PodZeen 73 – Gary Busey’s Science Pusey

It’s an All Request Extrabonanza! We honor the new Trans Goddess Gary Busey and in return we have been struck with MORE audio problems! Sorry folks, it gets better about halfway through.

  • Salmon Fishing Studio
  • We were wrong about the audio being fine.
  • Czechoslovakia – Boris
  • KENO – Dead Kelly
  • I Believe – Pionier
  • Chapter II: The Carpenter – Batushka
  • Straight Up – Paula Abdul
  • Left Behind – Slipknot
  • Shocker on Shock St. – Dr. Acula
  • Frankie almost rage quits
  • Screaming Infidelities – Dashboard Confessional
  • Sloppy job Mossad
  • Fuck California – Presidents of the United States of America
  • Fly for your Life – Gunship
  • Your Dog – Soccer Mommy
  • Reading Rainbow, Girl Directions – Psychostick
  • Sombrero – Orifice A


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