Shall I Say Hi To The Libertarians?

Those of you who have been following me for awhile know my history with the Free State Project. It would be charitable to say, we’ve had our ups and downs.

On the upside, we’ve had some good times together. Particularly at the annual Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire. This used to be one of, if not the biggest event of the year for the libertarian movement.

Used to be…

Sadly I was banned from the gathering years ago for expressing heretical views, and this was before my adventures in race realism. Even people who don’t particularly care for my ideas tend to agree, that this marked the beginning of the event’s precipitous decline.

On the first year I was not welcomed to attend, I still managed to be the subject of more discussion than I would have been had I been present. Though I was comfortably in Keene watching Netflix in various states of dress, there were Cantwell sightings all over the place, and “security” hunted the Ghost of Cantwell relentlessly, to no avail. They even started searching people’s trunks, thinking I might be trying to sneak in.

But I never made the attempt. Even as a Nazi, I’m a better libertarian than most of these people. I don’t crash parties I’m specifically prohibited from attending because, well, muh NAP, dude.

I did pay them a visit one year. I parked my car across the street and let word get out that I was there. We ended up having our own gathering that went on into the night, right there on the street across from the campground.

I have fewer friends there these days. Between my getting red pilled on race, and their continued Leftward drift, I’d be surprised if I had a dozen friends there this year.

But friends or not, I do enjoy debating libertarians…

I had the idea “What if I stood across the street from PorcFest with a ‘Talk To Me About Racism‘ sign?”

I imagine we could get some great audio and video out of that, and perhaps even make a few people think in the process. I figure the libertarians are at least 15% less likely to assault me than the average communist, so we can probably do it safely, too.

The event starts tomorrow (perhaps today by the time you read this) Tuesday, June 18th, and goes on until the next Tuesday, June 25th. Lancaster is about a 3 hour drive from Keene, so this would occupy a day. If things went well enough to stay a few hours, I’d probably rather spend the night at a nearby hotel than drive back the same night.

So to get to the point, this will cost a few bucks, and I’m not exactly long on funds as of late. I probably can and will pull off a day before the event is over by shuffling some things around, but I’ve been doing a lot of shuffling lately and it gets more difficult each time.

If you would like to provide some padding, I’d really appreciate the support. I think this has the potential to be more than just fun content, and I suspect the results could get people talking…

Even if you decline, thanks a lot for reading this.

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