PodZeen 71 – Broke Black Mountain

It’s Gay Black Cowboy Pride Month! Join us as we celebrate with some terrible music and news.

  • Sad Jewish clowns
  • Old Town Road – Lil Nas X
  • When the white man stole country music from Africa
  • Hello Goodnight – The Aquabats w/ Puddles Pity Party
  • Psalm 69 – Ministry
  • Korean Jesus Waifu
  • John Cleese says Elton John isn’t English anymore
  • Bennie and the Jets – Elton John
  • Goodbye iTunes lol suck it
  • You’ve Got a Friend in Jimbo – The Reverend Horton Heat
  • Behind Blue Eyes – Limp Bizkit
  • Converted by Decapitation – Crucified Mortals
  • It’s black music month!
  • Kurt Cobain’s mural turns gay
  • Falling Down clip
  • Queer Mexican attempts to rape Nazi Steven Crowder
  • The Truth about Wheeler Walker Junior
  • Down to the River to Pray – Alison Krauss
  • Frankie T is wrong about Ralph Stanley
  • What Becomes of the Brokenhearted – Jimmy Ruffin
  • Trump kills Cuban music
  • I’m the Only Gay Eskimo – The Juice Pigs
  • Straight White Male, Lethal Injection – Tom MacDonald
  • Rap battles in the Telegram group
  • Scum from the New York Times – Byron and Paddy
  • Europa – Triarii
  • Whiskey Ballad – Orifice A


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