Radical Agenda S05E042 – Then They Came

I’ve long been meaning to write a book. Hell, I’ve already written several on this website, in all reality. I just need to compile them into something worthy of print.

I took some time this week to go through a bunch of old, and not so old, blog posts, and started copying and pasting them into a Word Document to get a word and page count. Without hardly even trying, I’m up to roughly 180,000 words and 360 pages. Of course, some of that is repetitive and would get thinned down as I copypasta everything into a more cohesive story line. Then again, I’ll surely come up with more to say as it all gets put together. In any case, the moral of the story is, I’m writing a book.

Then I started thinking about titles.

Back when I was in ancap mode I had already started on this project and my working title was “In the Absence of the State”. We’re well past that now…

When I was in jail I started writing something I titled “From Freedom to Fascism, and Back”

Last night, as I was watching cuckservatives panic about Steven Crowder getting demonetized by YouTube, the dramatic new expansion of YouTube’s “hate speech” policies, and the thousands of videos unceremoniously deleted as a result, I came up with a new one.

“Yes, You are a Nazi! – Understanding Leftist Vernacular” 

That might require more original writing than the project I was working on, but I think it might be worth doing. People still seem to think that as long as they’re just going after the “Nazis” everything will be fine. As long as they’re just banning “hate speech” who cares, right? Our “conservative” views are still going to be allowed, it’s just those “extremists” that I already banned from my forum who are getting in trouble.

Maybe not…

Here’s the “Am I A Nazi?” Quiz, folks…

  • Are you white?
  • Are you male?
  • Are you heterosexual?
  • Do you believe in objective reality?
  • Is economics is a science?
  • Are there only two genders?
  • Is gender unchangeable?
  • Are men and women different?
  • Does breeding impact genetics in any way?
  • Is Western Civilization worth defending?
  • Are you Christian?
  • Do IQ scores measure something meaningful?
  • Should laws be enforced?

If you answered yes to any one of those questions, congratulations, you’re a Nazi in today’s common parlance.

Welcome to the party.

Conservatives still don’t seem to understand this. Crowder mocks the idea that he’s a “White Supremacist” because he would never be involved in anything so icky. Hitler was a liberal socialist, as far as he’s concerned. Carmine Sabia at The Federalist Papers published the laughable headline “BREAKING, YouTube Begins Silencing Of Conservatives, First Victim Steven Crowder“.  Kevin Williamson at National Review reminds us that “Crowder Isn’t a Threat to Public Safety“, as if anyone paying attention thought that was the issue.

If YouTube was concerned for public safety, they wouldn’t be making millions of dollars off ads on gangster rap videos, and promoting “Queer Kid Stuff” in their search results.

Meanwhile, David Marcus at The Federalist got really upset with New York State Senator Andrew Gounardes, because he called it “hate speech” to criticize drag queen story hour. As far as Marcus is concerned, the place where he draws the line at degeneracy is not true hate speech, hate speech is where someone else draws the line. In the mind of our conservative friend, hate speech means an idea is “so transgressive and offensive as to have no place in our discourse at all,” and the only question is how far from the Leftist death cult’s doctrine one should be permitted to stray.

That the definition of “hate speech” keeps changing is not lost on conservatives. They would really prefer it stopped changing, or at least, changed more slowly. They were still coming to terms with the fact that they were no longer allowed to criticize gays ever since Obergefell, but they were learning. They were even willing to roll over for transgenderism, because that’s totally the same thing, but once they started pushing it on the kids, it was time to debate which grade of public schooling such “education” should really start.

They thought it was a really good idea to ban racists. Especially those awful anti-Semites! This, they foolishly convinced themselves, was totally different than talking about immigration policy. Perhaps YouTube’s fresh guidelines, prohibiting criticism based on “Immigration Status” will make them reconsider.

But probably not…

Having been relegated to the darkest corners of the web myself, too edgy even for Gab, it is profoundly humorous to watch these cucks panic like this is some unprecedented assault on free speech.

“OMG! Crowder can’t get AdSense revenues?”

