Radical Agenda S05E065 – Groomers

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve done our best to keep you apprised our civilization’s decline, and the growing list of people and groups responsible therefore. Regular listeners are thus all too well aware that there exists no party more responsible than the transgender community.

What started off “in the privacy of their own bedrooms” quickly became “pride parades” and before we had fully digested the repulsiveness of those displays, we were prohibited from criticizing or discriminating against gays, which paved the way for them to obtain marriage licenses. Before they had even gotten finished incarcerating elected Democrats over that assault, we were suddenly inundated with transgender propaganda and told that only Nazis want to keep dicks out of the ladies room.

From there the pace only accelerated. Before you knew it, we were told that it was progressive and forward thinking to put a dress on your son, and have him dance on the bar while homosexuals throw dollars at him. Every single day, news stories are published by once seemingly respectable outlets, talking about transgender children, and staged medical debates over how young they should be given cross sex hormones.

In our current milieu of late stage degeneracy, the rules of the debate have dramatically changed. The side we used to think of as degenerate and predatory, are now thought of as “tolerant and inclusive” and the people we once thought of as wholesome and prudent are “bigots” and “Nazis”. This creates a system of incentives where the interests of the child are abandoned entirely, and the way to be seen as the most tolerant, is to remove all limits on depravity. Thus the debate over when to start sexualizing and chemically altering children rapidly declines to the point where a London based clinic is prescribing hormones to children as young as 3, and using Skype and Facetime to do so.

Fortunately, the United States hasn’t gotten quite that bad yet, I think. But there are people working hard to get there.

We’ve talked numerous times about Drag Queen Story Hour, the most recent of which was put on by a confessed Jew. Others are more cryptic about their ethnic intentions, but going all the way back to Magnus Hirschfeld and those glorious Nazi book burnings, the Jews have been behind it all along.

A few episodes back, we featured two Denver activists as our guests, who informed us about their protests against an “All Ages Drag Show”.

They will be returning to the show today to inform us of the progress they’ve made this far, and the criminals who stand in their way. At a recent demonstration, Antifa terrorists showed up, maced a man, “milkshaked” others, and slashed tires.

Should the protests stop? Should decency advocates prepare for war? Is it snitching to involve the cops?

We’ll discuss.

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