PodZeen 86 – Fat and Stoopid

My God folks, this episode is fat and stupid. So dumb that our levels are way off – you may have better luck with the audio version this week.

On this episode we talk about a whole bunch of stuff like Kanye West, how Peter Griffin and Pickle Rick want to outlaw pornos, and your mom.

  • Melting Pot – Blue Mink
  • Water – Kanye West
  • Down by the Water – PJ Harvey
  • Hamas song
  • My own Worst Enemy – Lit
  • Uneventful Days – Beck
  • Halloween – The Misfits
  • Welcome to this World – Primus
  • Soothsayer – Buckethead
  • Now that you’re gone – The Raconteurs
  • Snake with Legs – Orifice A



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