Radical Agenda S05E076 – Best of the Radical Agenda Volume 5

Here at the Radical Agenda, there are few things we take greater pride in than our work ethic. Among the things on that very short list, are our extensive body of prior excellent work, and our ambitions to produce even more amazing content in the future.

It is with those priorities in mind that we’ll be sacrificing the present for today, and leaving you with this Best Of compilation, in place of today’s live airing of the show.

Especially if you are a new listener, this will be a very special treat for you. Today’s Best Of Compilation is made up entirely of material produced prior to August of 2017. As long time listeners are well aware, the historic events of that month marked a dramatic shift in the tone of the content.

A lot of people say the show used to be better back then. That is by no means a unanimous consensus, as I’m certainly better informed than I was back then, but it is undeniable that the show was edgier and more high energy before I had to put everything through the mental filter of “What will the lawyers say?”.

I am confident you’ll enjoy these blasts from the past either way, and you may rest assured that I am hard at work addressing things which will improve our prospects for the future.



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