Radical Agenda S05E054 – On Cops

White Nationalists, by necessity, operate with a certain well earned skepticism toward law enforcement, to say the least of it. Our enemies exert a great deal of influence over the political organs, and have an even more frightening grip on the court systems. By extension, this pervasive contamination necessarily impacts law enforcement, putting us at odds entirely too often.

Simultaneously, it becomes obvious to the careful observer that our enemies despise law enforcement personnel, even more than we fear them. Democrat Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren famously said that our criminal justice system is racist “from front to back”. Border enforcement officers, though 51% Hispanic, have been relentlessly subjected to accusations of running Nazi-esque concentration camps, and myriad other hysterical claims of racially motivated malice. On August 12th 2018, Antifa communists celebrated the anniversary of their riot in Charlottesville, by carrying a giant banner that read “Last year they came with torches, this year they come with badges”.

The Left associates law enforcement with “White Supremacy” for reasons which are not immediately obvious to the casual observer, but make a great deal more sense once one clears the fog of Jewish deception aimed at each.

They attempt to paint the picture as though law enforcement were just out hunting for melanin content trophies, similarly to how one counts the points of deer antlers. This is ridiculous, and so law enforcement personnel are understandably anxious to distance themselves from us, because we are painted with a similar brush. Since we lack the power or platform to respond, they internalize this lie along with the rest of the population.

In reality, the sort of ordered liberty, characteristic of Western Civilization, is the target of Leftist enmity. Our efforts to preserve this way of life, however lawfully or peacefully, are relentlessly targeted with violence, deception, and most notably, lawfare. Law enforcement personnel, though beholden to more easily corrupted institutions, largely enter the profession with similar intent, and thus are met with similar tactics.

In this, we are natural allies, set in opposition to one another by our mutual enemies.

Yet it is precisely those same enemies who open up the opportunity for warmer relations between us, and the hand of power. If the Left insists that law enforcement and White Supremacy are synonymous, who are we to argue? Why not apply the tactic of “agree and amplify” this meme, as we did with so many other tropes? Would not we be better received by the broader populace, as right thinking upstanding members of society, if we were in alliance with law enforcement, than as we stubbornly persist in being perceived today, as lawless enemies of the State?

Some recent news causes me to contemplate the subject.

In 2016, the Department of Homeland Security issued a Field Analysis Report detailing a “Heightened Threat Environment at Lawfully Organized White Supremacist Events” wherein “violent anti-fascists, including anarchist extremist elements, attacked a group of white supremacists who gathered for a legally permitted rally.”

The event that landed our comrade Will Planer in enemy custody was the subject of that report, and a subsequent investigation pursued Leftists as the terrorist threat, much to the dismay of the Jewish Press.

While I was awaiting trial in Virginia, headlines were made when I published a recording of a phone call I had with Charlottesville police agreeing with me, that Left wing rioters were the problem, contrary to the Jewish lies about Unite the Right.

As policing has become impossible in that city due to political correctness, Charlottesville has witnessed a “mass exodus” of officers, whom they are finding it increasingly difficult to replace.

I released another recording of a conversation I had with a detective from Charlottesville PD, in which he informed me that despite the fact that I was obviously assaulted with a weapon on August 12th 2017, and had identified my attacker, prosecutors refused to charge the case as a felony, and in any case I would have to violate a court order to lodge my complaint only to see it go unpursued. The detective was clearly uncomfortable with this state of affairs, but was powerless to do anything about it.

While I was in the custody of the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, my captors would make frequent stops on our cell block to chat. We were, by necessity, segregated from the general population, and the officers noted that it was most unusual to see Fox News on the television sets in other cell blocks. To avoid causing these men any undeserved trouble, I must be vague, but suffice it to say, the injustice of our predicament was not lost on them, even the non-White ones. Some spoke frankly about the corruption of the city, and bluntly confessed to tolerating it only because their livelihoods depended on it.

Last year, Unicorn Riot published emails obtained through a public records request, wherein Tennessee Homeland Security intelligence analyst Misty Phillips said the Traditionalist Worker Party “typically is not the issue but rather opposing groups.”

