Radical Agenda S05E046 – Hope

After Wednesday’s airing of Outlaw Conservative, I stumbled across a piece in the Daily Beast which claimed Tucker Carlson was privately advising President Trump on foreign policy, particularly with regard to Iran. Prior to this, it had been widely reported that Trump never misses an episode of Tucker, and I’ve long felt that many segments of the show were made for the specific purpose of influencing the president’s thinking. We are all very fortunate for this combination of circumstances.

Yesterday it was announced that Iran had shot down a US military drone in the Strait of Hormuz. The United States claims it was 12 miles off Iran’s shores, and thus in international airspace. Iran claims it was 8 miles off the shore, and thus in Iranian airspace. According to the Jews who run our foreign policy, this four mile discrepancy half way around the world, is cause for war.

The drone was reportedly an RQ-4 Global Hawk. The US Air Force website says the RQ-4 can fly at 310 knots, or 357 mph. In case you’re as bad at math as I am, my calculator informs me that equates to 5.95 miles per minute, or nearly a tenth of a mile per second. Even if we believe the neocons who are instigating this conflict, which we obviously shouldn’t, one can understand why an American drone two minutes from their shores would make the Iranians nervous enough to shoot it down 40 seconds sooner than John Bolton would have approved of.

The most recent attempt to frame Iran for bombing oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, surely put them on edge, I’d imagine. So hearing the Fox News talking heads run their mouths about this “unprovoked attack” infuriated me to no end. Elements of the United States government have been agitating for war with Iran for as long as I’ve been paying attention to politics. Our military has been intervening in that region for even longer than that, and one need not be a fan of Islamic theocracies, to see that this has not worked out very well for anyone save for perhaps the Israelis.

Last night it was announced that the President had authorized strikes on Iran. All of the men and munitions were in place. Then, in a move that shocked and frustrated the Jewish puppets who caused this mess, Trump called it off.

The stand down order came at 7:30pm, just 30 minutes before Tucker was to go on air.

Tucker then appeared on the screen at this scheduled time. Holding back a smile, he began his opening monologue, and ripped the usual suspects of “the Washington foreign policy establishment” which, you might have gathered by now, is a dog whistle for Jews and their pets in our government.

Immediately after his open, he introduced a guest. Fred Fleitz, the former Chief of Staff to John Bolton. I immediately noticed something about Fleitz’s style of talking which rang familiar to me. He was evasive in his answers, and seemed to simultaneously agitate for war with Iran, while insisting war was not the goal. It had the familiar stench of Leftists who complain about racism while blaming White people for all the world’s problems.

I decided to search the web to find out more about Mr. Fleitz. It appears I was not the only one. As I typed his name into DuckDuckGo, the autocomplete’s first suggestion was “fred fleitz jewish”

As an aside, it was recently reported that Google was shielding Jussie Smollett from autocompletes which called attention to his hate hoax. Google responded by saying they tend to shield people from negative information populating the autocomplete field, and this was not limited to Smollett and his criminal deception. It turns out this is true. Even as Google pushes my website artificially down in the search results, favoring even blank pages over the website that bears my name, they have removed autocomplete suggestions which disparage me, letting the results to that work instead.

Apparently they think “Jewish” carries a negative connotation too, because autocomplete results for Fred Fleitz on Google do not contain the words Jew or Jewish.

I was not able to confirm Mr. Fleitz as a kike himself. Turns out Fleitz is a German surname. He is a contributor to the Jewish Policy Center, though.

In his talk with Tucker, Fleitz at first counted upon the stupidity one can usually rely on in a cable news host, but when he got so entangled that he could not find a way out, he played the trick of acting as an innocent simpleton. When that failed, in spite of his tricks of logic, he acted as if he could not understand the counter arguments and bolted away to another field of discussion. He would lay down truisms and platitudes; and, knowing Tucker would accept these, then tried to apply them to other problems and matters of an essentially different nature from the original theme. Confronted with his evasions, he escaped again, and could not bring himself to make any precise statement. Whenever Tucker tried to get a firm grip on any of his statements, Tucker’s hand grasped only jelly and slime which slipped through the fingers and combined again into a solid mass a moment afterwards. At moments it seemed like he had been trapped and would have to concede, but your surprise was great the next moment, when he insisted he had been right all along, and repeated his absurdities as if nothing had happened. Tucker was dumbfounded. He didn’t know what amazed him more – the abundance of the guest’s verbiage or the artful way in which he dressed up his falsehoods. You could tell he was gradually coming to hate him.

Fortunately, I suspect Tucker’s viewers were able to see his wisdom, and the folly of his guest. Had any doubt remained in their minds, Retired Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor, whose praises you may recall me singing on a recent episode, spelled it out plainly. A “limited strike” on Iran, would put us into a full scale war with them. These half measures are scams by the neocons, designed to provoke the larger conflicts their masters in Israel lust for.

American voters do not want war with Iran, and if Trump finds himself engaged in such a senseless conflict, he will hand this country to the unmitigated control of the Democrat Party. The international community has had it with our belligerent foreign policy, and we will be facing challenges from Russia and China, at minimum, should we fall into this trap. A conflict of that scale, waged by a Democrat government, could very well result in our being militarily defeated, and deposed from our enviable position on the world stage.

Were Bill O’Reilly still the 8pm show on Fox News, that would have been our fate.

It is my honest belief, that Tucker Carlson, personally, and almost single handedly, saved this country from total destruction last night.

There are of course no shortage of reasons to be disappointed with the President. An abundance of reasons exist to fear for the future. Certainly our ideal political outcome, seems like a pipe dream today.

But Tucker Carlson gives me hope. He has the ear of the President, and though he cannot name the Jew as such on Fox, he obviously knows what’s going on, and he names individual Jews and their puppets five nights a week. Anybody who spent so much as an afternoon familiarizing themselves with the complaints of anti-Semites, would have to see the patterns become obvious as they watched that show.

In that sense, our movement is further along than we were two years ago. Even just last year, when Trump was lobbing missiles into Syria, we hadn’t come this far. This is serious progress, and we should all celebrate it as we head into the weekend.

When I had my interview with Vice News back in Charlottesville, Elle Reeve asked me about my goals in various ways, and one of the answers I gave was “I am not under the impression that I personally, am going to save my Race and Nation. Ok? I’m here to spread ideas, talk, and frankly enjoy myself, in the hopes that somebody more capable will come along and do that. Somebody like Donald Trump, who does not give his daughter to a Jew.”

I don’t have any proof that I have directly influenced Tucker Carlson, but you can be sure the collective efforts of our movement did. When we spread ideas, when we make ourselves the talk of the country, every once in awhile we end up influencing somebody with actual power. We can, and should, aim for higher and more radical goals, but if we don’t achieve them right away, we shouldn’t, we can’t, think of ourselves as failures.

Tucker Carlson saved America from a war last night.

That happened because of what we did over the last four years, and we should all pat ourselves on the back. We set out to shift the Overton Window, and we succeeded, big time.


This blog post and opening monologue is incomplete and will be updated before showtime at 5pm US Eastern. 

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