Radical Agenda S05E069 – Sneak Peek

As some of you know, I have recently launched some side projects with the hope of establishing new revenue streams and bringing in new listeners. Among the ones I can talk about publicly at this time are some new websites, a new marketing push, and the beginnings of a couple of different books.

These have occupied nearly all of my free time lately, with the notable exception being time I’ve spent over the last few days monitoring Andrew Anglin’s recent meltdown at the Daily Stormer, which I suspect is largely staged. This was followed by Hunter Wallace publishing the best collection of evidence against Weev published to date. These prompted me to a significant advancement on one of the book projects, writing upwards of 10,000 words, roughly a third of which I will share with you today in place of a timely oration about the news of the day.

Before I get into that, I’d like to tell you about the new sites, some of which you know about, some of which you do not.

Today I published my first piece at TransgenderismToday.com, the tagline of which is “Documenting the Decline”. I go over some recent headlines about the transgender assault on biology and reality, and some important history of the movement, which I’ll read to you on this episode.

We’ve mentioned BlacksHateFags.com on the show a few times recently. There, I’ve written several posts documenting the fact nearly all the violence against transgender people, so often mentioned by the media and the broader Left, is coming from blacks. Universally glossed over by the media, this fact, if widely exposed, shatters the rainbow coalition of mongrels and degenerates threatening the stability of our country. Moreover, it does so with a catchy name suitable for flier campaigns, and other less conventional forms of advertising, thus standing to attract fresh eyes to this and other messages we must spread to salvage that which we value.

Most recently, I covered a story there about a Jewish homosexual who was accosted by a black man on the subway, which was hilarious, and this too, we’ll discuss today.

I also mentioned SaidTheJew.com recently, and the most recent post there provides something of an addendum to the BHF post on the aforemented Jewish homosexual, which I’ll also go over.

Each site has a certain commonality. They each maintain their own independent email list, which visitors are aggressively encouraged to sign up for. Each has its own Telegram channel and RSS feed as well, likewise marketed. Other audience procurement and engagement channels are in the works for all of them, and we’ll unveil those in due course.

Additionally, each site has the same radio players embedded on ChristopherCantwell.com and RadicalAgenda.com, with the hope of bringing new listeners to this show.

I have registered several other domains, and have a list of many others which I am contemplating. These sort of niche sites, even if they only have a few pieces of compelling content, I think have huge potential, and I will create as many of them as I can come up with ideas for, since the hosting requirements of this production provide me with ample resources to host a nearly infinite number of moderately trafficked additional sites.

We’ll talk a lot more about this in the weeks and months ahead.

Anglin’s meltdown at the Daily Stormer was full of inaccuracies, which were, in my mind, purposefully delivered to provoke a response. It followed on months of such provocations, and he finally got what he was looking for, to some degree. I was watching Twitter discuss the situation, and seeing that some important pieces were missing, I set to work on adding those pieces to one of my book projects.

That project, begins as follows;

Beginning in 2015, my views and the direction of my content began a rather dramatic shift rightward from my prior obsession with radical libertarianism. With immigration the subject of ceaseless heated debate, ignoring racial matters, and their impact on American politics, became an impossible task for honest commentators, amongst which I can most certainly be counted.

After being fired from my broadcast radio gig for racist social media commentary, mild in hindsight, I was invited to be a guest on a podcast called The Daily Shoah, which at the time, I had no idea meant “Daily Holocaust”. Thus began my Alt Right adventure, which would come to ruin my life, by any objective measure.

I am not complaining, mind you. Mine is hardly the most harrowing tale. Better men than I got worse deals out of this, with less hope of recovery. Moreover, the ongoing struggle in which I find myself is a worthy cause, which I consider it an honor to suffer for. Most importantly, this story still has not ended, and I remain confident that my best days are still ahead of me.


During my time with the libertarians, ideological incoherence amongst my peers became a rather troublesome irritant to me. I found myself surrounded by pacifists in an ideological movement supposedly big on self defense. Thus began all manner of philosophical debates about whether it was justifiable to kill a paper clip thief, a mailman, or a cop. Obviously, the answer was yes, in the philosophical context of something known as the “non-aggression principle”, but my peers saw it differently. Determined to win the argument, I persisted quite loudly over an extended duration.

In the course of this I cultivated more enemies than friends, and those enemies twisted the subjects of philosophical discussions into manufactured threats and conspiracies, which were subsequently spewed all over Facebook. The FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force took an interest, and in the hopes of getting a wire on one of my associates, went about a rather devious plot.

They busted a local heroin dealer, and offered him a get out of jail free card, if he would set up one of my associates on a buy and bust.

