Chris Cantwell’s Commissary and Inmate information

As you’re probably aware, Chris has been arrested on charges of making an interstate threat using digital communications.

A lot of information will come to light over the following days and weeks regarding the merit of these charges (or lack thereof). For now, Chris needs your support so he can continue to communicate with the outside world and get whatever resources he may need while detained. If you’d like to make a deposit to his commissary account, it would be much appreciated.

Please note: he will not be allowed to receive mail per jail policy.

You can add money to his commissary account by following these steps:

    1. Send the money by money order, made payable to “Strafford County Commissary” and mailed to 266 County Farm Road, Dover, NH 03820.
    2. Include his name and inmate number: #20-00348 in the comments of the money order

Chris appreciates your support! More info coming soon!

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