Radical Agenda S05E041 – Oblivious

We’ve got a packed show for you today. There’s so much to talk about, but it could all be summed up in a few choice words from Kirsten Gillibrand’s Fox News Town Hall from last night.

“I don’t understand it”

Radical Agenda S05E041 - Oblivious
Radical Agenda S05E041 – Oblivious

Those four words came during a longer tirade she went on in response to a question about late term abortion. A woman in the audience asked the future “Also Ran” about her position on the issue, and Gillibrand took what is now the standard Democrat line, that this should be a woman’s choice no matter what the circumstances. Sick as that may be, it is hardly unsurprising given the times.

What still comes as a surprise to me, and perhaps I should get over my shock given the frequency with which it occurs, is their boastful proclamations of having no idea what the other side of the argument is.

“Why, should male legislatures across this country decide when you’re having children, how many children you’re having, and under what circumstances? I don’t understand it!”

A cynical person might assume she was feigning ignorance. Perhaps she is well aware that an unborn child has a distinct DNA sequence which is different from that of the mother and the father. Perhaps she is simply pretending not to know that the baby often has a different blood type than the mother and father. It certainly stretches credulity to say she has no idea why we would be upset about stopping a beating heart.

I qualify as cynical, to be sure. Yet, I watched Gillibrand knowingly lie repeatedly throughout the entire episode. I could tell when she knew she was lying. Take for example when she expected the audience to believe that the non-profit NRA was so driven by profit motives that they desperately sought to sell assault rifles to terrorists, mental patients, and violent criminals.

“I think the NRA is the worst organization in this country for doing exactly that. They care more about their profits than the American people. They care more about selling guns to someone on the terror watch list or someone with grave mental illness or someone who has a violent criminal background.”

There she knew she was lying. You could hear her voice tremble as she said it. Not nearly the same conviction as she spoke with on the abortion issue. She went on to suggest that the answer to the supposed problem was “getting the money out of politics” with taxpayer funded political campaigns, because the money spent by pro-gun groups dwarfs that of anti-gun groups. That’s completely ridiculous of course, but since the liars who come up with the talking points ignore the fact that every Left wing group save for Redneck Revolt is anti-gun, they have ample latitude to deceive the public.

This Gillibrand understands, since she used to have an A rating with the NRA when she was representing a congressional district in upstate New York. She only went full Bloomberg when she decided to run for the US Senate, and only tried to out radical the Jewish billionaire former mayor when she decided to run for President.

But it’s not really gun control or abortion I mean to address here. I’m only trying to point out that one of few things I believe about Kirsten Gillibrand is that she doesn’t understand it when it comes to abortion and a lot of other subjects. Moreover, I think her blissful ignorance is an alarmingly common state among Democrats, and their neoconservative allies in the GOP.

Beto O’Rourke showed a rare glimpse of self awareness when he apologized to his staff for being a “giant asshole,” but quickly reminded the world of his informational isolation on Meet the Press. There, he described the enforcement of our totally inadequate immigration laws as the “greatest cruelty and inhumanity in this country’s history.” That’s a pretty bad gaff even by Democrat standards. Temporarily detaining lawbreaking foreign nationals is worse than slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, Japanese internment, drone strikes, and enhanced interrogation? Fascinating theory.

It seems idiotic to you and me, but if you lived in the world of Beto O’Rourke, this would make perfect sense.

In their strident efforts to keep the public ignorant of the facts, they have seemingly been far more successful in shielding themselves from public opinion. Their entire world is MSNBC and their Twitter mentions. If they read at all, it’s the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Everyone who criticizes them on social media gets banned. They thus lack the benefit of criticism which causes normal people to conform their worldview to reality. Nobody capable of articulating a conservative position would ever be allowed to have a voice on Rachel Maddow. Don Lemon’s smug mediocrity is actual news to these people. When Anderson Cooper lies to the public, he’s actually informing the views of every politician who takes him seriously as well. Reading the Washington Post feels like reading Tumblr to you and me, but the most powerful Democrats in the country think themselves quite sophisticated as they read about transgender bathrooms being the civil rights cause of our day. The paper of record simply hires better writers to convey an identical worldview.

With that being the case, it should come as no surprise that Democrats would shout proudly about their ignorance. In their minds, they aren’t so much exposing their stupidity, as they are signaling their ideological hygiene. They are free of the sinful thoughts which contaminate their political opponents, and if given the power, they would similarly cleanse the rest of the populace.

It would be foolish to sum this up to partisanship, mind you. Democrats who bother to hear the other side, likewise become the target of those free of such sins. At the California Democratic Convention, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper had the nerve to say “If we want to beat Donald Trump, and achieve these progressive goals, socialism is not the answer.” He was booed relentlessly for providing this much needed reality check.

“Shut up before you contaminate the rest of us, Nazi!”

A recent piece at NBC News voices grave concerns about IQ scores dropping across Scandinavia, Britain, Germany, France and Australia beginning around the turn of the 21st century. In the roughly 1,000 words of the story, immigration is mentioned once, and the same is true for the word heredity. Given the source, you may be less than surprised to hear that these mentions were only made to dismiss them as the baseless and irrational fears of racists.

Meanwhile, at CNN, much handwringing was done over the recent Miss India beauty pageant. The controversy? All 30 of the finalists had fair skin, and this convinced the Twittersphere that the judges were conspiring to advance eurocentric beauty standards. White supremacy, it would seem, is so pervasive that even non-whites in non-white countries, aspire toward it with their taste in women.

The line between blissful ignorance and intentional deception is obviously blurry. There are certainly the true believers, there are certainly useful idiots, and they are most certainly being led by the most wicked of intellects. Who falls into what category, and to what extent, is a subject up for considerable debate. To the extent these people are the unwitting dupes of conniving Jewish brilliance, one could perhaps find it in their heart to forgive them, but only after the threat of their acts subsides, and even then only after suitable restitution has been made, supposing such a thing is even calculable.

Making the case for intentional deception, Michael Hobbes at The Huffington Post tells us that though millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1996, are more liberal than ever, this is almost entirely due to their “diversity,” more accurately described as non-whiteness. “In both social attitudes and voting behavior, white millennials look more like their parents and grandparents than their peers” writes Hobbes. Their newfound liberalism, he finds, is due almost entirely to the fact that they are 40% non-white, and declining rapidly. All the propaganda in media and education seems to have only minimally impacted the views of young Whites.

He ends on a rather ominous note “‘We assume that as the country becomes browner we’ll all shift to the left. But what if some people shift all the way to the right?”

Here’s to finding out the hard way…


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