We were not the heroin types, fortunately, but we did have a friend by the name of Rich Paul, who had developed a taste for marijuana, and found selling it more rewarding than paying for it. And so, over the course of several transactions, my friend racked up more than 80 years worth of drug dealing charges at the hands of this death peddler, at which point the feds swooped in, and made him a somewhat similar offer.

All he had to do to avoid a life sentence, was wear a wire into our social gathering, and begin discussing the types of violent scenarios they had caught wind of on Facebook.

Personally, I wish he had just done it. What we were doing was not a crime, it probably would have calmed the nerves of investigators, and the ordeal he went through as a result was not worth the street cred he had obtained by alerting us to the plot. He ended up spending a year in the county jail, after failing to win at trial with a jury nullification defense.

Now of course, those same enemies who had attracted investigators to us, said I was a “Fed” and blamed me for the incarceration of my friend. An opinion, I’ll add, that my friend does not share.

The impact of this accusation was minimal, because that kind of “spot the fed” paranoia ran rampant throughout the libertarian movement, and unlike many of my peers, I was not into drugs, which is the real reason most libertarians fear cops in the first place.


I spell out this now ancient and seemingly unrelated story, to make a few important points which impact the more timely subject matter.

Firstly, I came to the firm opinion that concerns about government infiltrators into political movements were greatly exaggerated. After all, I had been the subject of numerous such accusations, and whatever anybody else says about me, I happen to know for a fact that I’ve never been in the employ of a government agency. What invited the federal government into our lives, albeit the result of some measure of surveillance, were bogus but understandable concerns that we were plotting violently illegal things, and their ticket through the door was the drug dealing, not our politics. The libertarian movement had certainly been infiltrated and subverted, but when the motives of subversives were exposed, they were financed by Left wing groups in the private sector, not government agencies.

I also came to believe (though I turned out to be tragically mistaken) that so long as I obeyed the law, I could say whatever I wanted and not find myself in trouble with the State. After all, I had spent years publicly arguing about the virtues of cop killers, which I figured was about the most extreme thing a person could say. Yet, during the course of all that time, I never suffered so much as an exaggerated traffic citation. My activist friends who got in trouble with the law, did so because they broke the law, not because of their political views or advocacy.

The false sense of security I had developed during that phase of my life, did not serve me well as I discovered the Jewish Question.

Enter The Daily Stormer

I had no conception of the long and sordid history of the White Nationalist movement as I clumsily stumbled upon it. All I knew at the time was that talking about racial matters was edgy, exciting, relevant, and infuriating to the Leftists I despised. So I carried on in my signature bombastic style, associating with anyone who I could have an engaging conversation with, and trying to produce compelling radio absent the benefits or limitations of broadcast airwaves.

One of those engaging conversations took place in January of 2017 with a guy who went by the name of Weev. In hindsight, I should have spotted him for a bad actor from the gate. In the very first moments of his guest appearance on the Radical Agenda, Weev began advocating for the extermination of most of the world’s population. He called Dylann Roof a hero for killing nine people in a black church, and to clarify, he was not waxing philosophical about what might be justifiable in a different social framework. This is by no means the extent of the outrageous things he said in that short talk, but hopefully you get the idea.

I was not used to being out-edged on my own show, and my Marty McFly syndrome kicked in as I strained to take this in stride. In hindsight, what Weev was doing was not edgy at all. Edgy by definition carries the necessary prerequisite of limitations, and riding the edge of those limits in order to produce compelling and thought provoking talk radio. Weev, rather conspicuously, blew right past those limits and entered into a rather different sort of performance.

A listener warned me in the YouTube comments that Weev was Jewish. This was obviously a rather curious trait in a genocidal and seemingly unironic Nazi, but I was not nearly so anti-Semitic then as I am today, and I dismissed the concern as unwarranted paranoia, which seemed in abundance amongst my new social circle.

Much to my detriment.

Shortly after this I had an off air conversation with Andrew Anglin, who lauded what was in hindsight, conspicuously high praise on me for my content and myriad positive qualities of character, which he had supposedly been observing for some time from afar. He had spent the prior weeks organizing a “troll storm” against a Jewess who most certainly deserved it, and worse, by the name of Tanya Gersh.

This troll storm, Anglin explained, was to culminate in an armed Nazi march on Whitefish, Montana, where this oven bait resided.

Unfortunately, Anglin explained, he would not be able to make it to this event he had worked so hard to publicize. He offered me the supposedly high honor of taking his place as the face of the event, which he assured me would be historic, and earn me the fame and fortune I so richly deserved.

I had other plans, and this is one of few times during the course of this story I can honestly say I got lucky. While abundant fame was near at hand, no fortune was to be awarded to us, it turned out. That troll storm ended up the subject of a legal dispute which indebted Mr. Anglin to Mrs. Gersh to the tune of fourteen million dollars, but not before Anglin had syphoned off $150,000 from his readers, for a legal defense he ultimately declined to present.

