Radical Agenda S05E057 – Siberian Candidate

My hopes for Kamala Harris to make Leftists the clear aggressor in the coming race war, seem to have been dashed upon the rocks on Wednesday. Tulsi Gabbard wrecked her facade of hip pot smoking negress, by pointing out that Harris was a loyal foot soldier of the White Supremacist justice system, after prostituting her way to becoming a prosecutor.

Not only was the Jew’s favorite Wakandan putting potheads under the jail, she was actively covering up evidence tampering at the crime lab, and blocking DNA testing to see an innocent man executed, for a murder probably committed by her cousin.

Met with the damning truth, Harris was more stunned than she was during that candidate mix tape bit.

She filibustered when offered a chance to respond, later blaming the attacks on poll envy, and the Assad regime in Syria.

Tulsi became the most Googled candidate during that debate. A rather astonishing feat, given that the Jews who run Google had previously relegated her to the spam trap, and invited a long overdue lawsuit in the process. #KamalaHarrisDestroyed trended on Twitter, which apparently managed to slip by the censors unnoticed, despite the best efforts to stamp out such White Supremacy by way of (((algorithms))).

Kamala’s hasbara surrogates quickly got to work blaming the storm on our Lord and Savior, Vladimir Putin. Even Harris’ press secretary, Ian Sams, labeled Gabbard’s supporters part of “the Russian propaganda machine.” One Twitter user said “Putin took Tulsi, an American soldier, and turned her into a Trojan Horse, his own #SiberianCandidate.”

Quite the clever ruse…

But we Nazis, through our use of the Russian encrypted messaging app Telegram, were hip to the real scheme. Vlad stopped by the Radical Agenda Telegram group to yuck it up about about the plot.

We’ve already decided that Kamala Harris will be the Democrat nominee. I had previously predicted that Joe Biden would have deleted his Twitter account by now, but the strategy has shifted, and Vlad is letting him stay so as to further rile up the blacks. As Kamala Harris continues to torture sleepy Joe, and Joe accepts the flogging as penance for his White Privilege,  our Cyrillic mission to sow racial discord into American politics will come to a crescendo.

We have cleverly taken credit for Tulsi’s attacks, so no Democrat primary voter can discover her renegade patriotism, or the path to racial harmony which a Tulsi presidency would surely usher in, permanently dismantling the White cis-heteropatriarchy.

Harris will go on to debate Donald Trump, and with a woman of color as the Democrat nominee, Leftist media will invariably construe everything Trump disagrees with her about as racist and sexist. The American people will thus conclude that racism and sexism are good, and the price of Mein Kampf will skyrocket, netting a healthy profit for EdgyGoodies.com.

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