PodZeen 75 – Chilldozer

We’re back! The gang’s all here for an all-request PodZeen in our EPIC new chilldozer.

  • Back from Alaska
  • Obzeen predicted Lil Nas X being a rainbowsexual
  • Transexual Slipknot
  • Imposters on Telegram!
  • Bro wants to get laid
  • The Afterlife – Beyond Creation
  • Be a Djentleman
  • Beer – Reel Big Fish
  • We missed your Irish request, sorry brah
  • Bewitched – Candlemass
  • Our phone audio sucks
  • We try to play the Decendents but accidentally play
  • World’s on Heroin – ALL
  • Power vacuuming
  • Write that book, Harvey Cloverdoover
  • Santa Monica – Everclear
  • Sinking Ships – SlyphStorm
  • Helicopters for African Aid
  • Mel Gibson’s Love Song – Jon Lajoie
  • Call Obzeen – Get woman
  • Stroker Ace – Ween
  • Lizzard Wizzard– Orifice A


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