Radical Agenda S05E036 – Adversity Score

The SAT, formerly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. As the name implies, it is, or was, designed to measure the readiness of potential students for the rigors of higher education.

As academia descended into the same Leftist filth that floods our Internet with porn traffic, and our televisions with material only slightly less perverse, intellectual ability began to matter less and less, thus ending the need for such testing.

What matters now, is how much you can contribute to the decline of the American Empire.

Thus the “Adversity Score” was born, from the same Jewish mind that gave you “Common Core“.

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The College Board is a New York-based non-profit that is in charge of overseeing the SAT. Like everything else that is not explicitly hostile to Leftists, it was eventually taken over by communists, and turned to communist aims. This new “adversity score” number is calculated by assessing 15 factors, purportedly to help admissions officers determine an individual student’s social and economic background. These factors are first divided into three categories: neighborhood environment, family environment and high school environment.

Each of the three categories has five sub-indicators that are indexed in calculating each student’s adversity score. Neighborhood environment will take into account crime rate, poverty rate, housing values and vacancy rate. Family environment will assess what the median income is of where the student’s family is from; whether the student is from a single parent household; the educational level of the parents; and whether English is a second language. High school environment will look at factors such as curriculum rigor, free-lunch rate and AP class opportunities. Together these factors will calculate an individual’s adversity score on a scale of one to 100. A score of 50 is considered “average.” Anything above 50 proves “hardship” while anything below 50 is considered “privilege.”

Coleman, the Jew who came up with this garbage, insists the new dimension of scoring will not take race into consideration, but we all know what this is. Blacks, due to their genetically imposed IQ deficiency, score lower on tests than do Whites. This performance gap leads Whites to better success in life than blacks, and so the Jews are trying desperately to drag Whites down to the level of negroes, for their own sick amusement.

This is one the most blatant example of racial IQ disparities emerging as central to an issue of public interest, and the Jews trying desperately to cover it up. Nobody with a career to protect dares to say what it is, for fear of those same Jews.

Last night’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight may have been one of the best yet. He must have been feeling pretty good about turning 50. (Happy Birthday, Tucker!)

He had Heather Mac Donald, author of The Diversity Delusion, as his guest last night to discuss this issue, and the dance they both engaged in was a lesson in edginess which I stood in awe of.

Tucker begins the segment with a monologue describing the basic characteristics similarly to how I’ve done here, carefully neglecting to mention the ethnic background of Coleman, instead referring to him as a “Left wing social engineer”.

Tucker describes the purpose of the SAT as being the exact opposite of the new “adversity score” regime. To provide a fair and level playing field on which students are judged by merit.

Predictably, racial disparities emerge in this, for unchangeable reasons originating in genetics. Since Tucker Carlson cannot say this on Fox News, he instead says “Nobody thought the SAT was going to make everyone the same. That’s impossible, people are not the same. Some people have natural advantages, including on standardized tests, and always will. You can’t change that, unfortunately, any more than you can make anyone tall enough to play in the NBA.”

This is especially telling, since Tucker is surely aware of the work of Charles Murray on the subject of Race & IQ. Tucker was mentioned by name in Murray’s book “The Bell Curve” and Tucker has spoken positively about Murray on his show before, most notably in the wake of Murray being chased off a college campus by violent communist agitators. He described Murray as “one of the great living sociologists in America” as he introduced Murray as a guest on the program, and they briefly discussed his books, without mentioning the specifics of the content.

Equating SAT scores to height and athletic ability is the acknowledgement of the genetic origins of intellectual ability. Mentioning the NBA specifically, carefully calls attention to the fact that nobody is concerned about racial disparities where they cause blacks to dominate, such as in basketball.

Moving on, Tucker says “It doesn’t take a perfect SAT score to guess who’s going to lose under the system. It’s who always loses…” At which point Radical Agenda listeners say “White males” during the brief pause, and then Tucker skillfully avoids this implication by saying “The middle class”.

