Radical Agenda S05E039 – Polarized

The European parliamentary election is the second-largest democratic exercise in the world, with citizens across 28 nations voting for their new representatives. It is second only to that of India’s national elections, in terms of population governed. The stakes are higher in Europe however, with European world influence being what it is, and a collective GDP nearly seven times that of India. Given the ethnic and cultural overlaps between Europe and the United States, and the Jewish obsession with eliminating those ethnic and cultural elements, political upheavals in one union, tend to reverberate on the other side of the pond as well.

Radical Agenda S05E039 - Polarized
Radical Agenda S05E039 – Polarized

That being the case, we here stateside are less than surprised to see the once mighty centrist coalition that has governed Europe for decades fall to pieces. Nationalist parties, despite “hate speech” laws all but outlawing the discussion of their ideas, have gained tremendous influence, chipping away at the center right “conservative” parties which had long ago sold out to the Left to form the aforementioned centrist coalition. Not to be outdone, the far Left Green party likewise chipped away at the influence of center Left socialist parties throughout Europe.

Pro-European Union parties are set to hold onto two-thirds of the seats at the EU Parliament, but the rise of Euro-skeptic Nationalists has not gone unnoticed. Nationalists won control of a quarter of seats in European elections, for the first time. The “far-right” and nationalist parties in Italy, Britain, France and Poland came out ahead in their national votes on Sunday, disrupting their domestic politics, though failing to dramatically alter the balance of power in EU assembly. The EU Parliament will be much more fragmented over the next five years, with the established centrist bloc set to fall short of securing a majority at this week’s election, early results show.

In Italy, Matteo Salvini’s Lega Nord (League) Party, claimed a convincing European Parliament victory, with exit polls suggesting that the League will claim between 27 and 31 percent of the vote, way ahead of their Democratic Party opponents. In France, Marine Le Pen’s right-wing group National Rally secured victory against Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche. Following the resignation of Theresa May, the UK’s Brexit Party completed a historic win as the region’s split over leaving the EU deepened. Following his victory, Nigel Farage tweeted: “Never before in British politics has a party just 6 weeks old won a national election.” In Austria, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is on track to be ousted in a 5pm vote to occur in Vienna, after his former coalition partners in the nationalist Freedom Party supported a motion to dismiss him. Denmark’s far-right was decimated, however as noted by Academic Matthew Goodwin, the country’s center-left party has adopted one of the most restrictive immigration policies in Europe. “The national populists collapsed because they won the argument,” Goodwin writes.

Voter turnout was likewise up, with 51% of those eligible making their way to the polls, up from 43% in 2014. The high turnout combined with the rising polarization, seems to suggest a heightened awareness amongst Europeans, that the future of their countries and the Union seeking to replace them, is indeed at stake.

The bad news, I fear, is that without a centrist coalition, and center and Left wing parties still outnumbering the Right, policy will shift in the wrong direction. On the bright side, this would surely drive the rising Nationalist sentiment higher, and impact future contests. This development may likewise come as a welcomed turn of events, for accelerationists who see no hope of reform.

Whatever the outcome, it would seem that in Europe, as in the United States, the truce between Left and Right that created the centrist governments which have led us to this point has all but collapsed. For better or worse, this had to occur, since the Left had always taken advantage of the arrangement. Taxes, regulations, and myriad other government intrusions into the lives of law abiding average folks have all increased in perpetuity, all the while, hindering the State from carrying out its most basic obligations like securing borders, preventing theft, prosecuting violent crime, and mitigating the vices that precede such social maladies.

Under their rule, we have seen the burden of government increase, and the benefit of its services all but vanish. Our Nations have been invaded, our cultures have been debased, and our people, our women in particular, are more miserable than ever. This despite an ever increasing overabundance of comforts and distractions.

Why this sense of poverty and deprivation, even as we grow obese and carry supercomputers in our pockets?

If you’ve ever tried to live off ramen noodles, you understand. A full belly does not a nourished man make. Bread alone, as the saying goes…

Sure we have all the calories that fiat currency can purchase, but we are woefully deficient in the building blocks of a healthy people. Identity, culture, faith, purpose, family, meaning, order, connection, a vision for the future, of all these things we have been bereft.

And for what?

So some Jew can collect a quarter percent interest, as brightly colored plastic garbage zips from one side of the planet to the other?

Please… I’d rather know hunger.


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