Radical Agenda S05E043 – Courting Failure

When YouTube ostensibly bowed to pressure from the Leftist Press, censoring thousands of videos and demonetizing countless more, a familiar pattern emerged. Rather than celebrating a hard won victory, the predatory media saw weakness, smelled blood in the water, and went in for the kill. After demonetizing Steven Crowder despite flat out admitting he didn’t break any rules, the rules were simply updated to make thoughtcrime out of all criticism of Left favored demographics, including transgender freaks and illegal immigrants.

Not good enough for the Queer Mafia. Everyone Right of Elizabeth Warren must be purged.

Radical Agenda S05E043 - Courting Failure
Radical Agenda S05E043 – Courting Failure

As part of the pile on, the New York Times published a story about Caleb Cain, a YouTube user who claims he was “radicalized” by the “far Right” on the video sharing platform. Cain claims to have recovered from the harrowing ordeal, thanks in part to a transgender YouTuber who famously said “facts don’t matter as much as people think they do” in a recent interview with Vice News.

It is unclear what if any facts Mr. Natalie Wynn has disproven about Mr. Cain’s former beliefs. One doubts there are any.

But facts, per Wynn, don’t matter so much.

What’s important, to Wynn, Cain, the New York Times, and the broader Left, is that people believe things which are convenient to the Democrat Party.

The New York Times piece decries YouTube’s “algorithms” which promoted the sort of “far Right” videos credited with present perceptual inconveniences for their chosen political vehicle. To them, any suggestion that IQ is heritable or measures something meaningful, is heresy. Such wickedness must be scrubbed from the popular conscience, so as to preserve the ideological hygiene our rulers demand.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, herself a Jewess, is anxious to comply with the coverup. Indeed one might doubt the recent changes, sweeping as they were, actually came as a result of recent prodding. For such a dramatic change to be rolled out so rapidly, seems to indicate the plan was already in place, just waiting for an excuse to be implemented.

Facebook’s political purges also escalated. NaturalNews.com was banned entirely from the platform. A post by TheBlaze.com contributor Graham Allen, which read “Real Christians…Pray for everyone!!!” was marked as hate speech. Even the word “honk” is now considered thoughtcrime there.

Not to be outdone, Google has now made the politicization of their Search function quite plain to see now as well. A search for Alex Jones on DuckDuckGo will quickly bring you to InfoWars.com, but the same search on Google will take you to the third page to find the website most obviously relevant to the term. Same thing for me, but you’ll have to go to the fourth page, in my case.

It is unclear why anyone trying to run a business would be taking cues from the Leftist Press. Despite major subsidies from big tech, in the form of censoring competition and routing traffic toward their discredited publications, their businesses are failing.

ThinkProgress is in “Deep Financial Trouble” according to a report in the Daily Beast. Vox workers staged a walkout of their employer even as the censorship campaign was being waged. Rachel Maddow’s ratings have declined precipitously as she hung her reputation, like so many others, on the Russia Hoax. The sacrifice of their credibility by the broader Leftist media has resulted in industry wide layoffs, and journalists have responded with attempts to unionize and build non profit organizations, instead of improving their reporting. The News Media Alliance, a non-profit group representing the news industry, is demanding Search engines like Google, and Social platforms like Facebook, share some of the $4.7 billion those platforms supposedly made off news outlets, blaming those platforms for the failure of their business models, despite the fact that those platforms have kept them alive by censoring their competitors.

What is remarkable to me about the ongoing attempt to silence all truth, is what it reveals about just how well Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google, actually used to work. Many services had emerged claiming to get their clients’ content to the top of search results and news feeds, most of which were of questionable quality. Anyone who asked the platforms how to accomplish these goals, was told to concentrate on producing quality content, and let the algorithms do the rest.

Far Right content did precisely this, and was properly rewarded for the effort. Our videos, podcasts, blogs, and other media, were better, more informative, more entertaining, and more accurate, than those of our Leftist competitors. The people who are now trying to censor us, previously had allowed our winning content to earn its rightful place in the market of ideas, and are now demonized as having made some error that resulted in disfavored political outcomes. But this was no error, it was a testament to the efficacy of the old algorithms. Our ideas are better than those of our rivals, and well functioning artificial intelligence simply acted on that reality.

