SparkVPS is a RIPOFF!

I hate to litter my blog with a customer service complaint, but this rises to the level of importance that I felt the need to publish this as a public service announcement.

Listeners of my podcasts have recently found some intermittent trouble downloading my shows last night and in recent weeks, even while my websites are online and productions I syndicate have been working fine. I am currently in the process of fixing this permanently, but while I do, I thought I’d publish this PSA.

This is because I have hosted my MP3 files separately on a VPS from They post what seem like unbeatable deals on VPS hosting services on various forums such as, and since MP3 hosting is not a terribly demanding application aside from disk/bandwidth use, I decided to give them a shot.

It’s cheap, so I would expect to see some intermittent trouble. That’s not the complaint.

The complaint is that they do not have support staff that actually monitor the services or respond to support tickets in a timely manner. This has resulted in downtime in excessive of 7 hours on some days, and with each day that passes, the frequency of the outages increases. In the last week, I’ve been down every single day.

Every single time it happens, they assure me it won’t happen again. They make up excuses like “Someone called in sick” or just stonewall with non answers. What becomes obvious is that they don’t actually have a staff. The same idiot with the same broken English answers hours after I contact them.

To make matters worse, they sell their plans yearly. So if you sign up with them, and you are unhappy, which is a certainty, you’re stuck. The only option you’ll have is to do a chargeback on your credit card. If they sold monthly, they obviously would be out of business.

The only conclusion I can come to is that they are planning to do exactly this – go out of business – but not before collecting thousands of dollars in hosting fees for services they have no intention or capacity to provide.




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