It reminds me of that South Park bit when the boys were illegally downloading music. The FBI raids the house and takes them into custody for downloading music online, and the boys understandably find this all a bit overdramatic. They proclaim “it’s no big deal!” and the agent takes them on a Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come style tour of artists who suffer from the loss of revenue. At the mansion of Lars Ulrich, the boys see the drummer from Metallica crying by his swimming pool, and the FBI agent tells them he is crying because he was hoping to have a gold-plated shark tank bar installed, but thanks to people downloading his music for free, he must now wait a few months before he can afford it. Brittany Spears had to downgrade her private jet from a Gulfstream 4 to a Gulfstream 3 because of online piracy. Master P was going to buy his son an island in French Polynesia for his Birthday, but due to music sharing, the child will not get his tropical paradise.

Imagine the deprivation Crowder will have to suffer, now that he only has his merch sales and 3.8 million YouTube subscribers to market products to. If he has to downgrade to a 5 series BMW, what will that do to the German economy? How will they feed all of those freshly imported “new Germans”?

Others I have a bit more sympathy for. I heard JF got a strike, and JF is genuinely a good guy. Though I do get a chuckle thinking back to when we had him as a guest on the Radical Agenda, and he told me about how he was such an expert on the hate speech policies, that he could discuss forbidden subject matter without much concern for getting deplatformed.

Interestingly, the serial defamers who encourage criminal violence in the name of White survival don’t seem to have missed a beat. I won’t name them or link, but most of you know who I’m talking about. Interesting that Steven Crowder and JF are too edgy for YouTube, but Robert Bowers seems to have a special place in the heart of the YouTube censors. If I was conspiracy theorist, I’d say that it’s almost like the Jews want people to think everyone Right of Elizabeth Warren is a synagogue shooting terrorist.

But I wouldn’t want to get into any conspiracy theories. Those are banned from YouTube too now.

Not just holocaust denial, not just Sandy Hook, now if you don’t buy the official story of September 11th 2001, out you go, fella. So much for trying to talk about the Lizard People instead of Jews! There is nothing suspicious whatsoever about the frantic rush to delete the Brenton Tarrant video, shut up! And how long are we going to tolerate those climate deniers, anyway? Demonetizing the anti vaccine stuff hasn’t shut those people up yet, when are we going to ban them?

I’m a very reluctant accelerationist, but I mentioned recently that I’m starting to feel that allure. This is one of those days.

Maybe when Steven Crowder gets life plus 419 years for trying to run away from a mob of queers, instead of just losing a fraction of a penny per view on his videos for mocking one, he’ll start caring about the bigger picture. Maybe when somebody frames David French for a “hate crime”, National Review will see that ideas can be dangerous, when those ideas come from the Left.

I hate knowing the truth about World War II sometimes. Watching this D-Day crap yesterday, I had to turn off Fox News. Oh yeah, so wonderful, we defeated the Nazis, those evil Nazis with their wicked ideology that said Jews were anti-Nationalistic and pushing filth on the people they parasite from. Good thing we nipped that in the bud, eh fellas? Murica.

This entire planet of idiots is nodding in solemn agreement that this was mankind’s proudest moment, meanwhile their words and thoughts are being policed by the parasitic filth we sent our best men to die for. Oh yeah, Freedom. Good thing we stopped those evil fascists.

Here’s a fun one, and tell me this couldn’t have been written this afternoon. From Oswald Mosley’s Fascism: 100 Questions Asked & Answered;

Few aspects of Fascism have been more misrepresented, and few have been more fully justified by facts. When Blackshirts were first organised, free speech in Britain had virtually come to an end. In great industrial centres Socialism could not be vigorously attacked from the platform without the break-up of the meeting by highly organised bands of hooligans. Political Leaders could only hold ticketed meetings of their supporters, and exercised “free speech” only in addressing the converted. We threw our meetings open to the public and threw out the hooligans. The old gangs of Democracy united to denounce us, but at the last election many of them had their own meetings broken up and made belated, and entirely ineffective attempts to imitate our methods. Blackshirts with their bare hands have overcome red violence armed with razors, knives, and every weapon known to the ghettoes of humanity. Their bodies bear the scars, but free speech is regained.

Wouldn’t that be nice? To have free speech regained? Maybe that’s why the people doing all the censoring are always trying to shut down so called “fascists”?

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