Since the consequences were politically inconvenient for those in power, changes are being made. The marvelous work of competent developers is now being debased by dishonest power brokers, and the quality of our information environment is being irreparably harmed as a result. One wonders what goes through the minds of those developers, as they are compelled to grapple with the reality exposed by their good work. What must debates over the outcome look like to them, as they see the product of their excellence destroyed in the name of political correctness?

When demonstrable failures get to make demands of demonstrable successes, it seems obvious that the once successful companies would eventually succumb to the same pattern of failure as their critics. “Woke capital” it would seem, lacks some of the business insights of its more drowsy predecessor, productive enterprise. They are willing to lose business, and destroy a good service, in pursuit of political outcomes which can only harm them in the long run.

So much for the libertarian model. If we believe the free market orthodoxy, a market competitor ought to have emerged by now. To hear them tell it, only government rewards failure. These supposedly private companies are supposed to shower us with excellence by virtue of their desire to profit, and if they start sacrificing shareholder value for other aims, the market ought to punish them.

To which the honest libertarian responds by reminding us that these are not pure market entities. These platforms receive immeasurable subsidies and other favors from governments throughout the world. Google and Facebook are currently banned in China, but have made numerous efforts to cozy up to the Communist Party there in the hopes of opening up that market.

China has thought better of it, no doubt seeing the instability these activist corporations have sown here in the United States. More recently, their “Great Firewall” also (wisely) blocked access to the Washington Post and the Guardian.

But whether in the form of lucrative defense contracts, much abused immunity from lawsuits, or just selling ads to PACs, campaigns, and lobbying groups, the interests of big tech and big government are firmly in line with one another.

Which kinda throws a wrench into the whole “they’re a private company” mantra incessantly spouted by cowards who would rather recite ideological talking points, than address an actual problem.

In California, Google’s ability to discriminate against employees based on political viewpoints is facing a legal challenge. A suit originally brought by James Damore just survived a motion to dismiss. Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Brian Walsh denied three different motions by Google, and now the plaintiffs can request access to internal Google documents to try to support their allegations, which also include some people being “denied employment because of their actual and perceived conservative political activities and affiliations, and their status as actual or perceived Asian or Caucasian male job applicants,” according to the lawsuit.

This is potentially a huge problem for them, since previous leaks of internal documents and video have repeatedly exposed the company’s extreme political bias. Now that discovery is to ensue, we can be certain further evidence of their bad faith will emerge.

Fortunately, not every institution in the country has become hopelessly corrupted. The University of Alabama gave back a $26.5 million donation and took the donor’s name off the law school Friday. Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr. urged students to boycott the institution over the state’s abortion law that recently passed, saying “I don’t want anybody to go to that law school, especially women, until the state gets its act together.”

Hours later, they gave him his money back, saying his expectations for the use of the gift were “inconsistent with the essential values of academic integrity and independent administration” at Alabama. Culverhouse says the University has “effectively put a 12-gauge in [their] mouth and pulled the trigger,” but I suspect those who see the tables turning

In other news, yet another free speech social network has emerged. Parler pledges, much like Gab, to allow all speech which is legal in the United States. You can follow me there, my username is Cantwell. One wonders if they’ll hold truer to the promise than their far more notorious predecessor. I promise to test the theory.

Of course, this is why Facebook has asked for speech limitations to be imposed by governments on a global scale. There is some recognition that, eventually, competition will emerge absent government intervention. The deplatforming campaign can only shut out so many popular ideas and personalities before they emerge as a market worth catering to, and economics takes care of the rest.

They have bet everything on their ability to influence the prior and next federal elections in favore of the Democrats, and the Right’s hesitance to intervene in the “free market” should they fail.

Let us hope this turns out to be a bad bet, on both points.

We are watching a truly exciting alignment come into focus. The Left won’t back down. They can’t. With Attorney General Barr “investigating the investigators,” there is the very real prospect of Leftists going to prison, or worse. Big tech’s pandering to Leftist social causes has resulted in them being overrun with radical Left wing employees whom they can barely control, if at all. Like everything else the Left touches, big tech is on a collision course with reality, and subsequently, failure.

But you and I are just getting started, friends.


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