Radical Agenda S05E037 – Spoiler Alert

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and you’re not caught up, I must warn you that this episode of the Radical Agenda will contain spoilers. So hopefully you’re either caught up, or lucky enough not to be afflicted with the terrible disease of this addiction.

The 8th and final season of Game of Thrones reached a rather anticlimactic conclusion last night. Throughout the story, Kings and Queens were murdered, the dead waged war against the living, magic conjured ghosts and brought men back from death, and with the help of some dragons and an army of slaves and savages, a powerful and just woman nearly came to rule Westeros.

Radical Agenda S05E037 - Spoiler Alert
Radical Agenda S05E037 – Spoiler Alert

But the feminists were left disappointed in the end, as the final battle of the great war seemed to occur just as Daenerys Targaryen began to bleed from her most permanent wound. Rather than take the wisdom of her male advisors, and wait out Cersei Lannister, she laid waste to King’s Landing, killing countless innocent men, women, and children, including those loyal to her, as dragon fire rained down on the once great city, reducing it to rubble.

So grotesque was her brutality, that even the hand of the Queen, an imp who murdered his own father, refused to be party to her savagery going forward.

Undeterred, the Mother of Dragons imprisoned her most loyal advisor. She stood before her army and called on them to similarly “liberate” the whole world, vowing that the war would not end until every corner of the globe was under her rule.

Jon Snow, who we recently learned was no bastard, but rather Aegon Targaryen, the true heir to the Iron Throne, would not abide this tyranny. He put a knife through the heart of the Breaker of Chains, as he kissed his aunt for the final time, and barely survived as her furious dragon melted the Iron Throne.

This left the Lords and Ladies of Westeros in a difficult position. With the Unburnt dead, and the only living Targaryen the prisoner of warrior eunuchs, a new Sovereign would have to be chosen.

As they contemplated how to choose, Samwell Tarly made a novel suggestion. “We represent all the great houses. But whoever we choose, they won’t just rule over Lords and Ladies. Maybe, the decision about what’s left for everyone, should be left to, well, everyone.”

A long pause ensued, before the men cracked up laughing, adding in jest, that perhaps dogs and horses should have the vote as well. Interesting theme, that even men who had been progressive enough to bend the knee to a single mother as their Queen, saw the folly of democracy as comedically stupid.

In the end, they settled on a combination of oligarchy and secession. The North would remain an independent kingdom ruled by Sansa Stark, and the remaining six kingdoms of Westeros would be ruled by a cripple. Bran the Broken, of House Stark, though he could not sire children, would become King. Convenient, as he had brought his own chair, and the Iron Throne was now a smoldering puddle of molten metal.

Since the Crippled King could not bear children, it was decided that from this day forward, Kings would be chosen, rather than born. Though not by the people, as the Aristocracy of Westeros surely knew that democracy only gives way to Jewish subversion. Upon the King’s death, or the invocation fo the 25th Amendment, the Lords and Ladies of Westeros would meet in the same place to choose a new King.

Jon Snow’s life would be spared for his treason, but he would live out his days on the Night’s Watch, leaving the door open for his return in a future reboot of the series. Perhaps as the next King, should Bran meet an untimely demise. We are told that there are no plans for a ninth season, but that prequels and spinoffs are expected come in the future.

And so the story concludes, for now. But not before giving us an abundance of Leftist handwringing, a choice selection of which I will bring to you today for abundant mockery.

I liked Game of Thrones, personally. There was plenty of messaging for people of our mindset to complain about, but what it really hammered home was the nature of politics, and power more broadly.

Mao Zedong, whatever his other flaws, was right when he said “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Though Westeros was lacking in this manner of weaponry, the violent and coercive nature of such contests was constantly and perpetually on display throughout the production. For far too many of our fellow citizens, the absurd pageantry of democratic elections lead them to believe that this is all an honest competition, where the most competent leaders emerge through consensus.

In reality, our system of choosing rulers turns out to be barely if at all more tame than the destruction of King’s Landing.

In the leadup to the election of 2016, Democrats weaponized the secret courts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and launched a counter intelligence operation against the Trump campaign. When that failed to prevent his election, they used whatever power they had remaining inside the bureaucracy to subvert his Presidency. They launched a bogus investigation, manned by a team of enemy partisans, which consumed two years and tens of millions of dollars. When that failed to bring charges, they used its findings to call for his impeachment.

In the interim, masked criminals took to the streets attacking innocent people who supported the President. They set fires, assaulted people with weapons, and framed good men for crimes. Their allies in the Justice Department overlooked their mayhem, and prosecuted their victims. The media likewise supported this crimewave, and even Joe Biden described these hoodlums as “a courageous group of Americans”.

Recall the longest government shutdown in the history of our republic, as Donald Trump attempted to compel Democrats to back wall funding by refusing to fund the rest of the federal government without it. During that standoff, I said something that we all knew to be true. Trump would have to back down, because Democrats would sooner see the destruction of the country, than finance that which was necessary to fend off the ongoing invasion. Nobody who cares about the wellbeing of the Nation, can afford to play chicken with Democrats who, I remind the listener, were huge fans of Daenerys Targaryen.

On social media, they bemoaned her brutality at King’s Landing, but it was not the violence or destruction that troubled them beneath the surface. Rather, they were furious that their ruthless tyrant Queen would surely be deposed, now that her cruel nature had been made clear for all to see. Like the Left, the Mother of Dragons depended on her title as the Breaker of Chains, to dupe the unwitting masses to follow her. She justified her violence by claiming those who stood in her way were enemies not only of her rule, but of freedom. Yet, when those who stood in her way were innocent women and children, she found no greater mercy for them than she did for the masters of Slaver’s Bay. And when she had “liberated” those poor souls from the confines of their bodies, she swore to send her army of slaves and savages to one realm after another, until the whole of mankind knelt before her.

This tragic outcome was only prevented by the dagger of one White Man, who risked his life before the dragon to end her bloodlust. Then, rather than ascend to his rightful place as King, he was handed a life sentence, and sent to the Wall for his heroism.

Like Jon Snow, we have a similarly thankless task ahead of us. Our tyrants portray themselves as the saviors of those whom they hope to destroy. The victims of their deceptions despise those who come to save them. They rejoice at our despair, and make great the temptation to hold them in our contempt.

But our task, however thankless, is of the utmost importance, and we must win them over before we can find any hope for our own salvation. Fortunately, like the Mother of Dragons, our foes cannot help but reveal their true and horrifying nature, more and more with each day they go without the power they so desperately desire.

Once the masses know the truth, they will reject the siren song of their own destruction, and we will help to guide them to better days.



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