PodZeen 85 – Fake and Gay

Yes folks – everything is fake and gay. Will you adapt to survive or stagnate and be left to the horrors beneath society?

In the news: Ed Buck is Chad AF, Bono did buttstuff with George W Bush, and Bernie is still dead.

  • All the Small Things but it’s a complete Shit Show; Psychosocial but it’s a 25-Song Meme Mashup – Magik Mike
  • Acid Memoirs – Dog Fashion Disco
  • Revel Yell – Reviler
  • River Runs Red – Life of Agony
  • Tourettes Guy Remix; Freedom of Speech
  • Fucked with an Anchor – Alestorm
  •  Asshole – Denis Leary
  •  United Satanic America – Chemkiller
  • Heaven’s Damnation – Dissection
  • Ruins – Lord of the Lost
  • Agony – Slaughter to Prevail
  • White Wedding – Murderdolls



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