How To Syndicate The Radical Agenda

If you’ve been keeping up, you know that the most powerful people in the world have made common cause with the lowest forms of life, to keep me from reaching those who would be receptive to our message. Even as I attempted to comply with the ever expanding and ill defined “hate speech” policies of various platforms, as with the case of Outlaw Conservative, we were silenced.

It seems those who fear the truth have decided that my very voice and image are in themselves thoughtcrime, regardless of what I say.

You also know that, unlike some of my internecine competitors, I’ve refrained from creating fake accounts and uploading my content to platforms that banned me, or even opening fresh accounts on platforms that I expect would ban me. This is both out of a certain ethical concern over honoring contracts, and because I expect all of this to end up in a courtroom at some point. If we end up in a courtroom over the obvious anti-trust problems of social media censorship, the campaign finance violations, the violations of their obligations under the communications decency act, providers breaking their own service agreements, the tortious interference in my legitimate business, or any number of other things, I cannot appear as someone who flagrantly ignores user agreements and evades detection mechanisms through deception.

I am an honest person, running an honest business, and trying to do what is best for my country. I cannot behave like a criminal if I want people to see this over the long term, even if our rivals treat me like a criminal. In fact, part of their motivation in acting as they do, is to provoke us to react badly, so we’ll be less sympathetic to the public and to the legal system they have become so notorious for abusing.

Nor can I be seen as encouraging you to violate the terms of service for any given platform. So while, for example, most segments of the Radical Agenda, and the entirety of the Outlaw Conservative podcast ought to be in compliance with any major video hosting or social media platform, uploading unedited episodes of the Radical Agenda to YouTube, would be ill advised.

That said, you won’t see me filing DMCA complaints unless you’re leaking paywall content.

With the disclaimers out of the way, let’s get to the purpose of this message.

Leftists are obviously contemptible scum, undeserving of oxygen. But until they have been deprived thereof, we can learn some things from them.

I’m made to recall a technique they made excellent use of during the Occupy Wall Street riots. They had been prohibited from using sound amplification, on account of lacking a permit for these color revolutions. To make themselves heard, the speakers would shout “Mic Check!” and, if others in the crowd saw fit to lift up that speaker’s voice, they would shout back “Mic Check!”. The speaker would then talk in short, easily repeated phrases, that the crowd would then repeat in unison, allowing the speaker’s message to carry across greater distances than it otherwise would.

We have the ability to do the same thing with our voices on the Internet. In fact, you do this all the time on social media, when you share or retweet someone else’s post.

Since we’ve been shut out of so much of the Internet, it’s a little bit more difficult for us, but we still have options.

Re-Streaming the Live Video Feed

The Radical Agenda and Outlaw Conservative stream live video to JoshWhoTV using RTMP, or Real Time Messaging Protocol. This is a standardized system any service can use, and many do.

This obviously allows you to watch the show on our JoshWhoTV channel, but less obviously, it provides an avenue for syndicating the content yourself.

There are many ways of doing this, but for now I’ll give you an illustrated example using OBS, or Open Broadcasting Software.

When you install OBS, there is a setup wizard which walks you through the process. One of the steps in that process is choosing the platform you want to stream to. As shown below…

Whichever service you choose, will have you enter the account information. For our purposes, I’m going to illustrate the use of a custom RTMP stream like JoshWhoTV, but you can choose from any of the services listed for your own purposes. In the case of an RTMP feed, a server URL and a stream key are required, as opposed to a username and password, as would be the case with Twitch or YouTube.

Once you have your output configured, you need to find your content source. In the case of most streamers, this would be their webcam for video and microphone for audio, but since you are restreaming something else, you will be choosing a Media Source.

To add a source in OBS, click the plus sign in the second box from the left on the bottom labeled Sources.


A menu with different types of sources pops up, from which you choose Media

Create a new source by giving it a name, and hitting OK.

OBS assumes your media source is a local file, but in our case, it is a remote file. So uncheck the “Local File” box.

In the “Input” field, paste the link to the JoshWhoTV player

Leave Input type black and all other fields as the defaults.

Then hit Okay.

If you were to do this while I’m not on the air, you would simply see a black space, because I’m not online and this is only the live feed. If you had this running when the show started, you would see me come online at the moment I started broadcasting.

At that point, you can begin streaming to whatever outputs you have configured.


A couple of notes on this

As mentioned, this stream source will only work when we are broadcasting live. I’m working on setting up a system that will have 24/7/365 content similar to our audio feed, which we’ll discuss more in a moment. When that’s up and running, I’ll update this blog post and make an announcement.

If you use this process to stream live episodes of the Radical Agenda to your own Facebook page, YouTube Channel, or Twitch profile, you’re definitely going to get banned. It might take a few weeks or months for that to happen, especially if you delete the streams after they air, but it will eventually happen. So don’t do it, and if you decide to ignore that bit of wisdom, do it under a sock account not associated with your real name, email address, or phone number.

This may or may not be the case for episodes of the Outlaw Conservative podcast, since we try to keep the show free of so called “hate speech,” but since the people who run these things are a lot more interested in deceiving the public than protecting users from offense, and criminals are literally assaulting people in the streets with impunity over politics these days, you should likewise obscure your identity, just to be safe.

To do that, you might consider signing up for a free, secure email account with

You might also consider getting a spare phone number using Burner or TextNow, but those apps can be recognized as VoIP services, so buying a cheap prepaid cell phone could be more effective.

You can also protect your IP address using a VPN account. I recently signed up for a lifetime account with FastestVPN using this promotion from StackSocial for just $24.99.