Earlier this year, a police Sergeant in Virginia was fired after being accused of having an “affinity for White Nationalist symbols” by an Antifa group.

Just last month, a group calling itself the Plain View Project published a catalog of what it described as racist (translation, awesome) social media posts by police officers, along with names of hundreds of police officers they say belonged to racist and violent social media groups. In Philadelphia, 13 officers were fired over the scandal.

More recently, Pro Publica infiltrated a Facebook group called “I’m 10-15,” Border Patrol code for “aliens in custody.” They were none too fond of “The Squad” and shared some rather hilarious material pertaining to current events. That group had nearly 10,000 members.

Subsequently, CNN claims to have discovered another such group called “The Real CBP Nation.” Though smaller, they had considerable meme talent, and were just as repulsed by the communists trying to destroy our country as we are.

Over the weekend it was reported that a police officer from Gretna, Louisiana is under investigation after posting to Facebook that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a “vile idiot” who “needs a round, and I don’t mean the kind she used to serve.”

Conspicuously absent from the leaked posts, is any mention of Jews. Law enforcement cannot help but notice the obvious social problems that come with black and brown populations, but they have, along with the rest of the country, been inoculated against anti-Semitism by the secular religion of Holocaustism. They share the mystic faith of our foreign policy failures, that America’s entry into World War II, was a holy act to rescue God’s Chosen People from history’s most evil dictator. To go against this narrative, in their minds, would be to denigrate our military, and this is a very serious taboo in law enforcement culture.  Thus, though they can readily see the problems that correlate with skin pigmentation, their eyes are yet untrained to spot the Jewish root, as they hack breathlessly away at the brown branches.

Moreover, police are trained to sympathize with victims, and who plays the victim better than a Jew? It has been reported that 50% of all “hate crimes” are against Jews, and although you and I know most of these are fake, and the rest are carried out by blacks, this wisdom is consciously absent from these supposedly racist law enforcement social media posts and groups.

Yet, as these public servants are attacked for observing the obvious decline of our civilization, who do you think is working the hardest to destroy them? How hard could it be for a trained investigator to spot the pattern, once presented with the information?

Police and their families and supporters all readily recognize that law enforcement is under attack. They are, at present, powerless to defend themselves, as they recognize not their foe. In this they are in a similar boat to Christians, and other conservatives.

Making inroads with conservative and Christian groups has largely proven elusive for White Nationalists. Once we are spotted, we are shunned and ostracized and accused of wickedness.

Law enforcement on the other hand, are actually assigned to monitor us. They have to listen, in order to pursue investigations into our activities. During the course of that investigatory work, they cannot help but be exposed to the information we are privy to. We are also the constant targets of criminal behavior by people who have been led to believe that we are without the protection of the law. This combination of factors gives us ample opportunity to communicate with law enforcement, in a way we cannot with other natural allies.

The hazards of this are, perhaps obviously, too numerous to list. But let’s give the most obvious reasons some contemplation.

Our own cultural influences are the greatest obstacle, even if not the most obvious. I know from experience that collaboration with law enforcement, even if done openly and honestly, is called “snitching” by elements of the movement. However, to the trained eye, it becomes obvious that the people most hostile to such communications are those whom you’ll never have a chance to meet in person, most of whom operate under aliases and could not be picked out of a lineup. For all we know, they are hasbara trolls in Tel Aviv.

Indeed, this would be the most obvious explanation for their hostility to the concept. You’ll also find these types hostile to Donald Trump and the Republican Party, and while a healthy skepticism toward “Capitalism” is warranted in today’s environment, and grifters in the movement are not exactly unheard of, they launch into hysterics about “shekels” anytime a Nationalist tries to make money, which is obviously a prerequisite of meaningful political activity. Any effort we make to get in proximity to power, to profit, or to recruit new members into our ranks from less radical elements, is met with hysterical claims about immorality, not entirely dissimilar to the hysterical moral claims about racism from the Left.

They spend more time attacking White Nationalists and fence sitters than they do Leftists, and this tells us a great deal about their motives.

