What We Learned From the RAM Sentencing

Last month, a Federal Judge in California dismissed charges gainst three members of the Rise Above Movement stemming from their use of defensive force against Antifa communist rioters at political demonstrations. Robert Rundo, and Robert Boman were ordered to be released from federal custody immediately, and Aaron Eason was released from his bond conditions.

In that case, the Judge tossed the charges due to the unconstitutionally broad nature of the statute, and the infringement on their freedom of speech which was imposed by its application in the case. Speaking of social media posts used as evidence in the case US District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney said, “Some posts express repugnant, hateful ideas,” … “Other posts advocate the use of violence. Most, if not all, are protected speech.”

Benjamin Drake Daley, Thomas Gillen and Michael Paul Miselis were less fortunate. While held in custody in Virginia, Judge Norman K. Moon denied a similar motion to dismiss their charges, which stemmed from the communist riots in Charlotesville, Virginia in August of 2017. Facing the prospect of a much lengthier sentence, and awaiting trial in custody, they accepted plea agreements with the federal government, on which they were sentenced this past Friday.

At the sentencing hearing, prosecutors sought a “hate crime enhancement”, arguing that RAM are a bunch of evil White Supremacists and thus should be treated badly by the federal government. The argument was so flimsy, that their public defender swatted it away like a gnat.

Even The Daily Progress, a communist propaganda rag from Charlottesville, despite ample effort, could not portray it any other way;

On Friday, the prosecution attempted to argue that a hate crime enhancement was appropriate for Daley, Gillen and Miselis, citing months of similar behavior at protests in California and a litany of anti-Semitic and misogynistic rhetoric.

Dino Paul Cappuzzo, a former FBI investigator, testified to an investigation he had conducted on the defendants.

According to Cappuzzo, the three defendants had participated in rallies in Huntington Beach, California, and Berkeley, California, prior to attending the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. At both California rallies, the defendants engaged in violent behavior, he said.

“They showed a propensity for violence and mayhem prior to Charlottesville,” he said.

Additionally, the defendants participated in a book burning of works such as “The Diary of Anne Frank” and “Schindler’s List.”

The courtroom was shown video evidence depicting the defendants in Charlottesville at the Aug. 11, 2017, torch rally on University of Virginia Grounds and Aug. 12, 2017, footage at the UTR rally.

In harrowing footage from Aug. 12, Daley and Miselis can be seen punching, kicking and choking counter-protesters on Second Street in downtown Charlottesville while attempting to gain access to what is now called Market Street Park.

Still images that depict the victims of the attacks were later edited and found on the defendant’s phones, one bearing the phrase “THOT STATUS: PATROLLED,” using a sometimes misogynistic acronym. Another image of Miselis kicking a man was edited to insert a Star of David over the victim’s head.

Capuzzo said over the course of his investigation he determined that the RAM defendants had started the violence on Second Street.

Chris Kavanaugh, an assistant U.S. attorney representing the prosecution, argued that a hate crime enhancement was appropriate for sentencing the defendants due to their well-established anti-Semitism and anti-woman views. Whether the victims of their violence at the UTR rally were chosen because they were a protected class isn’t necessary, he said, because they were perceived to be Jewish or aligned with those the RAM members disliked.

“[The defendants] were protesting against them because they stand alongside the people they despise,” he said. “Call it political if you want — it’s still race-based violence, and the hate crime enhancement applies.”

Lisa Lorish, a federal public defender representing Daley, disagreed with this argument, pointing out that none of the victims from the Second Street attacks was interviewed to determine if they were a protected class. Regardless, the RAM defendants’ speech was protected, she said.

“The things they’ve said are reprehensible,” she said. “They’re reprehensible to me, they’re reprehensible to many people, but they’re constitutionally protected.”
Lorish went on to describe the prosecution’s argument that the counter-protesters were attacked by the RAM defendants because of their perceived class or class alignment as “circular.”