Syndicating the Audio Feed from the Radical Agendas Radio Network

When the deplatforming began, it became obvious to me that I would need to host my own stream that nobody could interfere with. Thus was born the Radical Agendas Radio Network.

People have of course tried to interfere with it anyway, with varying levels of success, but we always manage to get it back up once we overcome the challenge of that particular day.

The RARN feed is a 24/7/365 audio stream of podcasts including the Radical Agenda, Outlaw Conservative, So to Speak, and PodZeen. The radio players on this website have this audio available 24/7. We use a scheduling application to run content even when the Radical Agenda is not airing live. During live shows, I interrupt the scheduling software to broadcast the live feed.

If you have a blog, or for that matter, a smartphone app or anything else capable of playing audio, you are welcome to syndicate that audio stream, or embed that player on your site.

There are several ways of doing this.

For WordPress users

There is an excellent plugin called RadioForge HTML5 Radio Player. In configuring the player, you will be asked for a source in which you enter

From there you can use their widget or shortcode to embed the player anywhere on your website you see fit.

iFrame Code

Alternatively you can embed our player from using an iframe.

Re-Streaming the Audio to your own Feed

If you have your own IceCast or other audio feed, you can syndicate our live broadcasts to your own radio network. There are infinite ways to do this, and if you’re already running a radio network, you probably have your own methods. But for the purpose of illustrating here, I’ll give you the example of using VLC Media Player.

Open VLC Media Player, and from the Media menu, choose “Open Network Stream” (Or just hit CTRL+N)

In the next screen, enter the URL of our stream source

At the bottom of that window click the down arrow next to “Play” and from the resulting dropdown menu, choose “Stream” (or just hit CTRL+S).

In the next screen, you should see the URL to our audio source already populated, if not, paste it here again, and hit next

In the next window, we’ll begin configuring our destination by choosing the type of output we want to use. “File” is selected by default, but we’ll want to choose a remote destination for our purposes, so hit the arrow next to file, and choose your destination type from the resulting dropdown menu. There are several options, but for the sake of illustration, we’ll choose Icecast, as that is how the Radical Agendas Radio Network is configured. You can stream to any destination you like, however.

Then hit Add

Here you are prompted to enter the source credentials for your streaming destination. Perhaps obviously, I do not know what these are, and you’ll be wanting to keep these things a secret so nobody can stream to your platform without permission. In the following screenshot, I have entered some dummy details as an example.

Click Next

In our output type, we select “Audio – MP3” and hit next (unless of course, your destination has a different preference, in which case VLC is more than capable of transcoding the feed).

Click Next

The next screen gives us the option to manually edit the output string. Assuming we’ve done everything correctly, this ought not be of any use to us.


Click “Stream” and VLC should pick up the audio feed from the Radical Agendas Radio Network, and relay it to your Icecast server or other streaming destination.

Syndicate Our RSS Feeds

RSS stands for “Real Simple Syndication” and, as the name implies, it makes it very easy to take content from one source and publish it somewhere else. All podcasts use RSS feeds to function, and when someone who hasn’t been banned submits their podcast to iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or any other syndication platform, it is the RSS feed they submit to the service.

There are an infinite number of ways to do this, but for the sake of time, I’ll just point out one simple method for WordPress publishers.

VedaThemes has a WordPress plugin called Podcast Player which makes this very simple. Simple install this into your WordPress blog, and then you can add our RSS feed to any post or page using a short code, like ? [podcastplayer feed_url ='']] or using their Widget, which you can see a screenshot of below.

Displayed there you can see the All Podcasts RSS Feed for, which includes So To Speak and PodZeen and Outlaw Conservative.

The link to that feed is

If you just want the Radical Agenda

If you just want Outlaw Conservative


FM Broadcast Radio

If you’re feeling ambitious, my old friends at the Liberty Radio Network put together a guide on setting up a low power FM radio station.

You should be careful with this, because certain configurations could run afoul of the law, and we wouldn’t want you doing anything illegal.

The short version is, you can pick up the Radical Agendas Radio Network using either any spare computer, or a cheap Internet Radio like the Aluratek AIRMM03F and then feed that (or any other audio source) into an FM Transmitter. You can get a Signstek brand 7 Watt FM transmitter with antenna on Amazon for $65.99 or a Retekess brand 15 Watt FM transmitter with antenna on Amazon for $129.99 at the time of this writing.

Once set up, anybody within range who hits the “Seek” button on their standard FM radio would (eventually) find your station, or you could advertise it to get them to tune in manually.

If you live near a correctional facility, I cannot recommend (legally) doing this this highly enough. 

I know people who have done this without the proper licenses. The worst case scenario has, in their experience, been a notice from the FCC to take down the radio station. If you were broadcasting the Radical Agenda uncensored, they might be more motivated to discourage the behavior. So again, make sure you’re obeying the law, and protecting yourself.



We have the truth on our side. We also have more talent. That is why our foes have relentlessly sought to censor us, and of all the recognizable figures in our movement, they’ve come after me the worst. That should really tell you something about the value of my work.

If we are heard, then we will win. The question now is only if we have more staying power than our decadent rivals, and the fools and cowards they’ve sent to infiltrate and destroy our movement.

I can do the talking, and a lot of the thinking. As soon as I can stop putting out fires and concentrate, I’d like to get back to doing more reading, so I can broaden the intellectual appeal of this production.

But I need your help to do it. Not only your money, but your talent and your time. If you help me get this show in front of more people, I will make it the best damn show on the Internet.

The ball is now in your court.



Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.

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