Telegram is the New Gab

Telegram is a popular instant messaging app which uses proprietary encryption. In other words, it provides a somewhat uncertain layer of security to the conversations which take place within it. In my book, the smooth and reliable functioning of the app makes it a great balance of security and convenience for casual conversation. For many people, this all but replaces their text messaging app.

Telegram is the New Gab
Telegram is the New Gab

It is also emerging as a popular alternative social media platform, as figures so tame as Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopoulos are getting banned from the major social platforms. Not to mention Gab’s heavy handed approach to violations of their comparatively few prohibitions. is hardly any alternative, since they assign an “explicit” flag to accounts such as mine, and this prevents people from seeing your posts without going through an extra step in their settings, which amounts to a censorship by default.

The only people I’ve ever heard of getting banned from Telegram on the other hand, are literal ISIS accounts, and considerable attempts to deplatform us from there have already failed.

It’s also run by a Russian company, so there’s that.

If you don’t already have a Telegram account, you’ll have to give them a cell phone number to get it. Some people find that troubling, but from a moderator’s perspective, this is very helpful in that it imposes a cost for creating fake accounts, which just can’t be beat in a free app. It makes keeping the chat free of trolls and spam a lot easier, and we have a pretty good time on there.

Regular chats go through Telegram’s servers, but you do have the option of opening “Secret Chats” for more secure, end to end encrypted communications. You can use it to transfer any type of file, and MP3 audio and MP4 (as well as other formats of) video will play within the app. You can also make voice calls calls, and record voice and video messages.

The group feature allows you to chat with other listeners, and we have a public one which you can join at

Alternatively, you can follow my Telegram channel, which is a one way broadcast of my posts without anybody else talking. This will generate far fewer notifications on your phone than the chat will, which most people end up muting notifications to their phone on. I’d suggest joining both, and leaving notifications on for my channel at

I’m going to start uploading old Radical Agenda video clips to my channel pretty soon, so be sure and subscribe for some laughs and memories.

Telegram is available for Windows, Android, iPhone, Linux, and can be run straight from your web browser. Get Telegram here if you don’t already have it installed

Please keep in mind that anybody can join these groups, so don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in public, and always obey the law.

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