possible that I’m simply blackpilling for the sake of blackpilling.

I sure do hope that’s the case.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls…

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