Radical Agenda S05E040 – Woeful Justice

Usually when I read the news, and I see society sliding leftward into oblivion, it makes me angry. I want to fix it, and I curse myself as a weakling for my inability to do so. I think about how much has already been lost due to this trend, contemplate the horrible misery that will befall future generations if it continues, and I get downright depressed.

Other days, such as today, I grin smugly. I giggle at the misery bestowed upon people of the current day, and see it as justice for their actions of the past. I see the appeal of accelerationism, as I contemplate their staggering lack of fitness for the post apocalyptic world they had erstwhile seen as the cure for “white supremacy”.

Take for example a recent episode of the show when we discussed violent clashes outside a UK school in Birmingham, where Muslim protesters took issue with that school’s LGBT curriculum. We sane folk saw this coming a mile away. Feminists and homosexuals called us “racists” when we complained about the cultural changes that would inevitably follow mass immigration. They did this so frequently, that we were eventually like “Fine! If that’s the definition of racism, then I’m a racist, but calling me names doesn’t solve the problem!”

Immediately following the confession of our crimethink, we were of course summarily dismissed, and then vilified and attacked. Not only by the Left wing fanatics who invited this mayhem, but by the “respectable” figures on the Right who were too enamored with their Facebook referral stats, to say what was obviously true about the state of our political situation.

Fortunately for our new Muslim neighbors, they are not nearly so concerned about being called bigots. Rather than slink back into their corners and apologize like American conservatives, these J-Woke Islamists took their protests nationwide, according to the Daily Mail;

Letters opposing the teaching of same-sex relationships, from Islamic organisation Stop RSE (Relationships and Sex Education), have been sent to schools in Bradford, Bristol, Croydon, Northampton, London and Manchester.

Another Islamic outfit is urging Muslims online to join a ‘parental action group’ and asking for donations to ‘protect the value of your children this [holy] month of Ramadan’.

At another Birmingham school, Parkfield Community, where protests started several months ago, diversity lessons have been temporarily suspended.

Five other primaries in the city are understood to have postponed the introduction of the programme.

This is what happens when a community refuses to bend to Jewish thought police. They get what they want.

It also helps that they breed like rabbits…

On the sign at the entrance gates is a rainbow motif with the word ‘equality’ written above it.

At Anderton, this means teaching children about families with, say, ‘two mummies or two daddies’, to foster tolerance and respect for everyone and prepare them for life in modern Britain.

But almost all of Anderton’s 800 pupils are Muslims, and for Muslims, homosexuality is sinful.

Lousy reporting by the Daily… Homosexuality is sinful in every religion I can think of, except for the newly minted death cult of Leftism.

And of course, if the run of the mill protests, letter writing, pressure campaigns, and threats don’t do the trick, there’s always criminal violence. The American Left has proven time and again the efficacy of this tactic, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see it deployed by other determined groups elsewhere.

Following the previous protests we previously spoke about, Daily Mail reports;

Muslim extremists received a tip-off that LGBT supporters were placing ‘Love is the answer’ posters and rainbow flags on the school gates.

Suddenly, the small party of supporters — mostly women and some children — were penned in by the masked thugs, who leapt out of cars and began pelting them with eggs.

Houses in the row of Victorian terraces with rainbow flags or stickers in the window were also targeted and told that next time ‘homes with flags will get bricks’.

‘It was really, really scary,’ said one visibly shaken young man, a non-Muslim who lives on Dennis Road.

Police arrived after the culprits had fled. They are investigating three separate reports of assault and two of criminal damage.

The incident prompted the intervention of West Midlands Chief Constable Dave Thompson, who said he was becoming ‘increasingly concerned’ about events at Anderton.

‘Views are entrenching with a determination to win this argument,’ he warned.

I like that last line, “with a determination to win this argument”. Something tells me the Muslims are going to prove more determined. These people strap bombs to themselves just to say hi to their god. Sure the trannies are almost as suicidal, but the average gay lobby faggot just whines, votes, and complains to Facebook. You can’t shame suicide bombers into submission, and when the bricks start flying through the windows of the houses with rainbow flags, I’d bet the rent that the neighborhood becomes a lot less colorful.

