Downtime and Assistance Required

Those of you who listen to the live audio feed during the show might have noticed some technical problems during Monday’s episode of the Radical Agenda.

Then, I sent out an email Wednesday postponing that evening’s scheduled broadcast of the Outlaw Conservative Podcast, citing delays from a service provider at a new location I’ve been in the process of setting up. This was a separate, and non-malicious issue.

That same day, the donation platform for Outlaw Conservative,, was deprived of its ability to process payments. This despite the fact that Outlaw Conservative was specifically created for the purposes of complying with nonsensical and ill defined “hate speech” clauses in various service providers’ acceptable use policies.  I talked to someone in the payments industry, who gave me some information which I suspect could be legally actionable, but I can’t disclose those details publicly just yet.

From there I came back to the studio in Keene, New Hampshire to broadcast a makeup episode last night. During that broadcast, the same problem we had on Monday returned, only more pronounced, to the point of being debilitating. I had to end the show early as a result. On Monday I suspected it might be a server problem, but last night I confirmed this was an intentional attack on our ability to broadcast. JoshWhoTV, our video streaming provider, also reported a massive DDOS attack on their servers, but their provider was able to mitigate it.

All of these things are part of a prolonged campaign of unlawful harassment, defamation, and intimidation, being carried out by Left wing agitators, some of whom pretend to be our fellow Right wingers. I am in contact with attorneys, law enforcement, and technology experts in an effort to overcome these challenges, and before this is over, I intend to see these people in jail cells and courtrooms.

Unfortunately, these challenges are occupying my attentions while I would otherwise be cutting up audio from the recent Democrat debates, and doing other show prep.

I face a lot of very challenging obstacles to put on this show regularly, but I usually try to minimize the visibility of their impact, so as to not give the wreckers the satisfaction of seeing me sweat.

Today I simply don’t have that option. For me to continue doing my job, I have to tend to these matters, and seek legal recourse against the criminals who are attacking your right to see and hear. Once the technical issues are addressed, and the attorneys and law enforcement personnel are fully briefed, I can get back to the very important work of the Radical Agenda and Outlaw Conservative. I’ll try and get a pre-recorded bit of audio out over the weekend, and I should be able to broadcast again for our regularly scheduled Monday show.

It should go without saying that this is all prohibitively expensive, and after two years of unrelenting attacks on my ability to communicate and do business, I’m just about out of options.

If you’ve got cryptocurrency, that is the best way to help.

If you would prefer to send a payment by mail, you can send it to

Christopher Cantwell
63 Emerald Street Unit 187
Keene, NH 03431




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