Send In The Jews

Skipping ahead to July of 2017, I was alerted by some of my associates that a man by the name of Stephen Lemons from the Southern Poverty Law Center was seeking information about me. I confronted Mr. Lemons about his snooping, and said that if he had questions about me, I would be more than happy to answer them myself. We had a lengthy and blunt conversation about my views, and I released the recording of it as Episode 335 of the Radical Agenda.

One who listens to that will note that Lemons repeatedly brought the conversation back to what Weev had said, even though he was supposed to be building a Hatewatch profile on me. He did the same thing in a subsequent interview released as paywall content.

In the style typical of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a careful stitching together of utterances I had made going all the way back to 2010, painted the picture of a terrorist about to blow, conspicuously failing to mention that I was firmly in the corner of the duly elected president, and no more interested in killing police officers, than I was in offing paper clip burglars.

If you think it mere coincidence that this was published only days before the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, then you must not be familiar with the duplicity of Jews.

Onward To Charlottesville

During those months leading up to Charlottesville, I had attended numerous White Nationalist gatherings, all of which had gone off without noteworthy trouble. Other events had descended into violence on account of masked communists who curiously escaped prosecution, but I was firmly convinced this was primarily due to the self defense laws in those cities giving criminals a distinct advantage over the law abiding, and I avoided them for precisely that reason.

Charlottesville proved enlightening.

The movement had been buzzing about this gathering for some time, and I was contemplating attending as a spectator when Augustus Invictus asked me if I would like to speak. Upon inspection, Virginia turned out to be an open carry, castle doctrine, stand your ground state, which reciprocated my New Hampshire issued pistol license, and I thus figured this was as fine a place as any to tell the communists where they could shove their censorious heretical filth.

As I famously told the Colbert Report years prior “I find that when I carry a gun, people are very unlikely to hit me” – another lingering bit of my libertarianism, later forged into fascist resolve by communist brinksmanship.

Even before arriving, it became obvious at some point that this was not like other events I had attended. I could sense something distinctly different about the media coverage. It was billed as the biggest White Supremacist gathering in decades. Every subversive Left wing outfit in the country was talking about it non stop. The tone of it was not merely to vilify us, which was common enough, there was agitated discussion of imminent violence, and violence was the first thing every reporter who interviewed me wanted to talk about.

I frankly presented the fact that violence was undesirable, as it would surely result in deaths given the self defense laws. Conspicuously, only the latter portion of the statement seemed of any interest to the lugenpresse.

In hindsight, the discomforting variance I had detected in the media coverage was that it wasn’t just the sort of ideologically motivated shoddy reporting I had become accustomed to.

It was war propaganda. A subject I’d later come to better understand, as I read Mein Kampf in the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

Though this significantly diminished my comfort level, I proceeded secure in the knowledge that the organizers were in close communication with law enforcement, that a permit had been sought for the festivities, and that an attempt to revoke said permit was being fought by our loyal compatriots at the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Plot Thickens

Early in the afternoon of August 11th, the day before the Unite the Right rally was planned, I had arranged a meetup for listeners of the Radical Agenda. To prevent the location of the meeting from becoming known to Antifa terrorists, I published the details of that meeting behind my website’s paywall, but only after disabling new signups. By so doing, only pre-existing paid customers would be able to discover the information.

I had underestimated the determination of our rivals however, as it turns out they were among my paying customers well prior to the event. Shortly after shaking hands with some listeners in the parking lot of a local Walmart, we were confronted by terrorists. They circled us a couple of times, took some pictures, and attempted to instigate a physical altercation with us. However, upon seeing the pistol I had holstered in the small of my back, they thought better of engaging in initiatory violence.

Instead, they called the police. Multiple 911 calls were made, claiming that I drew my weapon, racked the slide, pointed it at these innocent victims, and threatened to kill them over their homosexuality.

Rapidly, police arrived and surrounded us with rifles and shotguns at the ready. They called me over, and informed me of the accusation.

Fortunately, I had my body camera running, and was thus able to confidently offer police definitive proof my accusers had lied. Brandishing a firearm was not among the crimes I was charged with that weekend, in part because of that video, in addition to the fact that the liars who accused me did not see fit to present themselves to law enforcement. Instead of charging me with an offense, officers acted with the utmost courtesy and professionalism, and sent us on our way.

Former Federal Prosecutor Tim Heaphy was hired by the city in the wake of the riots to conduct an independent investigation. His report rightly described this confrontation as “The first hint of trouble” of that weekend, setting the tone for all the troubles to come.

Enter Vice

From there we were off to Macintyre Park where I met with a reporter from Vice News. Part of that interview was used in an Emmy Award winning work of fiction, which I’m sure most people reading this have seen. The full audio of that interview can be listened to here, as Episode 342 of the Radical Agenda.