The trouble with this element extends well beyond their affinity for friendly fire. When cops, Christians, and Republicans see our memes as derogatory toward them, they are obviously disinclined to join in the fun. When the Left solicits them to condemn us, they do so with enthusiasm, and to suggest this has nothing to do with our own behavior, is to make the same error Jews make in analyzing anti-Semitism.

Particularly when it comes to law enforcement, they are inclined to believe the lies our enemies pedal about our being violent criminals, if upon inspection, we are hostile to those whose profession it is to confront that element of society. It does little good to profess the innocence of James Fields, or the Rise Above Movement, if in the next breath, one hails Dylann Roof as a Saint.

Anybody who thinks it beneath the dignity, or beyond the capacity, of our enemies to see that weakness, and exploit it through our need for anonymity, is a fool. While many good men surely fall into this trap, those who set the trap are anything but.

The more obvious, if less likely hazard, is the prospect of opening oneself or one’s associates to persecution at the hands of the State. While this risk can be mitigated substantially through obedience to the law, it can never be completely eliminated.

Owing in part to the above mentioned cultural influences within our movement, and in part to the incentives provided by our more forthcoming adversaries, law enforcement can easily come under the impression that their collective and individual interests are served by making human sacrifices of White Nationalists. Some will leap at the opportunity to prove their anti-racist credentials, by using every tool at their disposal to harm us. Similarly, some will prove hesitant to take action against criminals who attack us, for fear of being seen as “protecting Nazis”.

Law enforcement is permitted, and indeed trained, to lie to suspects. While you may think you are recruiting a law enforcement official to our cause, he may well be feigning sympathy as a route to access information which could subsequently be misused.

A friendly liaison with law enforcement in day to day life, could result in unwarranted suspicion, should circumstances later dictate that silence become the better strategy. If one maintains a general policy of not speaking to law enforcement, then all is going according to plan when one laywers up. A general willingness to talk, which is revoked upon a changing of subjects, understandably could lead to increased and unwelcomed scrutiny from law enforcement.

In dealing with federal law enforcement, and with many state and local agencies, it is a crime to provide false information to investigators. This is selectively enforced, as was most prominently on display in the prosecutions stemming from the Mueller investigation into the Trump campaign, juxtaposed with Hillary Clinton’s email “matter”. If Michael Flynn, Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, and Paul Manafort can fall victim to such traps,  a lowly member of the Radical Agenda audience would be quite powerless to avoid the same fate, should his interactions with law enforcement prove hostile to his interests.

Then of course there is the all too real fact that some among us actually do run afoul of the law, sometimes intentionally, and with varying degrees of merit for their reasoning to do so. Though we are generally in opposition to vice, property crime, and initiatory violence, our perilous dealings with the financial system, for example, could result in what might charitably be described as paperwork errors. Some may doubt the legitimacy of laws infringing upon their 2nd Amendment rights, or have missed the memo about the bump stock ban, or have difficulty counting the round capacity of his magazines in a place where limits are imposed on such things. The line between self defense and criminal violence is often exceedingly technical, and putting aside for a moment the very real prospect of being prosecuted for legitimate self defense, it is not unheard of for a legitimate exercise of defensive force to actually cross the line into criminal violence, whether through ignorance of the law, or the passions of the moment. Whatever the case, one who strays from the guidance of statutes, would obviously be well served to maintain a safe distance from those who enforce them.

While these hazards are very real, and the risks difficult to overstate, I would make the case that the greater peril lies in our present course.

As it stands, the communists are the ones doing all the talking when investigations proceed into our activities. If they are the only source of information that law enforcement can access, then we have no right to be surprised when we are treated as criminals. If someone accuses you of being a criminal, and whether owing to peer pressure or misguided moral concerns, you refuse to proclaim your own innocence, then law enforcement cannot be accused of wrongdoing for operating under the assumption that the accuser has a point.

Moreover, if one only proclaims their innocence during interrogation, after arrest, or at trial, then he is not so different in the eyes of most, than any actual criminal. A proactively positive relationship with authorities is far less common for thieves and predators, than are denials ex post facto.