Part of me hates myself for cheering these people on, but the smug satisfaction of being proven right certainly helps to dull the pain. I’m not anxious to face Mecca and pray five times a day, but at least under Sharia law our children won’t be pumped full of cross sex hormones and told to murder their own offspring as a human sacrifice to the newly minted God of gender equality.

Something tells me that when brick wielding Islamists start wielding actual political power, the Jews will cool it with the hate speech crap. It’s not like the Muslims are going to forget about usury once the queers are gone, and the Jews sure as shit won’t fight these guys on their own. At some point the kikes are going to see the Muslims as the bigger threat, and ask us to fight them in our own lands just like they asked us to fight them in theirs. Assuming that happens before it becomes a beheading offense to insult Mohammed, we might just get a chance to speak our piece.

But I don’t even have to go across a vast ocean to see the Social Justice chickens coming home to roost. White shitlib teachers in New York City are getting a harsh lesson in cultural enrichment, as their diversity initiatives are taken to their ultimate logical conclusion. Since the teachers’ unions there figured it was just white supremacy causing middle class families to complain about the constant tax increases needed to finance the ceaseless budgetary demands of failing public schools, they reliably supported Democrat politicians and policies who promised them pay increases no matter how bad they were at their jobs.

Now, RT reports that three white New York City school administrators are suing the Department of Education, claiming they were demoted and replaced with less-qualified but racially-diverse colleagues as part of a crusade against “toxic whiteness.”

Subjected to a diversity-focused witch hunt featuring persistent race-based shaming and verbal abuse, as well as groundless demotions and professional harassment despite decades of excellent work, Lois Herrera, Jaye Murray, and Laura Feijoo are seeking a total of $90 million from Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza and the city for compensatory damages, loss of earning capacity, and emotional pain and suffering.

“Under Carranza’s leadership, [the Department of Education] has swiftly and irrevocably silenced, sidelined and punished plaintiffs and other Caucasian female DOE employees on the basis of their race, gender and unwillingness to accept their other colleagues’ hateful stereotypes about them,” the suit, filed on Tuesday in New York state Supreme Court, reads.

Carranza wasted no time launching his reign of terror after he was hired in April 2018, according to the suit. “If you draw a paycheck from DOE … get on board with my equity platform or leave,” he reportedly told his employees.

Told to “take a step back and yield to colleagues of color” and “recognize that values of white culture are supremacist,” Herrera, a 33-year veteran of city schools, claims she was stripped of her title and demoted – despite being publicly praised for her performance the previous year – after she was held responsible for the racial inequities in the school system. Humiliated by her unqualified replacement, a black man promoted over her without so much as an interview, Herrera was subjected to a string of racist indignities that included a professional workshop where a black presenter decried the “‘white middle class values’ that were plaguing society,” framing the struggle as “us vs. them” – with Herrera the unfortunate “them” in the equation.

Despite Murray’s role in leading anti-bias programs during her 13 years in the system, she, too, was demoted – partially for the unpardonable sin of being from Westchester, a wealthy white suburb she realized the management expressly reviled after being forced to watch a professional development video that blamed black poverty on the proliferation of white suburbs. Her newly-appointed black supervisors forced her to report her work every 30 minutes to harass and degrade her, she claims, and even used her disability to humiliate her.

That last paragraph made me howl. “Despite Murray’s role in leading anti-bias programs” hahaha!

No, Jaye, this is because you led “anti-bias programs” not despite it. You spent almost a decade and a half propagandizing a generation of voters, and then they walked into voting booths and did exactly what you told them to do. Now the party you’ve supported your entirely life for the sake of financial gain, has carried into force exactly the redistributive nightmare they paid you to promote, and suddenly you see it as a problem when it impacts you personally.

You’ve watched the skin color of your classroom match your own less, and less, and you just thought “wow, look at all these Democrat voters who will ceaselessly increase my salary and budget, this is great news. I hate racists.” Now that the other races are in power, and taking what you believe you’ve earned, all of a sudden you regret the outcome of the race war you’ve dedicated your life to betraying your own side in.

Does this make me a bad racist, that I cheer for the misery of White people being displaced by the wave of colored incompetence? If I start celebrating diversity to the extent that it harms White Democrats, can I get myself off the SPLC’s hate lists? I suppose yes and no, respectively, but I don’t care.

What matters most is the prosperity of our people, and if we can’t have that, then the misery of our enemies, especially our traitors, will have to suffice.

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