“The government is arguing that, because [Daley] assaulted them, they must be Jewish, instead of arguing that he assaulted them because they are Jewish,” she said.

U.S. District Judge Norman K. Moon sided with the defendants’ argument and said the government’s argument did not do enough to establish that the victims were chosen because of their racial or religious background and thus a hate crime enhancement was not warranted.

Owing in part to the decision in California, the Virginia RAM defendants will have fourteen days to appeal their convictions, which we can expect them to do. If they succeed, as they should, they’ll be released to continue serving their country as they had before this malicious prosecution.

There are a couple of things we learned from the hearing, which I’d like to address here.

Firstly, there was a lot of supposed evidence brought against them which is described in the Daily Progress article, and the criminal complaint. Conspicuously absent from that list is anything at all pertaining to your humble correspondent.

Dishonest people who purport to be White Nationalists have maliciously spread the obvious lie that my body camera footage, and subsequent cooperation with the FBI investigation into the Unite the Right rally, were “central” to the RAM indictments. This was not only false, it was obviously and demonstrably so. The people who spread this lie, did so knowingly, maliciously, and with hostile intent not only to me, but to our cause. This was no accident, as anybody who bothered to read the complaint would see that it was their own social media posts and publicly available video that was used against them. No mention of informants, no mention of me, and no mention of the events depicted by my body camera.

These saboteurs have set out to sow senseless divisions in the movement, and tear down the reputations of those who have fought the hardest, and sacrificed the most, while they take your money and hide, often in foreign countries.

In defaming me, they also undermined the legal defenses of our captured comrades. I felt comfortable cooperating with the FBI because I’m not a criminal, and a California judge agreed that the RAM guys weren’t either. Saying I “snitched” on RAM implies that RAM had committed a crime, and that I somehow had knowledge of this alleged criminal act. Neither of which is true, and the perpetrators of this deception knew it before they made these statements. If the guys in the Virginia case had made bond, they likely would have taken their cases to trial and prevailed, but held in custody with only a public defender to represent them, they understandably folded and took plea deals, which may yet be vacated.

After these accusations against me swirled the bowl for months, I released the audio from my body camera. Anybody who bothered to listen found that it was all rather tame, and even exculpatory. We intentionally avoided physical confrontations, and cooperated with law enforcement in advance trying to prevent violence. That’s what is on my body camera, and only somebody who wanted to perpetuate the Jewish lies about Unite the Right rally would say otherwise.

No corrections or apologies have been forthcoming from the liars who defamed me to the benefit of the enemy.

Perhaps more importantly, Friday’s sentencing hearing told us something very good about the civil suits in which I am a defendant.

Judge Moon, who issued the sentences, is the same judge who presides over the civil cases. In those cases, it is alleged that I am liable for the death of Heather Heyer, even though I was miles away from the crash site when it occurred, and I had never met James Fields before we met in jail, after the car accident. Nor had I ever heard of Heyer before her whale meat was shown bouncing around on the television.

Moon agreed with the defense, that their political views do not constitute motive unless the government can provide some actual evidence that those views motivated an actual crime. He declined to apply a “hate crime enhancement” because it is not yet a crime in America to know that Jews are ruining the country, or to say so out loud.

Their defense attorney said “The government is arguing that, because [Daley] assaulted them, they must be Jewish, instead of arguing that he assaulted them because they are Jewish,” and it is precisely this idiotic implication which the plaintiffs have used to sue me. Without it, they would not have standing in federal court.

In pleading guilty, the Virginia defendants declined to argue against the dubious claim that they started the violence they had been involved in, but even then, prosecutors lacked evidence to motive. Instead, they tried to draw a line from completely unrelated views on political and social matters, to the alleged criminal act. The court rejected that leap, and thus declined the hate crime enhancement.