So intimidated are we by the perils of interactions with the State, that we often fail to report crimes committed against us. Those crimes thus continue unabated, ultimately resulting in escalation of violent conflicts, which necessarily result in self defense situations, thereby raising the aforementioned prospect of being prosecuted for legitimate use of defensive force. Better to lodge a harassment complaint, I’d say, than to ignore warnings that violence may be on the horizon.

Say you were receiving threatening messages from Left wing agitators, and let us imagine that later on down the line, one of those agitators decided to make good on the threat. Let us further imagine that you were a combat capable man, perhaps with a carry permit, and when the threat materialized, you neutralized it forcibly.

Let us picture the aftermath under two sets of circumstances.

In one circumstance, you reported your threatening messages to law enforcement when they came in. You did everything in your power to help the government deal with the issue before it rose to the level of your needing to defend yourself. During the investigation into the incident, law enforcement is aware of your prudence, and this influences their perceptions about the circumstances of the encounter, whether you opt to speak to them now, or not.

In the other, you abide by the rules of a prison gang. No talking to cops. You dare your tormentor to try and follow through on his threat, assuring him that you look forward to the opportunity. He takes you up on the invitation, and is promptly carried off by first responders. You tell those first responders only about your adherence to the inmate code, and demand an attorney.

If your assailant is fortunate enough to be breathing, he is terribly unlikely to confess his crime. Rather, he enthusiastically informs the authorities from his hospital bed, that he was out there virtuously expressing his opposition to genocide, when a Nazi shouted an epithet describing some favored demographic of the Democrat Party, and shot him for no reason at all.

Now, I’d not be so foolishly confident in our justice system to say that either would certainly result in a judicious outcome. Indeed, my own experience betrays the message I mean to convey. In Charlottesville, we did coordinate with law enforcement in advance, doing everything in our power to avoid violence, and using only such force as was necessary to neutralize the threats that nonetheless emerged. And yet, I was imprisoned for 107 days, and held against my will on electronic monitoring for another seven months or so, before being coerced into a plea deal in order to keep my gun rights intact. The men I shared those cages with, had no such opportunity, and remain in Virginia custody to this day. Even now, I remain a defendant in frivolous lawsuits which will most likely bankrupt me even upon my vindication.

But I sure am glad to have all this proof that we proactively coordinated with law enforcement, even though they did betray us, and the outcome was spectacularly horrible. However precarious my situation may be today, it would surely have been worse had I lacked the ability to point to the video and say “Here I am, insisting that I will only participate if law enforcement is involved”.

Perhaps more importantly, I have come to regret much of my unwise commentary prior to all of this. My many inflammatory statements about law enforcement, born of misguided Utopian libertarian ideals, surely made it easier for cops and prosecutors to justify their involvement in the corruption. They saw the conflict on those streets as one between two extremist elements, both hostile to their interests. The political organs ordered them to let the violence ensue, and they gladly obliged, as it surely seemed senseless to risk their safety or careers for the sake of either.

And when the orders came down to persecute only one side, what reason had they to care which side it was? What care they if the truth favored our interests, seeing as to how our interests were at odds with theirs? Had they any cause to think that we would risk our necks to help them? Quite the contrary.

Emboldened by the ordeal, communists now riot with impunity. They have taken up arms, and revolution is on the tip of every tongue Left of Ted Cruz. Absent some yet unforeseen change in circumstances, we are well on our way to a broader and more conspicuous breakdown of the civil order, as the thin blue line grows thinner by the day.

Should we fail to hold back the Red tide, and chaos overtakes us, those of us set to the task of restoring order will receive our mandate not from badges or officialdom, but rather, from a higher authority. To accomplish that righteous purpose, a mutual shifting of perceptions, and mutual forgiveness of our respective sins, will be necessary for all involved, to form the sort of alliances necessary to overcome the challenges of that monumental undertaking.

We can set ourselves to that mission today, or we can do so in the haze of revolution.

But make no mistake, we’ll have to do it at some point.



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