Camera Caution

Back at my hotel, I downloaded the Walmart footage to my laptop and deleted it from the camera in order to preserve evidence of that early frame up, as well as to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, should the camera be lost or stolen.

This too, proved wise, as I’ll address shortly.


I was informed during the course of all this that there was to be a planning meeting that evening at Darden Towe park. When the location was discovered by Antifa infiltrators, and published to their websites, threats came in and the meeting was relocated to Macintyre park. Fearing more violence or false accusations, I wore my body camera again to this meeting, prominently displayed on the collar of my shirt, plain for all to see. As I got out of the car and approached the attendees, I made it known that I was recording, to collect evidence if we were ambushed or falsely accused. As was captured on the recording, those in attendance agreed that this was prudent, and raised no objection to the presence of the recording device.

At the meeting, also captured on the recording, we discussed the court case in which we were being represented by the ACLU, as we fought in the courts for the right to hold our permitted demonstration.We discussed coordinating with law enforcement, both for that evening’s torch lit march, and the next day’s planned rally.

Initially, law enforcement was not made aware of the torch march. Upon discovering this I told Jason Kessler that I would not attend unless law enforcement protected us since, still rattled from the earlier false accusation, I knew trouble would be awaiting us in the Gun Free Zone that is the University of Virginia campus.

My prediction was remarkably accurate.

Less accurate was what police told us. Eli Mosely informed us during the meeting that UVA police pledged to keep us separated from our foes, which was also captured on that video. Save for this fact, I’d have never seen the UVA campus, or the inside of the Charlottesville jail.

After the meeting, I went back to my hotel room, downloaded and then deleted the video from my camera. This was a slow process, which had me running late for that evening’s torch march.

It was worth the wait.

As I arrived on the campus, our men were already getting into formation. Torches were lit, men were barking orders, but there was not a cop to be seen. Hostiles were close to us, one asked me a question on camera in a video which would come up in my preliminary hearing. I was frightened. One man said something to the effect of “They are not going to mess with us, there’s too many of us here,” to which I replied “It only takes one bike lock guy to put a man in the hospital”.


I would later come to find myself facing facing felony charges which carried a maximum sentence of 60 years in prison, stemming from the accusation that I deployed pepper spray against non-combatants, during a fight that broke out once our procession reached the Jefferson Memorial on campus. The evidence of my alleged crime, consisted of photo and video of me pepper spraying an actual combatant who never came forth to accuse me, and fighting other combatants with my hands once my pepper spray was depleted.

Incidentally, this was likewise the evidence of my innocence, since numerous cameras recording the mayhem captured many angles of the conflict, and at no point did I do what I was charged with doing.

Sadly, one angle of video was missing. The first person perspective which my body camera had captured. At some point in the fighting the camera had been lost. I am unsure when, or how.

It was true enough that my accusers had been pepper sprayed, just not by me.

To Be Continued…

I’ve already written upwards of 6,000 more words on that document, but they are not yet fit for publication.

Before the book is published, I will elaborate more on the text I’ve just published here. For example, I’ll be more verbose about the parts where I’ve inserted the contextual links which readers will see in the show description. I’ll also have to elaborate on ideological points which most of you are already familiar with, and will likely borrow a lot of that from the piece I wrote in response to Michael Malice’s book “New Right”, along with some of my other blog posts and show descriptions along the path.

To give that the time and attention it deserves, I am going to be seeking some time off from the show in the near future. In the coming weeks, I plan to conclude Stage 5 of the Radical Agenda. In the intermission, I will be releasing the “Best Of” compilations, which I’ve also been working on behind the scenes, and burning to CDs for distribution as a promotional mechanism.

I would appreciate your help with these pursuits in the following ways.

  • Contact me with your suggestions on content to be included in the Best Of compilations
  • Volunteer to drop fliers, distribute CDs, and otherwise promote these now numerous platforms to new readers and listeners
  • Combat false narratives peddled about me online
  • Encourage interesting people to be a guest on the show
  • Offer content submissions for the niche websites I’m starting.
  • Donate to help me finance these projects and sustain myself while I work on them.
  • Pay me in other ways, like by buying voiceovers, or products, or Outlaw Conservative premium memberships.
  • If you’re not already using cryptocurrency, start today.
  • Let me know, if you think you have some other way to positively assist in these efforts.

The next 13 months are going to be absolute insanity with the Presidential election coming. We need to insert ourselves into the discourse, and if we succeed at this, there will be no stopping us.

It is my honor and privilege to serve in this battle in whatever capacity I can, and I thank you all so much for the opportunity.


There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 323-9-AGENDA, that’s 323-924-3632

Join us, this and every Monday and Friday from 5-7pm US Eastern time, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda!

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