In my civil suit, the plaintiffs are in a panic, seeking ever more intrusive discovery, because the conspiracy they alleged in their fraudulent complaint has yet to materialize. We’ve given them all of our social media, emails, phone calls, text messages, financial records, and much, much more. Yet, all that has been established is that we attended a permitted demonstration, defended ourselves from communist rioters, and know that Jews are wrecking country. Anyone with a 3 digit IQ could determine all of this from watching CNN for a day.

Lacking merit in her case, Roberta Kaplan has resorted to other means to harass me, personally. She filed a frivolous motion with the court, falsely claiming that I threatened her and trying to have me gagged and sanctioned. Instead, Judge Moon enjoined me from “making unlawful threats” against her, which as the language implies, is already prohibited by the nature of unlawfulness to begin with. The ruling amounted to “Yeah, sure lady, whatever”.

Anxious to be embarrassed again, Kaplan has apparently filed a new motion, according to a post in the Daily Progress.

“The Jews are terrified of me, because if people hear what I have to say without their cherry picking dishonest nonsense, then there won’t be a safe place on this Earth for so much as a mischling,” Cantwell wrote on his self-titled website after the last court hearing.

“They are terrified of the truth, and of men with the courage to speak it in the face of adversity. If I have to show up at people’s doors to say what I have to say, then to quote Walter White ‘I am the one who knocks!’”

Had Cantwell’s language remained “merely obscene,” the plaintiffs would have ignored it, they said, but instead they argue that he has flouted the court and continued the same behavior with impunity.

“Rather than articulate his purported First Amendment defense in the proper manner and forum — by filing a response to Plaintiffs’ motion — Mr. Cantwell speaks instead to the multitude of nameless, faceless, white supremacists and neoNazi’s that undoubtedly visit his anti-Semitic website,” the plaintiffs wrote in their recent motion.

“He thus betrays his true intentions as no more than an effort to incite his supporters to engage in the same forms of threats and violence that he promises from himself, rather than raise a legitimate legal argument or speak publicly within the proper limits of non-violent speech.”

It is worth noting, that I only heard about this motion when my attorney emailed me the decision. Similarly, I only heard about the piece in the Daily Progress when it showed up in my inbox from a Google News alert for my name. DP never asked me for comment before publishing their defamatory article.

As you can plainly see, there is no threat in this, besides the threat that Truth poses to Jewish machinations. Kaplan is relying, as she did in the Obergefell decision, on Leftist bias and disregard for the law as written. She is going to be disappointed, as Judge Moon, though less perceptive than Judge Carney, has shown greater integrity than the Democrat majority in Obergefell.

When the RAM charges were dismissed in California, Joanna Mendelson of the Anti-Defamation League said “It underscores their sense of vindication,” … “This court victory has the great potential of giving them renewed energy and will reinvigorate the group overall.”

It is a breath of fresh air to hear such rare truth fall from the mouth of an ADL kike.

The Jews have used every underhanded, deceitful tactic they could conjure to tank our movement. They have sent their zombies to attack us in the streets, they infiltrated our ranks and sowed ceaseless subversion therein, they have smeared us in their newspapers, blacklisted us from their banks, and abused our own courts against us.

To be sure, this has been costly to us. Our progress has been set back dramatically from the prominence and momentum we had in August of 2017. Good men have had their lives destroyed, some of whom today reside in the enemy’s cages, one may never be released.

But we are still standing, and they are running out of ammunition.

When chanting “racist” day in, and day out on television, fails to result in Democrat victories next year, a Trump dominated GOP will take power with a decisive mandate.

Eventually, one of those falls is going to do in Justice Ginsburg, and Trump will replace her with somebody Right of Gorsuch and Kavanagh.

When the relentless effort to bias Judge Moon against us, fails to result in evidence of a conspiracy, Roberta Kaplan will be exposed as a fraud, and her career will be at a long overdue, humiliating conclusion. Obergefell will be appealed, and overturned, as will Roe, and our country will be set back to the righteous course our founders intended.

From there, it won’t be scary when somebody calls you a racist.

It will be far more frightening, to be called a Jew.

As Joseph Goebbels said,

The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

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