PodZeen 81 – Mugabe Tsunami

Happy 911 y’all!

There’s one hell of a wave headed our way folks, and top scientists agree climate change is caused by the witch-doctor army of deceased African dick tater Roberto Tyrone Mugabe.

In other news, Taylor Swift is in league with Dave Chappelle, Tekashi 69’s manager did something, and PewDiePie is now an official shill of the 1%.

And we still haven’t played Tool.

  • Oy’ it’s so Humid – 2 Live Jews
  • You need to Calm Down – Taylor Swift
  • Paper Planes – MIA
  • Can you Hear Me – Korn
  • Romantic Violence – Max Resist
  • Orthodox Funeral Trisagion and Troparion (Tone 4 and Tone 8)



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