“They’ve been told, America is a meritocracy” he says of “the middle class”. But parenthetical “people like David Coleman know, that’s not true. They know it because they make the rules. They benefit from the corruption of the system”

If you think Tucker is completely naive of the concerns raised by anti-Semites, then you might assume this was entirely innocent. I suspect Mr. Carlson has endeavored to inform himself of this material, which explains the seething hatred revealed by his tone.

“Wouldn’t it just be easier to reward the kids who know the most about English and math? That’s what you would do if you cared about fairness, or the future of your country. You would emphasize achievement over victimhood. Our decadent elites don’t care, so they do the opposite” Says Carlson, carefully noting how Jews like David Coleman are inherently anti-Nationalistic, and thus unconcerned for the future of the countries they parasite off of.

Tucker introduces Heather Mac Donald, who immediately brings this to the subject of race. “I think what everybody needs to understand, Tucker, is all of this, is driven by the seemingly intractable racial achievement gap. Everything about diversity in our culture, is a surrogate for that problem. ”

To rescue herself from the predictable accusation of being a White Supremacist, she then changes footing to “culture” by saying “If we could close the racial achievement gap, and the way to do that is by changing culture, the whole discourse about diversity would go up in a puff of smoke overnight, and we’d never hear about this pseudo scientific concept again”.

Of course, “culture” in this instance, is a pseudo scientific proxy for mentioning race. Blacks are not failing in school and life because they have bad taste in music, they have bad taste in music for the same reasons they fail to measure up to Whites, because they are savage creatures who are unfit from birth, for White forms, and standards of achievement.

Bringing it back to race, Mac Donald then goes to a subject which recently made a high profile libertarian the target of the Jewish mob. She mentions “We see every year in New York City, that Asian kids from poor immigrant backgrounds, whoop everybody’s ass, regardless of their income levels.”

Asians, as every Radical Agenda listener knows, have higher average IQs than do Whites, which is why they do so well in school and life. Even as poor immigrants who often spend their childhood years in their parents’ restaurants, they always advance within a generation because they are fit to, unlike their darker counterparts.

However, as the author of a book attacking the “diversity delusion” Mac Donald is surely conscious of the terrible fait which the Jews will visit upon anyone who dare mention the genetic component of this reality. So she goes on to say “because their families, their parents, are so relentlessly focused on their student’s academic involvement. That is what is necessary to close the academic achievement gap. And until you get rid of the ‘acting white syndrome’ that stigmatizes academic achievement on the part of black students, unless we get rid of the preferences that black students know about, that sends the message that they don’t need to work as hard in order to get admitted to highly selective schools over their non-student of color peers, with better scores, we’re not going to close that academic achievement gap, and we’re going to be saddled with this scourge of diversity, which is simply a way to dismantle precisely the colorblind meritocratic standards that are a key to any society’s success”.

Of course, this is patently absurd and Mac Donald and Carlson both know it. Asians are not advancing through education and the professional world because their parents are invested in their studies, anymore than blacks are dominating in the NBA because their loving and ever present fathers were very good athletic coaches. Blacks scoff at academic achievement for the same reason Aesop’s fox called the grapes sour, they are hopelessly out of his reach. Jews are promoting blacks through credentialing , in order to undermine the legitimacy of our institutions and diminish the ability of White men to stand against their tyranny.

Failure to act on that obvious reality, is how we got our “colorblind meritocratic standards” that allowed Jews the power to do this. Until we recognize the threat they pose, and exclude them from such avenues of influence in our societies, we will decline ever more rapidly into the muddy filth of the diversity regime, until there is not a blond hair left on this Earth.

Tucker ends the segment with one of his signature Jewish questions, asking how David Coleman, who has led a life of privilege typical of American Jews “how can someone like that, bring that to us with a straight face, and act as if it’s legitimate, because it’s not”

Mac Donald filibusters, as is typical of our Tucker Carlson’s Jewish Questions bit, complaining about the “excuse making grievance industry” and saying this is “simply what you would expect from anybody involved in higher education in this country”.

But of course, David Coleman is not just anyone involved in higher education. He is a Jew. A Jew who has been praised on the pages of Forward.com as being “at the heart of the latest culture wars, entangled in the struggle between conservatives and liberals over the role of government in education reform,” for his tireless efforts to drag America into the Abyss.


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