Radical Agenda S05E051 – All Ages

Drag Queen Story Hour has been making headlines across the country for months. Sane people everywhere are revolting against the Jewish onslaught of child sexualization, and being branded as Nazis for their trouble. Eventually, they’ll stop eschewing the label, one can hope.

But the Jew never rests. He never backs down. He is a relentless pervert, and the ultimate accelerationist of his own demise.

As such, Story Hour was only the tip of the iceburg (sic).

Radical Agenda S05E051 - All Ages
Radical Agenda S05E051 – All Ages

A Denver comic book shop has endeavored to top it with an “All Ages Drag Show,” complete with child performers and strip club style tipping. Mile High Comics in Denver, Colorado has been hosting the flamboyant celebration of pedophilia’s victory over decency on the first Saturday of the month for the last six months.

The store’s owner, Chuck Rozanski, decided he was “gender fluid” nine years ago, after 34 years of marriage to his wife, who had given him four children over that time. “My wife’s reaction has been bemused tolerance,” he says.

Since then, he’s been putting on dresses, wigs, and makeup with increasing frequency. He calls his alter ego Betty Pages, and little by little, he abandons the real world more each day. “There’s a spectrum, and I’m starting to move down that spectrum significantly,” he told the Fox affiliate in Denver, Colorado. “I’ve gone from being Mr. straight white bread comic dealer, to being out gay revolutionary.”

In a world where trannies are supposedly horribly repressed, Chuck is a millionaire. He used to sleep under bridges and in homeless shelters, but through the magic of Jewry, he has amassed a fortune while openly seducing children into the most degenerate lifestyle possible.

As word of Chuck’s filth traveled, some brave patriots opted to make their dissatisfaction known. They showed up with signs and chanted slogans like “Children are Not Sex Objects,” and for this were branded hatemongers by the Jewish media.

In a startling display of how disgustingly upside down our world has become, police “blocked” the protesters instead of the pedophiles, and children were fitted with earmuffs to “protect” them from these concerned citizens. The “parasol patrol” walked alongside children entering the event, using umbrellas to make sure their young eyes would be shielded from the demonstration as well.

Once inside the venue of course, they were encouraged to feast their eyes and ears upon all the wonders of clown world, and to hand out dollars to cross dressing performers, young and old.

An organizer of the protests will be our guest for the first hour of the show today.


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