Radical Agenda S05E086 – White Pill Roundup

On a recent episode of Outlaw Conservative, I remarked about how even Democrats don’t believe their own media anymore. I was somewhat black pilled about this at the time, because it does illustrate a somewhat frightening phenomenon in that, even though they know the media is lying, they don’t seem to mind all that much.

The glimmer of hope recently visited upon my inbox by Rasmussen, shows that while a troubling number of people believe America is on the brink of civil war, most of those concerned about political violence are well aware who poses the real threat to this country.

Voters see a bigger threat from President Trump’s opponents over policy issues than from his supporters if Democrats succeed in removing him from office. One-in-three still see the threat of civil war in the near future.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 53% of Likely U.S. Voters are concerned that Trump’s impeachment and removal from office will lead to violence, with 24% who are Very Concerned. 

But 59% are concerned that those opposed to Trump’s policies will resort to violence, including 34% who are Very Concerned.

Over 60% of Republicans fear violence from both those opposed to the president’s policies and those who support him if he is removed from office.

But Democrats aren’t nearly as worried about Trump’s supporters which helps explain their strong support for the highly partisan impeachment effort. While 40% of Democrats are Very Concerned that those opposed to Trump’s policies will resort to violence, just 18% feel that way about his supporters if the president is removed from office.

Among voters who Strongly Approve of the job Trump is doing, however, 42% are Very Concerned that his removal from office will lead to violence. Only 17% of those who Strongly Disapprove of his job performance agree.

These polling results show a staggering disconnect between those polled and what the media says. The average Democrat seems to have figured out that the people wearing masks and setting limousines on fire, aren’t quite the flower picking hippies that the media makes them out to be. The drumfire of nonsense about “White Supremacist Terrorism” seems to have faded from their minds, despite the best efforts of propagandists to elevate this narrative.

I am somewhat unsurprised to see that Republicans fear violence from “both sides”. It’s all that “fair and balanced” Fox News coverage infecting their minds with the ridiculous idea that Democrats might actually be victims from time to time. They’ll figure it out eventually, I hope.

What I find most interesting, is that the Left fears Left wing violence, not if Trump wins re-election, but rather, if Trump is removed from office by way of impeachment.

This shows a really profound understanding of how these people actually operate. Leftists are not mere hostage takers, who release the victim when they get their ransom. They escalate when they win, far more than when they lose. Their insatiable thirst for chaos and destruction, is not quenched by the waters of victory.

It would be more analogous to say that victory to them is like drinking seawater. Their throats sore from screaming, their mouths dry from marijuana and poor dental hygiene, they initially welcome that first gulp of salty refreshment, only to feel the thirst get worse by the second. They imbibe until their stomachs are full, and remain perplexed at how nothing at all seems to satisfy their discomfort and anxiety.

Rather than ditch the Brawndo and give Poland Spring a chance, they call Poland a racist country, and curse the tyranny of their own biology.

Fortunately, they are terribly unlikely to get so much as a shot of saline out of the impeachment sham.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 18% of Likely U.S. Voters think Trump will be impeached before serving his full term in office. Seventeen percent (17%) felt that way in September, down from a high of 29% when Rasmussen Reports first asked this question in late December 2017.

Forty-five percent (45%) still believe the president will be reelected in 2020, basically unchanged in surveys over the past year. Twenty-six percent (26%) say he will be defeated by the Democratic nominee, but this finding has been trending down from 33% in late July to 28% two months ago.

Meanwhile, 46% of voters think the House hearing should be expanded to look at the involvement of Biden and his son Hunter in Ukrainian political affairs. Forty-three percent (43%) disagree, while 11% are undecided.

Predictably, 68% of Republicans and unaffiliated voters by a 48% to 39% margin think the impeachment hearings should include the Bidens, but just 25% of Democrats agree.

This, again, is despite non-stop Teddy Ruxpin-esque chanting by TV talking heads, about “bombshell” testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. If you were a regular CNN or MSNBC viewer, and you were dumb enough to believe what you were being told, it would seem a forgone conclusion that Trump was about to be removed from office in time for Christmas.

Under those circumstances, the next thing on your to-do list would be to start coming up with some excuse to remove Pence. This would not be much of a challenge for Democrats, because they would simply accuse him of homophobia, and insist that this is a high crime by the standard of our living breathing constitution, which needless to say, always breathes in the direction Democrats wish the wind would blow.

And speaking of our ever changing constitution, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is basically a real life version of Weekend at Bernie’s at this point, and I don’t mean a sleepover at Senator Sanders’ place. The 86-year-old Supreme Court Justice found herself in the hospital again over the weekend. She was discharged from Johns Hopkins on Sunday, two days after she was admitted for experiencing chills and fever. Her symptoms are reported to have subsided after “intravenous antibiotics and fluids” treatment.

Since her appointment in 1993 by President Bill Clinton, she has had four occurrences of cancer, including two in the past year. In August, Ginsburg finished radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer. In December, she had surgery to remove cancerous nodules from her left lung — discovered only after she fell and fractured three ribs. Ginsburg also took a mid-November absence from a public session of the court because of a stomach bug.

But antibiotics and fluids, whether delivered by IV or by enema, are not going to keep this constitutional cancer alive forever. If Trump gets a second term, it is difficult to imagine she will still be sabotaging our Court system by the time Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is eligible to seek the presidency.



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